The Top 5 heroes of The Wonderful 101

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Which ones are the most wonderful?

There are quite a few characters in The Wonderful 101, some are heroes, and some are villains. To give my respects to the good guys of the game, here is a list of the top 5 heroes of The Wonderful 101

5. Commander Nelson

Commander nelson is the person who commands the Wonderful 100, as even the Wonderful 100 needs a commander. He will tell you your missions, and helps keep you in the loop of what is going on. His role in the Earth Defense Wars as a Wonderful gets him a spot on this list, even if it’s only shown in one flashback fight.

4. Wonder-Blue

Wonder-Blue deserves a spot on this list because he has quite a bit of dialog when compared to the other Wonderfuls if you exclude Wonder-Red. Not only that, but Wonder-Blue had more of an impact on me than some of the other wonderfuls. His character speaks out while some of the others don’t, not to mention the unite-sword ability, one of my favorite unite-forms. Wonder-Blue also has a short-told story but I won’t spoil that.

3. Immorta

Immorta may only be playable for a short time, but it’s what she does when she isn’t playable that I find vital. I dare you to play The Wonderful 101 all the way through the game and say that Immorta is anywhere near useless. She saves you on multiple occasions that you otherwise would have been doomed if she wasn’t there.

2. Wonder-Red

The team leader of The Wonderful 100, Wonder-Red, helps command his team, somehow without going insane as there are a lot of stressful moments in his adventures. There are points where some Wonderfuls panic, but Wonder-Red can keep his cool. Wonder-Red a good leader, but he also brings the unite-hand to the game. Unite-hand is powerful while sacrificing range. Unite-hand is also used in many puzzles and QuickTime events.

1. Luka

It was hard to choose if Wonder-Red or Luka were to be no. 1, but I eventually went with Luka because of the end of the game. Unless you’ve beaten the game, trust me on this. Luka is important.

If you have beaten the game, or don’t plan on ever playing it, here are the reasons why

Luka starts helping Geathjerk because he wants revenge on Earth for taking his mother, who died creating the force field keeping Earth safe. He later helps out the Wonderful 100 by controlling Platinum-Robo, which is crucial to defeating Jergingha and saving Earth

Who was your favorite Hero? Who do you think should be on the list? Who shouldn’t? Join the discussion!
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Nice feature lol. Smile
I agree with most of your choices too.
Wonder Red for the win! Luka is good too. Cool
WiiWareWave needs more features like this one! =)
Um...nice feature Smile
on February 7th 2014, 11:31 pmGamergy
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@DigiDestined wrote:WiiWareWave needs more features like this one! =)

Good news for you then, my "Top 5 Villains of The Wonderful 101" is in the works! Smile
@Gamergy wrote:
@DigiDestined wrote:WiiWareWave needs more features like this one! =)

Good news for you then, my "Top 5 Villains of The Wonderful 101" is in the works! Smile
Um...that is exciting Smile
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