Chrono Trigger (snes)

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Travel through the fabric of space and time to save the world from a terrible and unavoidable fate in this classic rpg and find out why this masterpiece is considered by many the best rpg of all time!


The story in this game is both unique and epic as you will travel through time to stop a wizard who wants to alter time so he can destroy humanity,along the way you'll join forces with unusual characters such as a princess,robot,cave woman,and even a frog,while traveling to different eras such as medieval times,and prehistoric times to stop the wizard and save the world!

There are tons of sidequests and certain events that will effect the ending of the game!
Speaking of endings chrono trigger was the first rpg to introduce the multiple endings feature and it has quite a few of them!

This game is long at 40-50 hours,but chrono trigger features a new game plus that allows you to carry over all of your stuff from your previous playthrough,as well as allowing you to get endings that are unobtainable in the first playthrough!
These features give this game an unbelievable amount of replay value!

This game also uses an updated active time battle system that is used in the Final Fantasy snes games,but is more fast paced which makes it feel like a cross between a realtime rpg and a turnbased rpg!

Characters can combine thier magic,and techs to perform devastating double and triple techs!


The graphics in chrono trigger are the best you'll see in any snes game as the character models have an incredibly detailed anime look to them,the worlds and dungeons are breathtaking and showcase the true potential of how good 2d graphics can look!

The special effects in this game are undeniably the best you'll ever see in an snes game.

Music and Sounds

The sound effects in this game are varied,and are quite nice

The music in this game is enchanting as each and every tune is an absolute masterpiece,and you can truly feel the emotions behind them e.g. sad moments have soft and somber music!

Bottom line-Chrono Trigger is a true masterpiece in every conceivable way,as it's story is epic yet touching,it's gameplay is extremely fun and takes the Final Fantasy formula and makes it even better,the graphics are truly breathtaking even in today's time,and the music is emotion driven and is an absolute work of art!
At 800 nintendo points no gamer should even consider passing up the opportunity to buy this legendary game! -rukiafan-

Score ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 10/10

10- Perfect This game is nearly perfect, and has little if any flaws, and is a blast to play!

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on May 30th 2011, 5:46 pmMegatron2000
This game is indeed one of the best games ever released outside of japan and your review is just awesome dude Surprised
on June 3rd 2011, 12:51 pmPhoenixSage
The first good game on vc here in north america in a long time,nintendo please release moar good games,and soon D:

Good review rukia Very Happy
on June 6th 2011, 1:48 pmAkatsuki
Chrono Trigger is a very good game that I'm glad I purchased,nice review btw Wink
on June 11th 2011, 2:01 pmSupertimbros
Really good review admin,I just gotta buy this now Exclamation
on June 11th 2011, 3:55 pmMegatron2000
@Supertimbros wrote:Really good review admin,I just gotta buy this now Exclamation
Welcome to the forums |D
on January 28th 2012, 12:03 amTowafan7
I just updated this old review. Wink Enjoy. Wink
Aqua Cherry Blossom
on January 28th 2012, 12:09 amAqua Cherry Blossom
This review is much better now lol. Smile
on January 28th 2012, 12:52 amMarth
I didn't read the old version of the review, but I can at least say this one is nice. Razz Really ought to play this and Secret of Mana some more.
on January 28th 2012, 7:46 pmStaroceancrazy
I'm still mad that Square killed the main characters off in the Chrono Cross timeline Evil or Very Mad

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