In the first year of the Nintendo 3DS, a free 2 GB SD card (over 13,000 Open Blocks) that was included when the system that held in your hands for the every first time was all you need when dealing mostly on Virtual Console titles on the Nintendo eShop. Since the start of the second year, The Nintendo eShop is becoming more storage hungry with 3D games such as this week’s upcoming Order Up!! which requires 310 megabytes (2,485 Open Blocks) since the game is technically a retail title and features 2 save files. Of course, digital retail will soon be available which a 2 GB SD Card won’t be enough. Even if you’re a 3DS owner who prefers physical retail copies, will a 2 GB SD card be enough for at least one more year?

I have manifested some ideas for those who want to continue using their free SD card.

It used to be simpler.

[Number 1] Get Rid of Nintendo Video

If you have Nintendo Video on your home screen and find the application unsatisfying, then get rid of it and you’ll be rewarded with 2,479 return Open Blocks when deleting both Software and Extra Data from the System Settings. Nintendo 3DS have better video content on then Nintendo eShop.

[Number 2] Over 7,000 Open Blocks Remaining

If you have less than 7,000 Open Blocks right now and a 3DS owner who mostly invested on the Nintendo eShop, you can forget it. Most wanted eShop titles are approaching fast such as Marvel Pinball 3D, Cave Story+, Bit Boy!! Arcade, escapeVektor, Planet Crashers, Unchained Blades, and the list go on and on by developers who know how to make satisfying downloadable experiences. With the release of the Nintendo Network, there will be more DLC and Updates to be worrying about that requires extra Blocks. We should also be expecting (hopefully) First-Party titles on the service as well that are not applications (hopefully).

Bottom line, it’s worth investing on a higher SD card now. Most Nintendo adopters had enough with limiting their gaming content. “Cleaning out the fridge,” a method on a similar issue for the Nintendo Wii, will not work for the Nintendo 3DS because deleting the software “channel” will also delete your save data for that software. Yes, it is unfortunate that you have to redownload your entire well worth digital purchases on your newly purchase SD card. However, there are fortunate methods such as transferring to a different 3DS and transfer them all back into the new SD card or you could keep both SD cards and switching them according to your urges for 3DS previous year or the future. Let's be clear, Nintendo 3DS wouldn't survive without the constantly evolving Nintendo eShop.

Will you be getting a new SD card for your Nintendo 3DS? Leave your welcoming thoughts on the comment section below.

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So right now Ive got a 4 gig SD card in my Wii and a 16 gig (no lies) in my DSiXL.

I say dont cheap ut. If you can aford it just go for a 4 or 8 gig from the start. Less hassle.
on June 19th 2012, 11:58 amGrumblevolcano
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A 2 GB SD card is not even enough for the downloadable games for the Wii let alone the large eshop downloads.
2 GB memory isn't enough for any modern gaming console.
While the answer to this question is very clear, it was still generous of Nintendo to include any size of an SD card with the 3DS.
I'll be buying a 32gb card when the big games are released to be downloaded
32 GB would be enough for four or five retail 3DS games with a few thousand blocks leftover.
@Objection Blaster wrote:32 GB would be enough for four or five retail 3DS games with a few thousand blocks leftover.

That's the plan Smile
I got an 8 gig pretty early on and its already half full. I think for the life of the system a 32 or 64 should be fine. I could get rid of about 10000 blocks though as it is now but why bother till I need the space. Although I can see myself filling that up really soon. Lots of stuff I want to download in the coming months!!
Tech101 is right a 32-64 GB card would be a good idea since retail downloads are coming up soon.
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