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Topic: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack
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Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 8: Transform-ink-tion!
AKA "The Octo Canyon Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Squilma's Pad: Night

We see a view of Squigley asleep in bed. He is tossing and turning. The scene zooms into his mind.

We see the vision from the previous episode. Squigley is inside the tube.

Squigley: Please! Why are you doing this?!

DJ Octavio: Because I want YOU, Psy-pod!

The tube fills with liquid.

DJ Octavio: Now, let's PARTY!

We hear giggling coming from the tube.


We see a brief flash of a full moon in a magenta-tinged night sky, followed by a flash of the tube starting to open, and finishing with a flash of a silhouette of what vaguely resembles a humanoid form, its eyes pulsing with red light.

Silhouette: TAKO! (OCTO!)

Squigley suddenly sits up in his bed, panting heavily.

Squigley: That was intense...

Squigley looks out his window. The moon is nearly full.

Squigley: ...but what does it all mean...?

Scene 2: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squigley sits at a table near The Crust Bucket. He is picking at a Shwaffle with a fork. Squigley groans.

Inklinda's voice: 'Morning, Squiggles.

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Squigley.

Squigley: Oh...yeah, morning.

Inklinda: Are you, like, okay? You look like you've been ploughed by a Dynamo Roller or whatever.

Squigley: I didn't sleep well last night...

Inklein: What's a "sleep well"? Is it a hole filled with woolly mammals?

Inklinda: Inklein, honey, mammals are a myth.

Inklein scratches his head.

Inklein: Oh, right...

Squigley: I've been having visions...and now nightmares, apparently...

Inklinda's eyes widen.

Inklinda: Wait...visions?!

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: You mean you believe me?!

Inklinda: Well, of course! Squilma DOES have them from time-to-time, right?

Squigley: She does?

Inklinda's left eye squints.

Inklinda: Wait...she didn't tell you?

Inklein: I think it's obvious that Squilma has vision. I mean, when was the last time you saw her wearing glasses?

Inklinda facepalms.

Inklinda: Not "vision", sweetie. "Visions".

Inklein stares blankly at Inklinda.

Inklein: So she has two sets of eyes?

Inklinda sighs and looks at Squigley.

Inklinda: If what you say is true, and you're, like, actually having visions yourself...

Squigley: What, is there an oracle or something I can see?

Inklein: Wait...Squigley needs to see a mouth doctor...?

Inklinda growls.

Inklinda: Honestly, sometimes I don't know how I put up with you, Inkle-butt...

Squigley: Well, who do I see about my visions?

Inklinda: I'll give you one hint: Headspace.

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley's thoughts: Oh no...

Scene 3: Headspace: Morning

Squigley, Inklinda and Inklein stand in Headspace.

Flow: Psyphalopod.

Inklein: Gesundheit.

Craymond: DUMDUM!

Squigley: What's a "SY-fa-lo-pod"...?

Flow: An Inkling with extraordinary mental abilities.


Inklinda: Most of us just call them "Psy-pods" for short.

Inklein: They're supposed to be good musicians.

Inklinda: No, you're thinking of "magicians", sweetie.

Flow: Yes, Psyphalopods are extraordinary beings, to be sure...


Squigley: They sort of sound like psychics...

Inklinda: "Psy...kicks"...?

Squigley: Yeah, like a human with psychic powers.

Inklinda: Squigley, humans are a myth, just like mammals.

Inklein: Technically, humans ARE mammals, Lindie...

Everyone stares at Inklein.

Inklein: What?

Inklinda: Inklein...you ACTUALLY said something intelligent or whatever. I guess those classes at Shellendorf are finally starting to pay off.

Inklein is chuffed.

Inklein: Well, I DID get a C+ on my matharoni exam...

Inklinda sighs.

Inklinda: Never mind...

Flow: Psyphalopods are indeed magnificent Inklings, on-par with Octechnopaths amongst Octarians, although the former are almost-always females.

Craymond: YOU AM RARE!

Inklein: Well, THAT'S sexist...

Squigley: So...I'm exceptional, then?

Flow: Oh, very much so.

Squigley: Wow...

Inklinda: Don't let it go to your head, Squiggles.

Squigley chuckles.

Squigley: I'll try to keep that...IN MIND.

Inklinda sighs.

Inklinda: Honestly...

To be Continued...

Part 2:
Scene 4: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

DJ Octavio watches Squigley enter Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe on a monitor.

DJ Octavio: It's Tidemoon Eve...the night I turn that squidkid over to MY side!

Beta: (But what if he doesn't come?)

DJ Octavio: Oh, he'll come, bruh! And to make sure he does...

A hatch opens on the far side of the room. A group of eight shadowy figures walks through the hatch in a semi-seductive manner. Their eyes seem to pulse with red light.

DJ Octavio: My elite troops, the Octopus Amazons.

Beta: (I know. You already tried that tactic on that Agent 3 person, didn't you?)

DJ Octavio: Yeah, but this time it'll be different, bruh!

Beta: (How so?)

DJ Octavio: Well, Squigley's a dude, isn't he?

Beta: (Wait...the reason you chose Agent 3 originally was because you thought she was a male?)

DJ Octavio: That's ridiculous! Of COURSE I can tell the difference between a squidkid and a snail!

Octotrooper Beta gurgles.

Beta: (Ladies and gentlemen, the genius leader of the Octarian forces...)

Scene 5: Inkopolis Square: Afternoon

Squigley leaves Headspace. He is wearing a replacement of his original outfit.

Squigley: Ah...I feel like myself again...

Squigley looks around. A Jellyfish floats in mid-air nearby.

Squigley: Wait...since when can Jellyfish float...?

Squigley scratches his head. The Jellyfish suddenly plops to the ground.

Squigley: Um...now I'm just confused...

Squilma walks up to Squigley.

Squilma: Hi, Squiggles!

Squigley: Why, hello, fellow Psy-pod!

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Since when are you a Psy-pod?!

Squigley: Since I started having visions, apparently...

Squilma: You've been having WHAT?!

Squigley's left eye squints.

Squigley: I...just told you...?

Squilma: Well...what sort of visions are they?

Squigley: Oh, just ones about the full moon, tickling green slime and a huge octopus.

Squilma: WHAT?!

Squigley: I'm sure it's nothing, though.

Squilma: Squigley, you need to take this whole thing more seriously! You can't just go around levitating random people on the street!

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: You mean...I was the one making that Jellyfish float?!

Squilma: Well, obviously! Do you SEE any other female Inklings in the plaza right now?

Squigley looks around. Every Inkling in view besides Squilma is male.

Squigley: Now that you mention it...

Squilma: Anyway, Squika sent me here to find you. He's setting up a big Tidemoon Eve party for you.

Squigley: But I thought Squika wasn't actually supposed to be IN this episode...

Squilma: Well, no, but he's still being mentioned as though he IS here.

Squigley: Oh, right...

Squilma: Also, you shouldn't break the fourth wall.

Squigley: But the author, upon whom I'm based, is ALWAYS putting fourth-wall demolitions into his writing!

Squilma: There you go again! Can't you follow the script like anyone else?!

Squigley: I suppose...

Squilma: Good. Now come on, Squika's waiting.

Squigley's thoughts: According to the SCRIPT, he is...

Squigley and Squilma begin to walk away.

Squigley: You know, you technically broke the fourth wall as well, right?

Squilma: Yes, but I've had more experience as a character...well, canonically speaking, of course.

Squigley: Fair enough.

The scene suddenly zooms into Squigley's mind.

We see a view of Squilma inside DJ Octavio's fortress. She is wearing a yellow Hero Suit. Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Squigley...I'm too late...

DJ Octavio: You're too late, Agent 4 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon!

Squilma rolls her eyes.

Squilma: Really? I never would've guessed...

We cut to a view of the silhouette from Squigley's dream.


The scene zooms out of Squigley's mind.

Squigley: Whoa...

Squilma looks at Squigley.

Squilma: You had another vision, didn't you?

Squigley: Yep.

Squilma: Well, what happened in it?

Squigley: I...was speaking Japanese, for some reason.

Squilma: "Japanese"? What language is that?

Squigley: I...don't remember. I think I said..."Huh-jee-meh-mush-teh".

Squilma laughs.

Squilma: That's not Japanese! It's Octarian!

Squilma finishes her laugh. After a pause, her eyes widen.


Squigley: I was?

Squilma: This is bad! Wh-What else was in your vision?

Squigley: Well, you were wearing a suit that looked kind of like Agent 3's, and the octopus called you "Agent 4"...

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: Y-You're a secret agent!

Squigley: Wh-What?! You're kidding yourself! Like you said, your visions probably don't mean anything! HAHAHAHAHA!

Squigley: No, this felt real...and you're wearing the headphones from my vision instead of your hat!

Squilma feels the top of her head.

Squilma: THE FRESH?!

Squilma swaps her headgear in a split-second blur.

Squigley: Too late, I already saw it.

Squilma sighs.

Squilma: You weren't supposed to know, Squiggles. I was supposed to keep you safe.

Squigley: From what?

Squilma: From the Octarians.

Squigley: But why?

Squilma: DJ Octavio wants you for some purpose that the New Squidbeak Splatoon can't figure out.

Squigley: Well, can we now assume that DJ Octavio wants to turn me into an octopus, like him?

Squilma: It's a safe conclusion.

Squigley: How is that safe?!

Squilma: Sorry, wrong choice of words. Look, the bottom line is that you need to stay safe. I'm taking you to the parking lot.

Squigley: How did you know about that?

Squilma: I helped build it.

Squigley: You WHAT?!

Squilma: Yeah, I picked out the furniture.

Squigley's left eye squints.

Squigley: I wondered why the furniture was exactly the same as in your apartment.

Squilma: In any case, we need to go.

Squigley: But what about the cloak-thingy?

Squilma: Don't worry, it's been repaired.

Squigley: Oh, good...

Squilma: Let's go.

Squigley: Right behind you!

Squigley begins to follow Squilma. Suddenly, the full moon begins to rise over the city. Squigley looks at it, and his eyes widen. We see the moon reflected in both his eyes.

Squigley suddenly walks away from Squilma, as though in a trance. He steps onto the drain, changes into squid form and leaps into it. Squilma fails to notice.

Squilma: Oh, and don't worry about Squika. I'll just tell him you were taking a mandatory octaiku class.

Squilma waits for a response.

Squilma: Ah, I see you're lost in thought...don't worry, I won't bug you too much...

Squilma's thoughts: ...unlike a CERTAIN orange-tentacled Inkling who doesn't know the meaning of the word "courtesy"...

To be Continued...

Part 3:
Scene 6: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

DJ Octavio watches the monitor, which has a group of eight Octolings on it. They vaguely resemble Marina, though most of them have tentacles that are red in colour. The leader has deep maroon tentacles with a gold tinge, as well as what resembles a strand of seaweed on either side of her head. Each one wears a pair of sunglasses with lenses that pulse with red light.

DJ Octavio: Heh...my Octopus Amazons are dispatched, and they will do something unbelievably evil...distract the Squid Sisters!

Scene 7: Tentakeel Outpost: Evening

Callie and Marie sit outside a Japanese-inspired shack. Callie is dressed in casual pink clothing, whereas Marie wears a black kimono.

Callie: Come on, cuz! We need to leave now if we don't wanna be late for Squika's party!

Marie: Seriously, Callie? You'll go to every random Inkling's parties now, won't you?

Callie: What? I mean, sure, Squika IS a LITTLE random...

Marie: That's not what I meant...

Voice: Shiokarazu! (Squid Sisters!)

Callie and Marie look at the eight Octolings.

Callie: Oh no, it's the Taco Zesties!

The dark-tentacled Octoling frowns.

Leader: Dono yō ni anata o mamoru! Takozonesu! (How DARE you! We are Octolings!)

Callie: That's what I said! Taco Zesties! Although I don't know what tacos have to do with Octarian culture...

Leader: Baka! Sate, watashitachi no shigoto wa nanideshita ka...? (Idiot! Now, what was our task...?)

One of the other Octolings steps forward. Her tentacles look slimmer than those of the other Octolings.

Octoling: Shiokarazu o taosu node wanaidesu ka? (Isn't it to defeat the Squid Sisters?)

The leader grins.

Leader: Sōdesu! Arigatō, onēchan! (So it is! Thank you, dear big sister!)

Callie laughs out loud.

Callie: You? Stop us?

Marie grins.

Marie: You couldn't exactly stop us LAST time, could you?

The Octolings charge toward Callie and Marie.

Squigley leaps out of a nearby drain. Callie and Marie are backed into a corner.

Callie: I can't believe it! We're about to be defeated!

Squigley trudges past the shack out of Callie and Marie's view.

Marie: No we're not, because I have...THIS!

Marie pulls what resembles a glass bottle filled with green ink out of her pocket.

Callie: Wait...that thing has pockets?

Marie: Not the point, Callie. Look.

Callie stares at Marie.

Callie: I admit, it IS a nice-looking kimono...

Marie sighs.

Marie: Not at me! Look at what I'm HOLDING...

Callie looks at Marie's hand.

Callie: Wow...did you get your Hero Charger upgraded?

Marie sighs...again.

Marie: The OTHER hand, Callie.

Callie looks at Marie's hand.

Callie: Is this REALLY the time for melon juice, Marie?

Marie sighs...again...again...and throws the bottle near the Octolings.

Leader: Nani...? (What...?)

Suddenly, a cloud of green gas bursts from the bottle, engulfing the Octolings, who appear weakened.

Leader: Kore no imi...wa nanidesu ka...? (What is the...meaning of this...?)

Callie: Toxic Mist?

Marie: Yup.

Callie: Why were you just carrying it around in your kimono?!

Marie: What can I say? I never go to a party unprepared.

Callie: But what use is THAT at a party?!

Marie: Are you kidding? Squika's parties usually end up ransacked by troublemakers. The New Squidbeak Splatoon's job is to keep Inkopolis, and its citizens, safe at any and all cost.

Callie: Yeah, but...there are other ways to protect the innocent, right?

Callie and Marie look at the Octolings. They struggle to stand.

Callie: Oh...I guess that DID do the trick after all.

Marie: Wait...one of them is missing...

Callie: Wait...seriously?!

Callie counts them one-by-one.

Callie: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven...oh no! One of them is missing!

Marie facepalms.

Marie: Honestly...

Squigley walks through a large, empty area. He suddenly snaps out of his trance.

Squigley: Whoa...what happened? Where am I...?

We hear a feminine giggle behind Squigley.

Squigley: Hm? Squilma, is that you?

Squigley turns around. The thin-tentacled Octoling approaches Squigley.

Squigley: Oh, it's just an Octoling...

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: OH NO! OCTARIAN!

Quick as a flash, the Octoling dashes up to Squigley.

Squigley: Wh-Who are you?! What do you want?!

Octoling: Kimi wa. (You.)

Squigley's thoughts: She's speaking Octarian...

Squigley: I'm sorry...I don't understa-

The scene cuts to black.

Scene 8: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The scene fades back in. We see Squigley lying on a couch inside what resembles a prison cell with glowing magenta bars. His eyes open.

Squigley: What the...? Whoa...

Squigley nearly falls off the couch as he sits up.

Squigley: The last time I felt like this was after Agent 3 knocked me out...

Squigley looks around. His eyes widen.

Squigley: There was an Octoling! I'm sure of it! Which means...oh no...

Squigley has a flashback of his visions. We hear the giggling in the background.

Squigley: ...DJ Octavio has exactly what he wants...

DJ Octavio laughs with delight.

DJ Octavio: Well done, Octopus Amazon Hachi!

Octoling: Doitashimashite, Tako-sama. (You're welcome, Boss Octo.)

The Octoling bows. DJ Octavio rubs his tentacles together.

DJ Octavio: To think that I have the kid in my grasp as early as scene 8...in episode 8...it's almost poetic, kind of like an octaiku. I think I should enact my plan before this scene is interru-

Scene 9: Inkopolis Square: Night

Squilma walks through the plaza.

Squilma: Squika could've said he was throwing the party at The Shoal...I mean, it takes an hour to walk to Ate & Switch from here!

Squilma laughs.

Squilma: Still, at least we're getting plenty of exercise, right, Squiggles?

Squilma waits for a response. After a pause, she turns around.

Squilma: Okay, I think that's enough daydreaming, Squi-

Squilma realises Squigley is missing.

Squilma: Oh no...don't tell me...

Squilma runs toward the drain.

Scene 10: Tentakeel Outpost: Night

Squilma stands facing Callie and Marie. The other Octolings are tied up nearby.

Squilma: What do you mean you didn't see him?!

Callie: Well, we were under attack by our rivals, the Taco Zesties!

Leader: Takozonesu! (Octolings!)

Callie: Whatever...

Marie: Is it possible that Squigley merely lost his way?

Callie: Actually, Marie, it's SQUIDley.

Squilma: No, Marie got it right.

Callie: Really? I've been saying his name wrong this whole time?!

Squilma nods.

Squilma: M-hm.

Callie: Well, no-one said anything...boy, do I feel like a ditz!

Squilma: Squigley wouldn't just wander off like that. I'm SURE something's happened to him!

Marie: Well, these girls claim they were sent to kick us out of Octo Canyon.

Callie: Shame...this is a very nice place to live.

Marie: Of COURSE you'd think that, cousin...

Callie smiles.

Callie: So it's VERY unlikely that Octavio has Squidley!

DJ Octavio's voice: Hey, awesome job, my Octopus Amazons! Hachi brought me that Squigley dude, and I'm turnin' him over to our cause! See you when you get home!

Squilma and Callie are shocked. Marie grins.

Marie: You were saying, Callie...?

Callie facepalms.

Callie: Me and my big mouth!

To be Continued...

Part 4:
Scene 11: Inkopolis Square: Night

Agent 3 is sitting at a table.

Agent 3's thoughts: Squigley...he's been captured by the Octarians...but I know things turn out okay...

Agent 3 looks at a shady part of Inkopolis Square. A figure watches her from the shadows.

Agent 3's thoughts: Otherwise...I would never have met...him...

Scene 12: Tentakeel Outpost: Night

Squilma, Callie and Marie try to figure out what to do.

Squilma: We need to try and figure out what to do!

Marie: Yes, which is exactly what the narrator said we're currently doing.

Callie: For the love of freshness, Marie, this is NOT the time to break the fourth wall!

Marie: Why not? This episode would be entirely unfunny without SOME kind of comic relief, wouldn't it?

Callie: Oh...yeah, I guess you're right...

Squilma: Well, we tied up those...what are they called again?

Callie: Oh, the Taco Zesties!

Squilma: Yeah, them. So why don't we use them as a bargaining chip?

Callie: Well, the chips at Ate & Switch are already pretty cheap...

Marie: In both price and quality. However, Squilma didn't mean THAT definition.

Callie: Oh...

Marie: Also, we can't use them.

Callie: What? Why not?

Marie: They escaped.

Everyone looks at where the Octolings were tied up. Squilma and Callie are shocked.

Callie: But I octupple-knotted their bindings!

Squilma: Why didn't you tell us, Marie?!

Marie: Because I didn't know until after Callie called them the Taco Zesties.

Callie's left eye squints.

Callie: I wondered why their leader didn't correct me...

Squilma: Well...then there's only one thing to do!

Marie: Barge into Cephalon HQ and snatch Squigley back by force? Yeah right...like THAT'D work.

Callie: Hey, it COULD work!

Marie: I doubt it. Squilma, I think it'd be best if we devise a plan before-

Marie realises Squilma is missing.

Marie: Well, that was rude...

Callie: Oh, you mean like when you called me Seanwich-breath ten minutes ago?

Marie: Callie, you'd just eaten a Crusty Seanwich. What was I SUPPOSED to call you?

Callie: I dunno, how about CALLIE? As in MY NAME?!

Marie: Whatever...

Scene 12: Cephalon HQ: Night

Octopus Amazon Hachi leads Squigley into DJ Octavio's lair from behind.

Squigley: I have to admit...for a big, scary lair, this place is impressive...

DJ Octavio's voice: Hey, thanks, bruh!

Squigley looks over at DJ Octavio.

Squigley: Y-You're the huge octopus from my vision!

DJ Octavio: Vision? So you're a Soda-pop?

Squigley: Psy-pod, actually...

DJ Octavio: Yeah, that too. Anyway, WELCOME-

DJ Octavio holds out two tentacles.

DJ Octavio: -to Cephalon HQ, where I, the Boss Master, will turn you, Squigley Whatever-Your-Last-Name-Is, into an Octarian!

Squigley doesn't react.

DJ Octavio: ...weird, I thought you'd be a little more wowed by that...

Squigley: Well, I already saw your plan in my vision, so let's just get it over and done with...

DJ Octavio: Really? You're not gonna try and stop me?

Squigley: Well, it's not like I can change my own future, right?

DJ Octavio: I wouldn't know. I'm not an Eye-pad.

Squigley stands in front of the tube. The three Octotroopers and eight Octolings are present.

DJ Octavio: Now, my most favouritest Octopus Amazon will put you into the machine!

Squigley shrugs his shoulders.

Squigley: M-kay.

DJ Octavio's right eye squints.

DJ Octavio: Could you at least TRY to resist?

Squigley sighs. He puts little effort into his response.

Squigley: "Oh no, the big scary octopus is about to turn me into an Octarian. Whatever will I do?"

DJ Octavio: Eh...it could use a little effort. Now, to turn you into one of my minions! Favourite Octotrooper Amazon, if you please?

Octopus Amazon Hachi takes a step forward.

DJ Octavio: Not you! I'm talking about Octopus Amazon Ichi!

Both Hachi and the leader are shocked.

Hachi: Nani?! (What?!)

The leader beams with delight.

Ichi: Sore wa watashi no yorokobi, Tako-sama desu! (It would be my pleasure, Boss Octo!)

Octopus Amazon Ichi grabs Squigley's arm and shoves him into the tube.

DJ Octavio: HAHAHAHAHA! There is NO escape for you, gaijin!

The hatch closes, and the liquid begins to pour into it.

Squigley: Hey, where's the tickle...?

DJ Octavio: Come on, bruh! Could you PLEASE try to resist? I don't want anyone to think you're suffering from Sharkholm Syndrome or somethin'!

Squigley: Fine...please! Why are you doing this?!

DJ Octavio: Hey, that's WAY better!

Squigley: Oh, thanks...but shouldn't you answer me or something?

DJ Octavio: Hm...? Oh, right...lemme see...oh! How about this?

DJ Octavio clears his throat.

DJ Octavio: Because I want YOU, Psy-pod!

Squigley: Oh, that sounded awesome!

DJ Octavio: Hey, thanks! Y'know, you're alright, bruh!

Squigley: Thanks.

DJ Octavio: Now, let the party begin!

DJ Octavio begins playing music. The tube fills with liquid.

Shooting Starfish
Turquoise October

Octavio Records

DJ Octavio scratches the turntables with wasabi.

Squigley: Oh, there's the feeling...heeheehee, that tickles!

DJ Octavio: Soon, you shall be an Octarian!

Squilma's voice: Not if I have anything to say about it!

DJ Octavio turns to face Squilma.

DJ Octavio: Ah, Agent 4...I was just in the middle of-

Squilma: I know, I know...you're turning Squigley into an Octarian...

DJ Octavio: Seriously?! Does EVERYONE know my plan?!

Squilma: No, just Agents 1, 2 and 3, Inklinda, Inklein, Squam, Squienna, Squarka, that random extra from episode 7-

DJ Octavio: So basically everyone except the Squeirdo?

Squilma: Pretty much.

DJ Octavio: That's not very secret agent-y, y'know...

Squilma: Oh, really? And how would you know?

DJ Octavio: Well, let me play you this ZapfishPoint presentation I threw together explaining it in detail...

DJ Octavio points a remote at the monitor and clicks a round, blue button.

Two hours later...

DJ Octavio: ...and that's how you can maximise a profit by selling Takoroka merchandise from your own home!

Squilma writes down notes on a notepad.

Squilma: Wow, this stuff is GOLD...how did you come up with it?

DJ Octavio: Well, I AM a super-intelligent, century-old Octarian...

Squilma: Fair enough...

We hear a "ding" sound.

Squilma: What was that?

DJ Octavio: YAY! Your friend's ready!

Squilma: Ready to begin changing into an Octarian?

DJ Octavio: What...? No, he's just BECOME one!

Squilma is shocked.

Squilma: WHAT?!

The hatch opens. DJ Octavio is delighted.

DJ Octavio: Ooh, I wonder what he's become...I hope he's a Twintacle Octotrooper!

We see a humanoid form step out of the machine. He resembles Squigley, though his ears are slightly-rounded rather than pointed, and his head has what resembles buzz-cut hair. A single octopus-like tentacle stretches from the back of his head to the front, curling at the tip. He is wearing a pair of sunglasses that pulse with red light in each lens.

DJ Octavio: Oh, man...not ANOTHER Octopus Amazon Dude...oh well.

Squilma: Squigley...no...I'm too late...

DJ Octavio: You are TOO LATE, Agent 4 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon!

Squilma rolls her eyes.

Squilma: I know...that's what I said...

"Squigley": DÉJÀ VU! (DÉJÀ VU!)

Squilma suddenly panics.

Squilma: What has he done to you?!


To be Continued...

Part 5:
Scene 13: Tentakeel Outpost: Night

Callie is panicking. Marie sips what resembles a cup of hot green tea.

Callie: This is bad! What if Squidley arrives too late?! What if Octavio turns Squilma into a Taco Zesty?!

Marie: That's ridiculous.

Callie: But-

Marie: Callie, I can 100% guarantee that neither of those two things can possibly happen.

Scene 14: Cephalon HQ: Night

DJ Octavio is laughing.

DJ Octavio: I did it! The power of the tidemoon has transformed Squigley into...Octugley!

"Squigley": TAKO! (I AM OCTOLING!)

Squilma: Look what you did, you Octidiot! Now he's speaking in nothing but broken Octarian!

Gamma: (To be fair, Octavio's speech pattern is already pretty weird...)

DJ Octavio: "Octidiot"...? What's exactly am one of that things, bruh?

Gamma: (Case in point...)

Squilma: You change him back RIGHT NOW!


Squilma: No you don't! You like being an Inkling, like me!

Squigley pulls out his Tentatek Splattershot.


Squigley begins covering the ground with ink. Squilma sighs.

Squilma: Even when he's brainwashed, he uses "Turf War" as a verb...

Scene 15: Inkopolis Square: Night

Agent 3 continues to sit at her table. Her walkie-talkie suddenly switches on by itself.

Squilma's voice: Squigley, snap out of it! Please!


Agent 3 gasps.

Agent 3: Squigley...but he'll be fine, I know it...

DJ Octavio: Face it, Agent 4! As long as Squigley is wearing my patented h########s, he's under MY control!

The walkie-talkie suddenly switches off.

Agent 3: But...he'll be fine...he HAS to be...

Sheldon bursts out of Ammo Knights and charges toward Agent 3.


Sheldon reaches Agent 3's table.

Sheldon: It's HORRIBLE! Squigley's been turned into an Octoling!

Agent 3: What?!

Sheldon: Agent 4 is trying to free him from DJ Octavio's control!

Agent 3 remains calm.

Agent 3: But...it's not permanent, is it? The transformation, I mean...

Sheldon: But it IS permanent! Once an Inkling is transformed by that no-good octopus, they cannot be converted back!

Agent 3: But...that makes no sense...

Sheldon: Trust me, Agent 3: Squigley is lost forever!

Agent 3's eyes widen.

Agent 3's thoughts: But...he's not even a real Inkling...there HAS to be a way to change him back...

Scene 16: Cephalon HQ: Night

Squigley continues inking the ground. The entire arena is nearly covered by magenta-coloured ink.

Squilma: Wait...since when do you have that colour of ink?!


Squilma sighs.

Squilma's thoughts: Time to do something stupid, Squilma...

Squilma: Okay, Squiggles. You want to Turf War? Fine, we'll Turf War!

Squilma pulls out her Splat Dualies and aims them at Squigley.

"Squigley": YOS! (OKAY!)

Squilma shoots the ground at Squigley's feet. He is immediately stuck in neon pink ink.

"Squigley": ĪE YOS! (NOT OKAY!)

Squilma runs up to Squigley and pulls off his sunglasses, before crushing them in her bare hand. Squigley's left eye squints. His eyes are now yellow instead of purple.

"Squigley": BAKA! (IDIOT!)

Squigley raises his Tentatek Splattershot and aims it at Squilma.

Squilma: Squiggles...you wouldn't...?

Squigley growls.


Squilma closes her eyes. She opens them a little and makes a small smile.

Squilma: Then do it.

Squigley grins.

"Squigley": OKAY! (YOS!)

Squigley readies his finger on the trigger.

DJ Octavio: Ohboyohboyohboy!

Squigley suddenly aims his Splattershot at the nearest Octoling and shoots cyan-coloured ink at her, splatting her. A tiny, octopus-like ghost floats away.

Bomb Rush Blush

Splatune Records

DJ Octavio: Nani...? (What...?)

"Squigley": Squilma, now!

Squilma snaps back to reality.

Squilma: Uh...right.

Squilma rolls over to an Octoling and splats her. Squilma looks at the others.

Squilma: Who else wants some?!

Two more Octolings charge toward Squilma. She splats each one with a different Dualie.

DJ Octavio: NOOOOOOOO! My Octopus Amazons!

Another one charges at Squigley and attempts to crush him with her Roller, but he easily splats her.

Squilma: Nice one!

Squigley winks at Squilma.

"Squigley": I learned from the master!

Squilma: But...I use Dualies...

"Squigley": Actually, I meant Squika.

Squilma: Oh...but you're not sarcastic...?

Squigley grins.

"Squigley": A lot's changed about me, Squillie!

Squilma: Not TOO much, I hope...

Another Octoling tries to take Squigley by surprise from a high-up ledge with her Charger. Squigley's head starts to ripple with glowing cyan energy.

"Squigley": Time to unleash my secret weapon...or should I say "Special Weapon"...?

Suddenly, an ink-propelled jetpack appears on Squigley's back.

Squilma: Oh...I wondered when Special Weapons would be referenced in this fanfic...

Squigley flies over to the Octoling. She opens her mouth to speak, but Squigley unleashes a barrage of ink globs that splat her.

"Squigley": The number one tip I picked up from Squika? Don't let extras say any lines.

Squigley's Inkjet runs out, causing him to land in his original location. Octopus Amazon Ichi has Squilma in her clutches.

Ichi: Supurashūtā no OTOSU! (DROP the Splattershot!)

"Squigley": I'm sorry, I don't speak Octarian!

DJ Octavio: She said, "DROP the Splashooter", you traitor!

"Squigley": What's a "Splashooter"...?

DJ Octavio growls.

DJ Octavio: Just...splat the pink-tentacled dude already!

Octopus Amazon Ichi grabs Squilma even tighter.

Squilma: WAIT!

Octopus Amazon Ichi suddenly splats without warning.

DJ Octavio: What the fresh?!

We see an open Splat Brella aimed at where Ichi stood. The Brella closes, revealing Hachi to have been the one to splat her.

DJ Octavio: Hachi...? But...why?!

Hachi looks at DJ Octavio.

Hachi: Watashi wa okiniiri janaikara! (Because I'm not the favourite!)

Hachi pulls off her sunglasses, throws them to the ground, then crushes them with the heel of her boot.

Hachi: AND because she's a spoiled brat!

Squilma: I...I...

Hachi: And now, I'm leaving with these two gaijin!

Hachi grabs Squigley's and Squilma's hands and leads them through the hatch. She stops and turns to look at DJ Octavio.

Hachi: And my name's NOT Hachi, mmkay? It's-

The hatch suddenly slams shut.

DJ Octavio: Wait! Your name is what? Don't leave me in suspense like this! And WHY hasn't that Agent 4 dude trapped me in a tiny round object?! It's like this entire plot is leading to a sequel or somethin'!

Scene 17: Inkopolis Square: Dawn

Agent 3 is still sitting at her table. She sees Squigley, Squilma and Hachi approaching.

Agent 3: Squilma...?

Squilma: Mission accomplished...well, kind of, anyway.

Agent 3 stands and approaches Hachi.

Agent 3: Squigley...?

"Hachi": Um...actually-

Squigley raises his hand.

"Squigley": Yo.

Agent 3: But...you're an-

Squilma: Yeah. Octavio turned Squigley into an Octoling.

Agent 3: But...this makes no sense...

Squilma: I know, but we're gonna need to get used to the new Squigley.

Agent 3: But...then...

Agent 3 looks at Hachi.

Agent 3: ...who's this?

Squilma: Oh, this is the Octoling who helped us.

"Hachi": Yeah...I'm kind of also the one who captured Squigley and delivered him to Octavio.

Squilma and Agent 3 are shocked.

Squilma: WHAT?!

"Hachi": Yeah...sorry about that...but I was never really on-board with Octavio, anyway.

Agent 3: That is IT!

Agent 3 suddenly handcuffs Hachi's wrists together.

Agent 3: You are coming with me for..."rehabilitation".

"Hachi": B-But...I SWEAR I'm not-

Agent 3 tapes Hachi's mouth shut.

Agent 3: Don't worry, the New Squidbeak Splatoon'll take REALLY good care of her. Come on, let's go.

Agent 3 pulls Hachi away, despite her apparent protests. Squigley sighs.

Squilma: What's wrong, Squiggles?

"Squigley": I'm a freak, that's what...

Squilma: What? Why would you say that?

"Squigley": I used to think I was a human, but I came to accept that I'm really an Inkling...or, rather, I WAS an Inkling...

Squilma: Cheer up. You're still an Inkling at heart, right?

Squigley looks away.

"Squigley": I don't know WHAT I am anymore...I'm going to need to take a trip...think about things...

Squilma: A trip? To where?

Squigley looks at Squilma and smiles.

"Squigley": I hear Calamari County's nice at this time of year.

Squilma: Oh...okay, I'll organise everything for you. It'll be great, just the two of us...

"Squigley": Actually, I need to do this alone.

Squilma: Alone? But...is that wise?

"Squigley": Maybe not, but I need some alone time.

Squilma nods.

Squilma: I understand. Very well, take all the time you need to-

Squika suddenly lands on Squilma's head.

Squilma: Squika?! What are you doing?!

Squika: Why, super jumping, of course!

Squika looks at Squigley.

Squika: Oh, 'morning, Squigley.

Squigley's eyes widen.

"Squigley": H-How do you-

Squilma: Well, could you super jump somewhere else? I mean, you're not even supposed to BE in this episode, you Squeirdo!

Squika: Well, you and Squigley didn't show up to the party, so I brought the party to YOU!

Squigley and Squilma suddenly realise they are surrounded by a crowd of Inklings and other sea creatures.

Inklinda: It's, like, party time or whatever!

Inklein: YEAH! Wait...where's Wiggles...?

Squigley laughs nervously.

"Squigley": I guess I'll need to do a raincheck on that alone time, won't I?

Squilma sighs.

Squilma: For the eighth time, Squiggles, there is NO SUCH THING as rain!

Everyone laughs.

Scene 18: Tentakeel Outpost: Dawn

Callie and Marie sit outside the shack.

Callie: What a nice morning...

Marie: I agree...

Callie: I...kind of feel like we're forgetting something...

Marie: Nah!

Callie and Marie both pause.

Callie: Hey, remember when Agent 3 first joined the New Squidbeak Splatoon? She was so fresh and innocent, with just a hint of naïveté!

Marie looks at Callie.

Marie: Is that your big word of the day?

Callie: What, "innocent"?

Marie sighs.

Marie: Sure...but yes, I do remember Agent 3's first assignment.

Callie: Me too...so...prequel?

Marie nods.

Marie: Prequel.

Callie: Awesome! Now, let's do the thing!

Marie: Really? But...there's no-one for miles around.

Callie: So, just do it!

Marie sighs.

Marie: Fine...

Callie and Marie stand up and face the camera. They pull their famous pose.

Callie and Marie: STAAAAAY FRESH!

The adventure continues (sort of) in
Ally-Squinn no Shinwa

Squigley's Journal - Log 64:
'Sup, journal? So...I'm an Octoling now. I think that's all that needs to be said.

Pretty sure I want to add a pre-Octoling photo to this thing, so I'll place it right here on this page:

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I'll probably start fresh with a new journal in the sequel, so...'til next time!

-Squigley (name pending)

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