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by Towafan7
on May 14th 2020, 2:52 pm
Search in: PS4 Retail Reviews
Topic: Review: Langrisser I & II (PS4 Retail)
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Review: Langrisser I & II (PS4 Retail)


A Landmark SRPG Series Returns!


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Developed by Chara-Ani Games and published by NIS America, Langrisser I & II are HD remakes of two iconic GENESIS/Megadrive SRPG's. Does this remake collection live up to the original releases? We think so, but you'll have to read the rest of our review to find out why!

Topics tagged under strategy on  Large_17

Pre-dating the Western localization of the Fire Emblem series by more than a decade, the Langrisser series was the defacto go-to for strategy RPG fans outside of Japan, at least until Final Fantasy Tactics was released and even still this series was superior to FF Tactics in depth and strategic gameplay in many ways. The story, while good shows its age with very simple storytelling, which isn't necessarily a bad thing since the light story elements allow you to quickly get into the heart of the game which is its strategic gameplay!

As with any good strategy game you've got grid-based combat, units that can be promoted, tons of different unit classes, and a surprisingly good skill system with attacks, support, and even passive skills and attacks. The games are pretty long, with Langrisser I clocking in at 25 hours in length and its sequel Langrisser II clocking in at over a whopping 40 hours in length. The controls are easy to learn and are quite a bit better than those in the GENESIS versions of the games.

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The game has a both modern and original audio and visual options which is a fantastic touch, while it's mostly fantastic some of the character sprites are pretty low quality and have a mobile freeware feel to them, but overall the visuals and soundtrack are top-notch!

Topics tagged under strategy on  Large_19

Bottom-Line: With a good story, excellent gameplay and controls, and a mostly top-notch audio-visual presentation, Langrisser I & II is a superb title for any aficionado of SRPG's and RPG's in-general and as such we give the collection a great level of recommendation!


Score: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10



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by Towafan7
on January 11th 2020, 5:23 pm
Search in: PS4 Retail Reviews
Topic: Review: Disgaea 4 Complete+ (PS4 Retail)
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Review: Disgaea 4 Complete+ (PS4 Retail)


Overlord of The Century!


Topics tagged under strategy on  Large_12
Developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software, Disgaea 4+ Complete is a collection that compiles Disgaea 4 and all of its DLC into a single bundle and to be honest it is an absolutely amazing deal! Continue reading our review to find out more about this fantastic title!

Topics tagged under strategy on  900x_911

Disgaea has always been the epitome of excellence when is comes to Japanese strategy based tactical RPG's and this game is no different with a superb and zany story and excellent gameplay that we'll be talking about shortly, overall this game oozes of quality and any SRPG fan should checkout this amazing series!

Now as for the gameplay itself the game is split into a few different parts, a city hub where you shop, train your units, among other useful things, missions where you battle in strategic grid-based battles against enemy units, and there are online matches to test your mettle against other players! There are other gameplay modes as well, but these are the three primary sections of the game.

Topics tagged under strategy on  Large_13

The hub of the game has a ton of various functions as is typical in the series, but there are new things to do such as expeditions, which are basically roguelike missions that can pay players off handsomely assuming they can complete these missions. The story missions are well thought out and the story itself is quite enjoyable.

The controls are easy to learn as expected from a strategy RPG, and the game can be quite challenging at times so don't expect to breeze through the game. The audio-visual presentation is terrific as the characters, objects, and areas are vibrant and detailed and the voice acting and soundtrack are equally as good and fit the game beautifully.

Topics tagged under strategy on  Large_14

Bottom-Line: With a humorous story, great gameplay and excellent audio-visual presentation, Disgaea 4 Complete+ will hook fans of the genre almost immediately and the included DLC with many hours of additional content will keep them coming back for more! We give the game a great level of recommendation!

Score: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10

#Review #NISA #NipponIchiSoftware #PS4 #PS3 #Vita #Retail #PSN #SRPG #Strategy #RPG
by Towafan7
on June 13th 2019, 4:13 pm
Search in: Switch Reviews
Topic: Review: Neo Atlas 1469 (Switch Retail)
Replies: 21
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Review: Neo Atlas 1469 (Switch Retail)


Discovery of The Year!


Topics tagged under strategy on  20170219021406_1-noscale

Developed by Studio Artdink and published by NIS America, Neo Atlus 1469 is a simulation game that tasks you with exploring and mapping the entire world as well as creating trade routes with other nations and more in this thrilling strategy title, but is it worth checking out? We think so and here's why:

Topics tagged under strategy on  20170216052719_1-noscale

Neo Atlas 1469 is a remake of the 1999 classic, Neo Atlus II with an enhanced audio-visual presentation and a bit of extra story content, but is otherwise the same game. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, you must explore the vast and mostly unexplored world and create trade routes while trying to survive natural hazards such as storms, sea monsters, and tsunamis as well as pirates and vessels from enemy nations. This is not easy, but is thoroughly enjoyable despite being somewhat repetitive. The world is randomly generated as you explore it, but luckily if you don't like what generates during a voyage, you can retry to get a desired outcome which is a wonderfully useful feature!

The amount of micro-management in the game is pretty deep, but not to the point of being hardcore in this regard so it's a little more accessible for newcomers or players who aren't used to the genre, than say, Civilization 6 in this regard. The game's length is literally infinite, though once the world is fully explored it's actually much more fun to start a new game. In-terms of a single playthrough most players will probably take between 30 to 50 hours to fully explore the world, perhaps longer if the RNG isn't in your favor which is a reasonable length in our opinions!

Topics tagged under strategy on  20170221055315_1-noscale

The controls work amazingly well so there are no complaints from us there, and the audio-visual presentation is fantastic for a game that is over 20 years old, even if it's a remaster! The visuals are definitely better than the likes of Civilization II, and Sim City 2000 that were released in the same time-frame. The soundtrack is great albeit a bit repetitive as well, but it has aged gracefully!

Topics tagged under strategy on  420838-20170222074112_1

Bottom-Line: With great gameplay, excellent controls, and a fairly large amount of content, Neo Atlas 1469 for the switch is a superb strategy title that's deep, but not too deep and is accessible to newcomers of the genre! The audio-visual presentation is also superb for a game that was released 20 years ago. For these reasons and more, we give Neo Atlas 1469 for the Nintendo Switch a great level of recommendation!


Score: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10



#Review #ArtDink #NISA #Switch #Retail #Strategy #Simulation #Exploration

by Towafan7
on March 19th 2019, 7:03 pm
Search in: PS4 Retail Reviews
Topic: Review: The Princess Guide (PS4 Retail)
Replies: 18
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Review: The Princess Guide (PS4 Retail)


A Guiding Lighthearted Adventure To Enjoy!


Topics tagged under strategy on  900x15

Developed by Nippon Ichi Software and published by NIS America, The Princess Guide is a strategic beat 'em up with RPG elements and is similar to Penny Punching Princess in many ways, but very different in others. How does this game stack-up in comparison to Penny Punching Princess? Continue reading our review to find out the answer!

Topics tagged under strategy on  900x16

First off the story in the game, while somewhat basic is quite charming and sets the mood for the mostly enjoyable adventure. The characters are charming and lovable, the plot in borderline genius at times with clever plot-twists in a few of the four character's stories. Overall in this aspect the game is absolutely amazing.

The gameplay is good too, however several issues do hold the game back, which we'll explain a bit later on, but first let's talk about the positives! The zany beat 'em up formula from Penny Punching Princess is mostly intact here, but is more refined with a Full-fledged skill and stat building system for your princesses. With four princesses and four stories between them the game is quite substantially longer than Penny Punching Princess which is great as we felt that the aforementioned game was a tad on the short side.

The mechanics and enemies attack patterns also add almost a bit of a shoot 'em up feel to the game unlike the mostly hand-to-hand combat in PPP. There are even heavy tactical RPG elements thrown into the mix, further adding to the game's depth especially in the overworld area. Another HUGE difference between the two games is the added depth in the character building aspect of the game where you can really power-up your princesses. The main character "you" a.k.a. The Guide is able to be customized with whatever gender you want, and your choice  between different voices, character portraits, and name. Overall this does add a nice personal touch to the game and is much appreciated!

Topics tagged under strategy on  900x17

The downsides are basically bugs or technical issues. While rare, it is possible to accomplish every goal during a stage and still lose thanks to a rather unfortunate bug. There are a handful of visual bugs as well as semi-frequent crashes that we also encountered which hurts the game's overall score. Essentially without these bugs the game would have received a near-perfect score.

The controls in the game are intuitive and easy to learn yet can take a few days to fully master. The audio-visual presentation is vibrant and cheerful while absolutely ludicrous in some ways "We're looking at you boob jiggle". Otherwise it's quite good with excellent visual novel style storytelling with gorgeous character designs and backgrounds and a superb soundtrack. The character's voice acting did get on our nerves a bit however which is unfortunate, but only a minor gripe.

Topics tagged under strategy on  900x18

Bottom-Line: With an amazing story, good, but flawed gameplay, a mostly great audio-visual presentation, and solid controls, The Princess Guide is a great game in many ways and is well worth diving into, however some technical issues hold the game back quite a bit and as such we give The Princess Guide for the PS4 a solid level of recommendation.


Score: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7/10



#Review #NISAmerica #DeveloperPlaceholder #JRPG #Action #Strategy #BeatEmUp #PS4 #Retail #PSN

by Towafan7
on January 10th 2016, 4:07 pm
Search in: Wii U eshop Reviews
Topic: Review: Nova-111 (Wii U eShop)
Replies: 9
Views: 1365

Review: Nova-111 (Wii U eShop)


Turn-Based Space Exploration!


Topics tagged under strategy on  630x23

Space, the final frontier! A normally lonely place devoid of any life besides some vacuum-resistant bacteria, however in the wacky universe of Nova-111 this is far from being true! You must rescue scientists and avoid objects and terrifying space monsters in a turn-based fashion. This is one heck of a unique title that we thoroughly enjoyed, but how does Funktronic Labs' space adventure stack up against eShop greats such as Shovel Knight and Freedom Planet? Keep reading to find out!

Topics tagged under strategy on  630x24

Nova-111 is quite an unusual beast in that it is part puzzler, part adventure, and part strategy title with a dash of RPG thrown into the mix. In Nova-111 you control a ship that is on a rescue mission to save other scientists that are scattered throughout certain areas in space. You move in a grid and each time you move is considered a turn. In some cases you'll want to destroy enemies, but in others you'll want to strategically avoid them to avoid certain death.

Topics tagged under strategy on  630x25

The overall length of the game is decent enough and the difficulty is somewhat challenging later on in the game, but nothing really had us stumped in this game. The Gamepad features in Nova-111 are excellent, although they pale in comparison to the brilliant use in Affordable Space Adventures.

Visually the game looks great! It isn't going to knock anyone's socks off, but the art-direction is still superb. The soundtrack is excellent and really adds to Nova-111's atmosphere. Overall the audio-visual presentation is amazing!

Topics tagged under strategy on  630x26


With excellent gameplay, great use of the Wii U Gamepad, and a superb audio-visual presentation Nova-111 is a great game that will provide gamers with hours of fun! We definitely recommend the game to all fans of the strategy genre!

Price: $10.99/£11.99/€13.99


Score: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10



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