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by armerocks
on January 15th 2019, 7:08 pm
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Topic: Review: Guns and Stories Bulletproof (PSVR)
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Review: Guns and Stories Bulletproof (PSVR)


Spaztic Gunslinging...


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Developer: MIROWIN.

Publisher: MIROWIN.

All right let’s review this hot-mess, so the game is a wave type of game where your goal is to shoot down enemies and survive. It’s divided into a few acts which each have three stages, it also has various difficulty levels such as baby, easy, normal, hard, etc. The game starts with an old man sitting in a rocking chair and his grandson finds his old gun so the kid asks him to tell him a story of his youth, the grandpa decides to tell him a story while also demanding more beer or whatever he drinks.

As you progress through the game you will hear the old man tell the story and during each level all of the enemies will stop attacking while the old man talks and then introduce you to a new gun. The game is bizarre to say the least, you got your old west style cowboys and such but then you have enemies with Lincoln bears or motorbike helmets, there are even drone enemies, and some guys using Gatling guns while wearing gear from Rome. Personally I think they were very creative instead of just a plain old survival wave game, and the gun design are nice except one that has a smile face on it for some weird reason. There are also a lot of variation of commentary in the game and in one scene they were making fun of Mexicans which I found unnecessary, I’m not one that takes offense to that kind of stuff since it’s just a video game, but some may take it a bit personal.

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Now the real problem of this game is the following, first the graphics, now I am not one to care much about graphics but the problem is some enemies are so far away that the image are a little blurry and since this game doesn’t have anything that tells you where you are aiming you need precise aiming to hit them which makes it difficult when the characters are too far away and blurry, another thing is that the stages are very wide, which is not exactly a bad thing but sometimes you have many enemies on the front or on the right and you don’t see the enemies on the left at all or you are so focused on the enemies in front of you that sometimes enemies that walk near you are so out of site that you usually won't notice them until you are getting shot by them so you really have to turn your head a lot to see them.

Now the worse part of the game is the PS Move's detection, it’s just awful, most of the time the two guns that you start with start spazzing out moving forward and then back on their own or just won’t turn well cause detection is faulty, worse yet is when they give you new gun which uses both hands to fire and aim, I literally had to move left and right almost hitting the floor just to try to aim at enemies cause the detection was so awful that the big gun kept spazzing out all over the place making it almost completely unplayable, I literally had to put the game on baby difficulty and move around as much as possible to avoid the bullets and try to aim in order to pass the third stage. I thought maybe it’s just this stage that has the problem, but I was wrong because in one of the stages in act 2 I get a sort of rail gun that shoots electricity, which again the gun looks cool but the game cannot detect the PS Move controller properly and just spazzes out again. The game frustrated me to no end and I thought perhaps there’s a problem with my camera or controllers so I popped in raw data and works fine even using the shot gun in raw data which uses two arms almost the same way as the gun in this game and while it was a little hard to control it wasn’t spazzing out all over the place.

This game was more frustrating than fun, I really don’t know if it was my equipment or not, I am not that much of a tech guy but seeing as the controls worked fine in raw data I don’t think it was my equipment. Unfortunately I can’t progress any further in the game due to the horrible PS Move detection. So I’m reviewing this with how little the game allowed me to see and experience. I would have liked to do a better review cause it's not a bad game aside from control detection but i really just couldn't get past act 2, even in baby mode.

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1.       Its entertaining because its creative

2.       It has cool designs for the guns


1.       Its repetitive

2.       The map is to wide and the camera can’t see well the enemies that are too far or very close

3.       The ps move detection is horrible and will frustrate you ( this has been fixed in update now its  much better and playable)

4.       It can be a little offensive to those who can’t handle stereotypes


Score: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 7.5/10



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Update: (02/11/2019) ok so recently the game had an update and it was a huge improvement on the motion controls the camara had better detection and the oversized giant guns,were replaced by a one hand gun and an extension for it for example in one of the stages it was a realy huge yellow gun the fired grenades as well as rapidfire bullets so now it was changed to a smaller rapid fire gun on the right hand and on the left hand you control the grenades. So if you wana give it a try now you can cause its more stable. So i up the score to a 7.5 out of 10.

I didnt wana erase my previous review of it because the only thing that realy changed was the detection problem being fixed and adjustments to guns. Plus i wanted you to know how it first turned out and then how it was fixed with the update.
by Towafan7
on March 1st 2016, 7:21 pm
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Topic: Review: Wicked Monsters Blast: HD Plus (Wii U eShop)
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Review: Wicked Monsters Blast: HD Plus (Wii U eShop)


Mashing And Burning...


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Wicked Monsters Blast: HD Plus was developed and published by Corecell Technology and is a shooting gallery party game where you and up to three other players can take part in hectic mini-games to determine who's the best gunner in the neighborhood! This sounds fun in theory however poor execution and even worse balancing issues make this game one to avoid and here's why:

Wicked Monsters Blast: HD Plus has three different modes of play, Arcade, Family, and survival. You can play solo or against your friends in any of the three game modes which is nice for those who don't have anyone to play with. In Arcade Mode you must rack up as many points as you can in a series of mini-games before facing-off against a boss in the ultimate free-for-all experience. In Family Mode you get to choose the mini-games and there's no boss battle so it's perfect for quick bursts of play! And Survival Mode has you face-off against an endless onslaught of mini-games until you fall and is only recommended if you have plenty of free time.

Topics tagged under shootinggallery on  885x11

Regardless of your mode of choice the game has really bad balancing issues as the person using the Gamepad will always win thanks to the easy touch screen controls. The Wii Remote players just can't compete with the precision of the Wii U Gamepad which is a serious oversight on the developer's part. The controls are simple and easy to learn, but again the balancing issue between the Wii Remotes and Wii U Gamepad are painfully apparent.

Visually the game looks every bit as good as the famous WarioWare titles with nice backgrounds and characters that are both colorful and detailed! The audio is decent enough as is the music, but overall the audio presentation is forgettable.

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With good gameplay, great controls in single-player mode, and excellent visuals, Wicked Monsters Blast: HD Plus had potential to be a solid party game, however horrendous balancing issues in multiplayer and a forgettable audio presentation really hurt the game's overall score and to be honest we just can't recommend this game to our viewers. Wicked Monsters Blast: HD Plus receives a poor recommendation from us.

Price: £7.19/€7.99/$7.99


Score: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 3/10



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