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by BlueWaverJack32
on January 12th 2015, 3:48 pm
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Topic: DungeonWave: The Shards of Borealia
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DungeonWave: The Shards of Borealia

It's time for a spoiler! I mentioned previously that this campaign is set in one of the worlds of my D&D multiverse, but I haven't yet revealed which one. Now's the time to reveal the name of the world... Terra Neos!

For those who don't know, Terra Neos is a world which is separated into two realms by a mysterious, intangible barrier. The first realm, Terra (also known as "the mundane realm" and "the unknown"), is a world very much like our own, with a level of technology near-identical to ours and very similar geography, though theat world's magnetic poles are inverted, effectively making it "upside-down" from our perspective; in addition, Terra is exclusively populated by round-eared Territe humans.

The other realm, Neos (also known as "the fantastic realm" and "the original"), is a world of fantasy and adventure, where dwarves, elves, halflings and gnomes can be found, amongst other, more exotic races such as wyrmborn, kaijuka, automatons and the monkey-like kikis; the native humans of Neos are known as syl, and their ears have a slight point, though a number of Territes can also be found here. The campaign itself will be set in the Neos Lands, one of the more prominent continents of the fantastic realm, in the country of Quartshire. A map will be provided at some point, and could even be used as a quest item, so look forward to that! Smile

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