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by GeekyGamerJack
on March 12th 2015, 9:57 pm
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Topic: Mario Kart 8 Dlc Predictions
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Mario Kart 8 Dlc Predictions

The balance between new courses, new crossover courses, recycled retro courses and new retro courses (?) in the current add-on pack is so out of whack that it is irritating the Fronk out of my (low-moderate level of) OCD:

●2 all-new courses...sweet!
●2 retro courses recycled from MKDS/MK7...um, okay then, I guess as long as there are two newly-revamped-
●1 newly-revamped retro course...wait, what?! Ack! My OCD...
●3 crossover courses...okay, I can make this work, I can make this work...

So the only way to ensure full, nourishing balance with add-on pack numero dos is for there to be 2 new courses, 2 recycled retro courses originally from MK64 and MKSC, 3 newly-revamped retro courses from MKDS and MK7 (plus N64 Wario Stadium) and just one crossover course, which would be New Leaf. Otherwise, Nintendo's going to be respinsible for so much OCD aggravation around the world! D: #ICanHazBalance

EDIT: And now I must deal with the respinsibility of having made that typo. Razz

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