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by unrealgamergirl
on July 20th 2016, 8:29 pm
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Topic: Video: Persona 5 Uncut Footage?!
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Video: Persona 5 Uncut Footage?!


Persona of a Hero!


Hey there my fellow PlayStation gamers, I’ve got just one more updated for today for you. The last update I got is one that I have a feeling a few of you will love. 18 minutes of uncut footage have been leaked of the game Persona 5. Gamers around the place are going crazy and loving it, and I know as a fellow gamer when new footage of a game you love is leaked you just about die for joy. Though don’t any of you go dying on us as we need you to help us keep the gaming world alive and thriving, plus who’s going to help take on bad guys of games if you do?

If you’d like to see footage of these uncut scenes you can watch the video above and if that doesn't work for whatever reason, click the link below and watch the video there, but warning if you don’t want any spoilers DO NOT watch the video!! Until next time my PS gamers take care and keep fighting!

Souce: Pushsquare.


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