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Cave Story is a great game created by the one man crew, Pixel Studio and is a really amazing Adventure/Platforming game.

In this epic game you play as a human-like robot from the surface who has lost his memories and try to save the cave dwelling inhabitants of the floating island that you are trapped on from an evil doctor and his evil henchmen.

This game has a metroid feel to it as the game has reduced gravity physics. The game also features a ton of weapons including hidden ones that can level up to increase their effectiveness. This game is pretty long for a wiiware platformer and can take over 6 hours to beat. This game also features a super hard hidden area to find as well as several unlockable modes.

Graphics & Sound
The graphics in this game are very unique and detailed as character models and scenery in this game are awesome and in some cases bizarre. Expect to fight a toaster at some point. This game also runs about as smoothly as most Turbographx-16 games as it does not slowdown, no matter how much action is happening on-screen.

The sound effects are simple yet suitable and the music is catchy and fits the mood of the game nicely.

Bottom line: This is an extremely fun game that you will want to play time after time and despite being fairly expensive at 1200 Wii Points it is well worth purchasing.

Score ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 9.6/10

9- Awesome This game has little in the way of flaws, and is a highly enjoyable experience.
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Review: Cave Story (WiiWare) Rukiafan7

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May 2nd 2011, 3:06 pmLink_i_am
I really want to get cave story,hopefully I'll earn some money soon Smile
May 14th 2011, 2:10 pmH_Bogart32
I truly enjoy the classic gameplay cave story features and highly recommend this title!

Good review,perfect score!

Nice review rukiafan =)
September 9th 2011, 5:27 pmCloud_Strife
A short but nice review Rukiafan...... Smile
September 9th 2011, 5:45 pmTowafan7
Thanks Cloud Very Happy
Hey long time no see Wink
September 11th 2011, 6:55 pmLove4Gaming
Cave Story is one of the best platformers on wiiware!
September 14th 2011, 6:21 pmAmufungal
I'll wait for Cave Story 3D Very Happy
Objection Blaster
October 12th 2011, 1:43 pmObjection Blaster
Cave Story is just amazing for a WiiWare game a must buy for Wii owners Very Happy
October 28th 2011, 12:27 pmSuperst☆r
Short review Surprised
April 3rd 2012, 6:41 amMarth
Is there any reason to buy this or the DSiWare version if you already own Cave Story 3D? Just curious, but I would be willing to do so if they had any real differences.
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