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Extreme Hunting!

Review: Monster Hunter Tri (Wii Retail) Mh310

Gameplay and Story:

Moga Village is in danger of sinking to the bottom of the ocean! Only a hunter with your level of skills can defeat the monster responsible and save Moga village from certain doom!

This game is split into three modes and each mode is unique! But first you must create a profile and start the one player village mode. Upon saving you can start the other two modes. This is the first game in the series to feature underwater hunting which makes the game quite a bit harder than the older games in the series.

Review: Monster Hunter Tri (Wii Retail) Monste13

One-player village mode
This is the games story mode and though it is guild based it does have a better and more detailed story than many RPGs. The main story is long and hard and will likely take 100+ hours to beat all of the missions and get all of the equipment availible in this mode!

Arena mode
In this mode one to two players can play together on the same console fighting monsters in an arena. They can choose between three different pre-determined sets of equipment to use in the arena! This mode also features a land arena and an underwater arena that will test your hunting skills! If you win the fight quick enough you can earn items that can't be obtained in village quests!

Review: Monster Hunter Tri (Wii Retail) Keymcf10

Online City Mode
In this mode players from all over the continent enter cities and post quests for up to three other people to join. They then hunt together to take down beasts you normally would have trouble besting on your own!

Surprisingly this game has an online keyboard allowing people to freely communicate as well as a regular friend list request system as opposed to the bothersome Nintendo friend codes which makes this game a perfect online title for making new friends. This game also uses a hunter rank system that determines which quests you can post or join as well as a general idea of how skilled you or other players are!

Review: Monster Hunter Tri (Wii Retail) Monste15

Online mode also features an online arena that allows you to win items that can't be obtained in Arena Mode! This mode have many Monsters, hunting grounds and obtainable equipment not found in the single player mode. Expect to spend over 500 hours on the online mode if you want to get all of the equipment and online titles.

The only problem I have with the online setup is that North American, European and Asian gamers can't play together as those 3 continents have their own closed servers.

Review: Monster Hunter Tri (Wii Retail) Monste16

Graphics and Sounds
The graphics in this game are unmatched as the character and monster models are realistic and have fluid animations as well as hunting grounds that have the most detailed and realistic textures and animations you will ever see in a Wii game!

This game has awesome sound effects such as growls, ferocious roars from monsters, erupting volcanoes and blowing wind in the hunting grounds. The music is absolutely awesome especially the cool underwater "Jaws" theme chime that plays when spotted by certain monsters!

Review: Monster Hunter Tri (Wii Retail) Devilj10

Bottom line: This is one of the best online experiences you'll find for the Wii and it will take hundreds of hours to do everything in this game. This game has the best graphics you'll ever see on the Wii, as well as awesome music and sound effects! At around $30-$40 U.S. Dollars it is an awesome game for any action-rpg/mmorpg fan.

Score Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven 10/10

10- Perfect This game is nearly perfect, and has little if any flaws, and is a blast to play!

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Review: Monster Hunter Tri (Wii Retail) Rukiafan7

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on July 5th 2011, 3:02 pmShounenMania
This is one of the best MMO games out there,and is a truly addictive game that's hard to stop playing once you start Very Happy
on July 6th 2011, 7:54 pmKingreX32
i havent played this in a while. I really need to get on more often. Great review
on July 6th 2011, 8:05 pmFuManchu
What a fantastic review rukiafan ^^
Kung-fu Pikachu
on October 17th 2011, 7:53 pmKung-fu Pikachu
This sounds like a superb mmo one question though how many people still actually play on the online servers?
on October 17th 2011, 8:01 pmKingreX32
On any given day you can find at least 300 people in one server. And there are. Four.
on October 17th 2011, 8:45 pmShultzManiac
This looks like one cool game Cool
on December 4th 2011, 9:41 pmNINTENBRO
I might have to pick this up soon after I finish Skyward Sword but that may be awhile. If Last Story is localized in NA by that time then I might not, because it's my first priority to play that.
[NL] Fishing Resort
on December 5th 2011, 1:34 am[NL] Fishing Resort
Great review (:
on December 5th 2011, 1:10 pmDigiDestined
I like how popular this games online servers are still Smile
on December 5th 2011, 4:40 pmKingreX32
i just made an alternate offlien accout for this game. Im trying to get used to the Classic controller pro.
on April 25th 2012, 1:22 pmAmufungal
This is a great game with surprising good online gameplay for a Wii game Smile
on July 24th 2012, 11:54 amLizofDoom
The online community is getting bad.
The experts refuse to help noobs for the most part, but I did meet a clan named Canard that is dedicated to helping noobs.
Their leader Haseo is nice.
on July 24th 2012, 2:37 pmTowafan7
This review needs to be formatted as well. Wink
on July 24th 2012, 3:16 pmTalesfanatic
There aren't many Wii games with such a good online community.
on July 24th 2012, 4:01 pmBigJho
Monster Hunter Tri is too addictive.
I must have spent over 2,000 hours playing the game by now.
on July 9th 2013, 7:03 pmTalesfanatic
This game needs to be reviewed again now that there is no online mode available. Sad
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