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Fun with bubbles!

Review: Bubble Bobble Plus (WiiWare) 83cce48719ac44f89f6fbbb763229489_titlescreen2

The popular arcade game is back and better then ever!! Over the years Bubble Bobble has drawn people into arcades with its charm and co-op. The objective of Bubble Bobble Plus is simple. Clear all enemies in each of the small action platforming levels while collecting fruit, power-ups and other items to rack up points.

The game is massive too  at over 100 levels on the standard/super standard modes 100 on the arrangement/super arrangement mode and 50 each on the expert modes 1 and 2. Expert modes 1 & 2 are not included in the game and must be purchased as part of wiiwares pay and play DLC service.

Review: Bubble Bobble Plus (WiiWare) Bubble-bobble-plus-wiiware-screenshot-big

The games graphics have been improved from the orginal arcade game the main difference is the 2D sprites were changed to 3D sprites. The music used in the Standard modes is the most catchy tune you'll likely ever hear. The arrangement modes and expert modes DLC music is still good but not anywhere near the same extent.

And finally the co-op in this game is awesome as the standard mode has the same great 2 player co-op of the arcade version and the new arrangement/expert modes allow 4 players to play co-op which is absolutely awesome and above all extremely fun.

Review: Bubble Bobble Plus (WiiWare) Bubble-Bobble-Plus--1

Bottom line: At 600 wii points for the base game & 400 points for the dlc you won't find a better deal on a co-op arcade style game on the service. I'd highly suggest getting this game if you are looking for a platforming game,arcade style game,or just want to play with others

Score ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 9/10

9- Awesome This game has little in the way of flaws, and is a highly enjoyable experience.

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Review: Bubble Bobble Plus (WiiWare) Rukiafan7

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May 31st 2011, 11:38 pmMegatron2000
Bubble bobble plus is such a fun action/platform game but that damn song gets stuck in your head for weeks after playing the game xD

This is one of your better early reviews nice work dude Exclamation
August 15th 2011, 2:13 pmLink_i_am
I love this game so much good review Very Happy
August 15th 2011, 10:20 pmTerra1/2
This was my favorite game growing up and it is easily one of my favorite wiiware games too!
August 15th 2011, 11:46 pmKrazyredd
This game is so much fun it'll keep most of you entertained for hours Wink
Super review Rukiafan Super Saiyen
August 16th 2011, 1:17 pmChronobo
This is an awesome game that deserves the nearly perfect score Rukiafan gave it Very Happy
August 23rd 2011, 12:50 pmInuyasha4z2
This is a nice game though I wouldn't have given quite as high of a score probably an 8/10 for me
March 5th 2012, 5:30 pmARF_Paula
Sounds good for a 600 point game Surprised
March 5th 2012, 5:39 pmTowafan7
I just updated this review, but it's still in need of some pics. Wink
Thank you for your feedback everyone. Review: Bubble Bobble Plus (WiiWare) 631737971
March 5th 2012, 6:39 pmMetalShyGuy
This is one of the best cheap games on Wiiware Review: Bubble Bobble Plus (WiiWare) 631737971
March 5th 2012, 7:22 pmStaroceancrazy
Great review can't wait for the pics Very Happy
March 5th 2012, 8:33 pmTowafan7
The pics are coming very soon. Wink
March 5th 2012, 9:01 pmMarioman18
It looks like ViewtifulJoe hasn't found this review yet Laughing
Was this released on Europes shop?
March 5th 2012, 9:32 pmMarth
I could never really get into the original, but maybe I'll give this one a shot at 600 points. Forgot it even existed, to be honest. Anyway, thanks for the reminder at least.
March 5th 2012, 9:37 pmAkatsuki
I love playing this game at the arcade with my gf. I love you
Nell TU
March 5th 2012, 10:13 pmNell TU
@Rukiafan there aren't any pics yet. Sad
@Marioman18 yes Bubble Bobble Plus is on the European shop, which is confusing since that is what Puzzle Bobble Plus is called in some regions. Neutral
March 5th 2012, 11:47 pmTowafan7
Hmmmm....still no pics I see, well I guess I might need to PM somebody. Laughing
March 6th 2012, 12:08 amJnes5
Pics added ! Wink

This game doesn't sound too bad, even though the NES version was kind of ok for me, but nice review Rukiafan !
March 6th 2012, 8:10 pmAmufungal
This is a very fun game if you like cute action arcade games download this ASAP Smile
July 1st 2012, 9:26 pmGuest
This game is one of the cutest games around. I love you
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