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Mini Game Gear announced by SEGA Empty Mini Game Gear announced by SEGA

on June 11th 2020, 6:03 pm
Hi all, fellow forum goers. How the year's releases be going so far? Alternative Hello

For me, I'm thrilled of the releases that are selling on the Nintendo eShop with others more coming in future, like that of XCOM 2 of which I have an eye for a long time. Alternative Thumb's-

Yet really thrilled me about a week ago is when the good folks at SEGA has gladly announced the mini version of their renown Game Gear, avaliable in 4 differrent colors or Blue, Yellow, Red and it's overseas classic of Darkish Grey.

Each of these colored has their own retrospective range of games that best suit the personality respresented by the coloring, of which I found a good English listing this website here Getting food / eatin :


In regarding of the four I'm most pumped for is that of the Yellow Game Gear, as it's has an awesome selection of Shining World games that are exclusive on the console. Alternative Thumb's-

I do have to admit that I'm always have big soft spot for the Shining World series as the early ones are among the first to introduce me into JRPGS and their creative wonder, and most especially the more recent ones done with Tony Taka artworks in them of which I so deeply love. Pool Weather / Hot victory Feeling Wonderful

So in regarding the selections on each one, so which of the colors you're most thrilled towards to? Alternative Hello sonic

Mini Game Gear announced by SEGA Empty Re: Mini Game Gear announced by SEGA

on June 11th 2020, 8:10 pm
Is shining world known as Shining Force in the Americas?

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