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Extravagant Abode?


Review: My Time At Portia (PS4 PSN) Ap_3d710

My Time at Portia, released on April 16, has been well received by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One communities alike.  It has several points that make it an excellent game.  Do you think you’ll enjoy it?  We think so and here’s why.

Review: My Time At Portia (PS4 PSN) Ap_c8c10

Developed by Pathea and published by Team17, My Time at Portia is a relaxing yet highly addictive game.  This crafting sim has several activities to keep you busy throughout your gameplay, from crafting to farming and many more in between.

Starting out with Pa’s inheritance of the workshop, you’re thrust into the world of Portia at a fairly good clip.  The tutorials are very simple, and the controls are extremely easy to figure out.  After chatting with Presley, you learn you must register your workshop in order to accept commissions, which is the lifeblood of this game as far as its currency, gols, along with earning relationships with your fellow townspeople.  There is the main storyline, and it’s entertaining but feels slow at times.  It’s not enough to sway one from the game, however.

Review: My Time At Portia (PS4 PSN) Ap_c0e10

As the game goes by, the missions become increasingly difficult along with relationships harder to earn. They aren’t insurmountable, but they do take a bit of strategy and finesse at times.  New areas of the map open up as you complete your tasks, which lead to more opportunities for your character to flourish.  

Review: My Time At Portia (PS4 PSN) Ap_b2010

Now to the very integral part of the game: your workshop.  This is what the game revolves around.  You need it in basically each mission you attempt along with upgrading it.  Your missions are based upon certain levels of machinery, and the quests will not progress until you reach that milestone. It’s not impossible, just time-consuming.  

The devs have been extremely helpful and polite to the community, listening to their complaints and promising full game content in the near future. Their communication is unique as far as a dev goes, but this is another aspect which makes the game great.

Now to the cons.  There have been bugs reported by players, ranging from ridiculous to game-breaking.  They are few and far between, but when they rear their ugly heads, you typically have to leave the area and start again.  The hopeful part is the devs are aware of this and are working diligently on a patch.  

Some of the timed missions don’t specify they have a strict time constraint unless you open your mission book and review the quest.  There were several times when I had the dreaded failed quest announcement flash across my screen, so it was only logical to restart the day.  With the knowledge of the timer, the quests can quickly be completed in the allotted time.

Relationships take a long time to attain, but it isn’t hopeless.  There are many different levels of gifting for each player, points determined by the type of gift you give the NPC. Between fostering these relationships and carrying on with your missions or free play, the player won’t run out of things to do.

Review: My Time At Portia (PS4 PSN) Ap_49810

The graphics are in a soft 3D style, which adds to the peaceful feeling that the game has. Sometimes the rendering is comical, but all-in-all they are deemed pleasant.  The audio is another story. When you start playing, it’s interesting and enjoyable.  However, when you have a few hours in, the soundtrack becomes very monotonous.  A more ranged soundtrack would have been welcome in My Time at Portia.

Review: My Time At Portia (PS4 PSN) Ap_3d710

Overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.  The fact that the devs are hard at work devising a patch makes this game more attractive.  Taking the entire impression of MyTime at Portia, we give this game good level of recommendation!

Afternote: Team17 released the update for My Time at Portia this past week (May 23) and like many gamers that play, I am very pleased with the updates and bug fixes that were plaguing random players.  While there are more updates promised, this one nipped the infinite loading bug and seemed to have solved the disappearing item bug as well.  The graphics are more pleasing since the patch with additions to the load screen and subtle differences in gameplay.  New quests and small improvements to existing content were added, making the game feel more rounded.  You can view full information on the update here.


Score: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10



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on Sat 25 May - 17:26Towafan7
Thanks for reviewing the game @TechnicalIssues. Wink
Nice review! Is this your first review here?
Aqua Cherry Blossom
on Tue 28 May - 4:46Aqua Cherry Blossom
@Kain Technical is new. Amazing review by the way lol. Smile
on Tue 28 May - 4:48Grumblevolcano
@TechnicalIssues8 Superb review mate!
on Tue 28 May - 17:00ShanaNoShakugan
Such lovely review @TechnicalIssues8. Smile
on Wed 29 May - 7:55Towafan7
@TechnicalIssues8 Thanks for updating the article! You rock! queen
on Wed 29 May - 7:59RWBY_Red
Good review @TechnicalIssues8. Was the PS4 patch identical to the one released on the Switch?
on Wed 29 May - 11:17Talesfanatic
Awesome review @TechnicalIssues8! This is a really good review. Smile
on Wed 29 May - 12:21Staroceancrazy
@TechnicalIssues8 Awesome review Exclamation
on Wed 29 May - 15:11TechnicalIssues8
@RWBY_Red wrote:Good review @TechnicalIssues8. Was the PS4 patch identical to the one released on the Switch?

The patches were very similar, however, there were some glitches that were unique to the Switch. From what I've heard from a few players, the Switch patch did more harm than good, rendering the game unplayable for several. Team17 is looking into the issues that have arisen from the update.
on Wed 29 May - 15:14Amufungal
What a nice review. Smile
on Mon 24 Jun - 12:09Zatchbell
Great review!
on Mon 24 Jun - 13:56XenobladeYuki
Your review is spot-on @TechnicalIssues8!
on Fri 28 Jun - 11:43Clαππαd
Beautiful review @TechnicalIssues8. Smile
on Fri 28 Jun - 15:07Towafan7
@TechnicalIssues8 Look at you! Your review is still receiving comments! Do you plan to update the review when each major update drops? Wink
on Fri 28 Jun - 20:19TechnicalIssues8
@Towafan7 wrote:@TechnicalIssues8 Look at you! Your review is still receiving comments! Do you plan to update the review when each major update drops? Wink

Yes, I do. It’s funny because I just messaged you about this lol. There is an update coming up soon that will add voices to the game. Apparently the PS4 has some catching up to do in regards to PC content. So keep your eyes open for those updates!
on Tue 17 Sep - 9:03Neptune
Nice review Tech Tech! This game looks amazing for an indie release! Prinny
on Mon 23 Sep - 12:17Krazyredd
What a Krazy good review @TechnicalIssues8!
on Mon 30 Sep - 15:45Towafan7
No update regarding the voice acting update? Sad
on Tue 1 Oct - 13:08LizofDoom
@TechnicalIssues8 Amazing review!
on Tue 1 Oct - 21:47TechnicalIssues8
@Towafan7 wrote:No update regarding the voice acting update? Sad

They have added some voice acting, but some of it is bugged out. Hopefully they'll release a patch soon, but as of right now there is no upcoming update.
on Wed 2 Oct - 9:01DigiDestined
Nice review. =)
on Sat 5 Oct - 11:04catfood
This game is the cat's meow! cat
Purrfect review @TechnicalIssues8! cat
on Sun 6 Oct - 12:13Tinglemaster
Awesome review TING! Very Happy
on Tue 8 Oct - 15:19Gekkouga-Senpai
Good review!
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