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Hello and welcome to my own blog !

I was thinking about having one ever since I've joined the site, so here it is !

You can ask me questions or have a conversation, but I might also post opinions regarding a piece of news that Im interested in, however I will not answer personal questions though...

If you only have these two choices, which one will you choose ? to have a game with no story ? or to have a game with the most ridiculous, boring, cliché-filled and horrible story ever ?
Do games need to be epic ?... or fun ?...
Wii #: 0018 2269 1524 9019 (codename Jnes)
Also on PSN ! PSN: jnesDX
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July 27th 2011, 2:04 pmAussiegamer
I see you're from mexico mate,what's it like there Question
July 27th 2011, 2:30 pmJnes5
Well, from where I live, which is the north of the country (close to the U.S. actually !), we have a really warm weather and occasionally very small sandstorms. I can't say the same for the rest of Mexico, because contrary to popular belief, all of Mexico isn't a desert, but here at north we have a long desert that extends from 1/4 of the northwest area. We are very similar to any other country, tall buildings and such, fast food franchises, awesome views, etc.

My city is kind of small, yet not so small to be considered a town, it's kind of quiet and peacefull.

But as a gamer they really don't sell a lot of new videogames just like in the US Crying or Very sad
August 23rd 2011, 9:20 pmCloud_Strife
What are your thoughts about the drug cartel that is causing so much trouble in the border areas of mexico and the U.S.?
Also what are your thoughts about those controversial anti gaming law that the U.S. congress keeps trying to pass?
August 26th 2011, 2:05 pmJnes5
Let me just say, about the drug cartel, that even though it's not affecting my family whatsoever, it does makes us look like dangerous people, which that's not really true, I know a lot of people in my country that not even won't hurt a fly ! but from what I've heard from the news in my country, the whole drug cartel is lowering down so to speak, very slowly but surely... but that's my 2 cents on the whole matter...

And as for that controversial anti gaming law... wasn't that the same law that's already been declined a few months ago ? if so, then I'll speak about it...

The reason why laws like that exists, is because a lot of parents don't really know how to take care of their children and that they think that videogames are always some children's toys, which that's not true, videogames nowadays have become more mainstream which are on par with other media such as movies, music, etc. and that's because videogames nowadays always have something to offer for everyone, be it children, teenagers, adults and even old people, but it looks like the parents really don't look at it as such, but then again the same thing happened with music too back then like that famous quote once said: "videogames are bad for you ? that's what they said about rock & roll" and now look at it now, do you see people complaining about mature music nowadays ? nope, because there's now music that parents allow children to listen to and doesn't let kids listen to the other's where they have very mature, and the same thing with movies too ! they let their kids watch children movies, while they don't let them see mature movies.

So let me ask you this, if parents can do that to the music and movie media, then why can't they do the same with videogames ?

... Sorry for not responding to this a little sooner, I've been really busy with college a lot... pale
February 17th 2012, 3:40 amMegatron2000
Is there anything new you want to discuss about?
February 17th 2012, 4:04 amJnes5
Not really...

I don't have anything to say to be honest,and if I do, it may be turned into an article in this site...

But if you have any questions you want me to answer, I'll have the chance to answer it ! just like silks blog !
February 17th 2012, 4:05 amTowafan7
Want to chat?
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