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WiiWareWave It!


Site News ~ Our New App! Header10

Dear Members,
We have waited so long and it is finally available! I am pleased to announce that Topic'it : the mobile application of our forum is now available on the AppleStore and the Google PlayStore
Topic'it, is the newest mobile application from Forumotion that allows you to follow, register, log in, consult and participate live in our forum in a simple and intuitive way when you are traveling or away from your PC Very Happy
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The Topic'it application is free and allows you to keep in touch with our forum at all times while being live notified of all our novelties, topics, friendships requests as well as your private messages ... etc.
Don't hesitate to install our Topic'it application on your mobile and tablet now by downloading it from online stores:
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Want to know more about all the features offered by this application? Go to the Topic'it website: https://topicit.net/en
Thank you!


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Site News ~ Our New App! Rukiafan7

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on September 15th 2017, 9:26 pmNeptune
Sweet! WiiWareWave has an app though only for a month because of the renaming of the website. Smile
on October 18th 2017, 11:14 amTowafan7
Thanks, but that rebranding was put on hold. Also surprised that this didn't garner much attention give the fact that we now have a 100% functional mobile version via the app now. Prinny
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