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Review: TOUCH SELECTIONS (Wii U eShop) WiiUDS_TouchSelections_01_mediaplayer_large

Genre: Board game & Highscore game
Players: 1

EU Release: 2016-09-08 - Price: £2.69 / 2,99€
NA Release: 2016-09-08 - Price: $2.99

Tested: PAL version (EU)

Touch Selections is a combination of two games from RCMADIAX: Peg Solitaire and Avoider. Only thing new to this release is an extra title menu (to select the 2 games from) with a new music track reserved for this.

Review: TOUCH SELECTIONS (Wii U eShop) QTE1iVXq1kvd095Ioy7SXTtKliOTCbJu

Peg Solitaire is a bland and glitchy adaptation of the board puzzle game. The music is catchy for a minute, but that can't be said about the design. We come to expect board games on the eShop to try and stand out with realisitic 3D graphics and online-crossplay (Pure Chess), or adding character with details and art (Lucadian Chronicles). Seeing Peg Solitaire however, it's hard to speak about graphics, it looks almost text-only with only a brown playing field and green peg icons.

You can move the peg icons around the playing field on the touchscreen. The rules are easy: Pick a peg and jump over another one to make it disappear. Goal of each of the 14 differently shaped boards is to clear them all until only one last peg is standing. You can select each of the 14 boards right from the start. On one hand it's nice to have a bit of content and some variety right off the bat, on the other hand it would be nice to unlock them one by one making steady progress. I guess that's up to the player here.
There are four buttons on the playing field. "info" displays the instructions, "reset" resets the board and your current score, "undo" resets your last move, and "menu" brings you back to the Peg Solitaire title screen from which you can either go back to the board selection or all the way back to the Touch Selections main menu (if you want to check out the other game).

Peg Solitaire displays your "Current Score" and the "Best Score" in showing how many "Jumps" you have used and how many "Pegs Left". A perfect score would be 1 peg left plus the lowest number of jumps possible. However, the "Best Score" is totally messed up. It erased my old records, and when I achieved another one, it overwrote data for the other boards: I got a highscore of 10 Jumps on the first board but now 10 is the highscore for every board. It's disturbing because some of the boards can't be beaten with only 10 jumps, that is impossible and now my highscores look cheated. If that wasn't annoying enough, the "Current Score" also has a bug! If you exit a board to select a different one your jumps will transfer over, so you'll have to make sure to press the "reset" button after selecting a board. The whole scoring in this game is a mess, it's advised to not pay any attention to the scores and play it only casually or you'll get frustrated.

Review: TOUCH SELECTIONS (Wii U eShop) NICOt-b4673lS6CeCqk2mdjfoDmp7NQt

In stark contrast to Peg Solitaire's strategic thinking gameplay and reasonable content, is the fast-paced simplicity of a dodging game that is called Avoider. All you do is touching the screen to make your white triangle follow your touch trying to dodge the pink triangles coming from the top of the screen and the sides. The longer you endure, the more points you get. Your highscore will be saved (yes, here it works), and that's all there is to it. When you get hit it's Game Over and the game engages you to post your all-time highscore to Miiverse before you can "play again" or go back to the "main menu".

While Peg Solitaire is a bad-looking and glitchy console adaptation of a classic board game with 14 different boards to choose from, Avoider is a hopelessly barebones and effortless highscore game that gets boring after a couple of quick rounds. Touch Selections is a horrible combination of lazily made throwaway shovelware.


Written by SKTTR, 16th September 2016
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on September 17th 2016, 10:39 amTowafan7
Ouch, it's sad that his first few games were decent to good and then it went downhill from there. Awesome review though @SKTTR! Thanks for reviewing yet another title! king
on September 17th 2016, 4:19 pmBlueWaverJack32
Nice work, @SKTTR! Review: TOUCH SELECTIONS (Wii U eShop) 631737971
on September 19th 2016, 3:39 pmSKTTR

Yeah, that's true.
Blok Drop U had potential, but was ultimately way too short and the promised update never came.
Tabletop Gallery, well, it was ok, it had Poker Dice Solitaire Future and Shut the Box on it, and a third game that was garbage just like the two games on this compilation and the other game I recently reviewed, Shooty Space. But one trash game doesn't matter, Tabletop Gallery had 2 ok-ish games on it. They weren't great but they weren't really bad either, I mean, for the 70 cents I paid when it was on sale.

When RCMADIAX has a game with potential (Blok Drop U, Panda Love, Pixel Slime U) he makes them super short. No sorry, even the bad games are super short, so who am I kidding? RCMADIAX often takes basic concepts that promise simple fun, but he never fleshes them out to be something that is more than 10-60 minutes of content. Games with less than 60 minutes of gameplay should have redeeming qualities like fabulous graphics, or outstanding presentation, or wonderful gameplay, or an addicting soundtrack to rise up in my ranks, in short: some measurable amount of effort. If he can't do any of that there is another way to rise the value of his games: it's to add levels, tons of levels, massive content.

You see, there are a few 2 hour games that felt too short for me personally - but they had effort put into them, and charm. It's no problem that they were short, because they were fun and memorable. I talk about games like Tengami by nyamyam, The Quiet Collection by Nostatic Software, and B3: Game Expo For Bees by Gamous Famous. These are short games that did it right. They managed to at least provide 2+ hours of content, and they had originality, and good audiovisuals. These are examples of how to make a short game, and still receive a 7/10 in my book.

@GeekyGamerZack Thank you Smile
on September 20th 2016, 11:39 amDigiDestined
I feel sorry for @SKTTR having to review the boring games! =)

on September 20th 2016, 2:32 pmSKTTR
Haha don't feel sorry. I love you I am the culprit that was requesting (and getting) the review code for this one. In my defense, I requested review codes for Axiom Verge and Jotun as well, two very good Wii U eShop games, (unfortunately didn't receive any). I got one for Futuridium though, a very solid title, review's in the works.
on September 20th 2016, 3:29 pmTowafan7
@SKTTR You might be getting a review code for Severed in the next few days! Wink
on September 21st 2016, 3:55 amSKTTR
@Ichigofan That's awesome! I loved Guacamelee, can't wait to find out how DrinkBox Studios new game is. From what I've seen it seems very original and dark and colorful at the same time.
on September 21st 2016, 10:42 amTowafan7
@SKTTR Is it just me or are our moderation tools not loading?

On-Topic: @DigiDestined He was the one whom requested the review codes. Wink
Rena Ryuugu Fanboy
on September 21st 2016, 10:57 amRena Ryuugu Fanboy
@SKTTR His games are getting worse. Sad
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