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Build Your Own Oasis City!


Nintendo announced a new IP during their Nintendo Treehouse broadcast this morning! The first title in this new series is called Ever Oasis and it's a cutesy 3DS JRPG that has town building elements, crafting, and gorgeously chibi visuals! At first glance Ever Oasis looks like a family friendly Dark Cloud title which is definitely a good thing in our opinions! For those who don't know Dark Cloud was a JRPG created by Level-5 that was one of the best and most unique JRPG's released on the PS2 and was one of the best PS2 launch titles in our opinions.

In any event the game appears to be coming along quite nicely in its development! Be sure to check-out the trailer of the game above and feel free to leave us your thoughts in our comment section below!


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E3 - E3: Nintendo Announced Ever Oasis For The 3DS During Today's Nintendo Treehouse Broadcast! Rukiafan7

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I don't like the chibi character designs, but the game looks good otherwise.
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