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Convenient New Features!


WiiWareWaveUpdate - WiiWareWave Update: Version 9.2.1 of Our Website Is Now Live! Header10

Today we're rolling out, yet another major website update! This update adds features that are not only convenient, but should save you a bunch of your spare time as well while browsing our website! The new features affect the desktop version of our website!


Here's the list of new features:

★ A new quick login feature has been added to our toolbar so when you aren't logged in you can quickly sign-in without the page refreshing!

★ There's a new tab on the right-hand side of every page, click that and our chatbox will instantly slide out for quick viewing of the feature!

★ A new popup tab appears when you click on specific notifications that allows you to view the notification in it's entirety without changing pages! This should save you a ton of time sifting through your notifications!

★ Our advanced preview feature has been changed to match our notifications popup tab to add a more uniform look to our website!


What do you think of these awesome new features? As always be sure to let us know in our comment section below!


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WiiWareWaveUpdate - WiiWareWave Update: Version 9.2.1 of Our Website Is Now Live! Rukiafan7

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