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Foreign Heroes In A Strange Land!


Top5 - Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Protagonists of The Xeno Series! Top5%20%20banner_zpsbeib2t3d

The Xeno series has been quite popular over the years with 6 unique entries in the JRPG series and the last two being Nintendo exclusive titles. To celebrate the success of Xenoblade Chronicles X's western release, we'll be publishing two Top 5 lists for the series. One for the most memorable protagonists and another for most memorable antagonists! We hope that you enjoy these exclusive features!


Top5 - Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Protagonists of The Xeno Series! Feiwel10

#5: Fei Fong Wong

Fei Fong Wong is the main protagonist in Xenogears. Fei is a very strong-willed character who often suffers from amnesia in the game and has a tendency to completely lose control of himself when his emotions are heightened due to traumatic events or anger. He is a strong fighter who uses "chi" to deal great damage to his enemies.

He has a tragic past that he's unaware of at first and also has a very volatile personality accompanied by apparent split-personality syndrome. Despite all of his issues he still tries his best to help as many people as he can and has a great level of personal growth during the game's story which is why we think that Fei Fong Wong is a deserving character that belongs on our list of most memorable Xeno series protagonists!


Top5 - Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Protagonists of The Xeno Series! 40061110


KOS-MOS from Xenosaga is an android developed by the interstellar corporation, Vector Industries. She is designed to act based upon the probability of success and the relevance of a situation to the survival of the human race, however, any threats that endanger Shion Uzuki, one of her creator's, cause KOS-MOS to temporarily ignore these protocols. She seems very sentient and intelligent, however lacks basic emotional traits.

KOS-MOS is mankind's last line of defense against the interstellar threat endangering their existence. She is extremely powerful and capable of transforming her hands and hair into spectacularly overpowered weapons. She also has a forcefield that protects her from most threats. Her kick-butt nature and incredible fight scenes make her a perfect candidate for our list, however her lack of emotions and growth during the Xenosaga titles prevent her from reaching the top three choices for most memorable protagonists in the Xeno series.


Top5 - Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Protagonists of The Xeno Series! 0728_x10

#3: MOMO

MOMO is an artificially created human in Xenosaga known as a Realian. She tends to be very shy and has a crazed fanbase that wishes to either cause her harm or kidnap her during the course of the series. She also shares the traits of a magical girl, wielding magic, and transforming. She appears to be around 12 years old and has a personality to match her looks. Her relationship with her mother and the story behind her creation as well as her personal growth during the series are some of the many reasons why we've chosen her for this top 5 feature!


Top5 - Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Protagonists of The Xeno Series! Xenobl11

#2: Fiora

Fiora is number two on our list because of the unique and well-thought-out storyline regarding her in Xenoblade Chronicles. Those of you who haven't played the game yet and don't want the story of Xenoblade Chronicles to be spoiled, stop reading now!

Fiora is an unusual case as she "dies" very early on in Xenoblade Chronicles, but plays a huge role in the game especially mid-late in the story! She eventually is resurrected as a half-human, half-mechon and rejoins the party. There's definitely feelings between her and Shulk which grow as the game progresses.

Her personality at times can be a little strange, but she's a genuinely good person who really grows alot during the game. She's very level-headed and usually keeps calm during dangerous situations which makes her an asset in the story-driven battles.


Top5 - Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Protagonists of The Xeno Series! Strike10

#1: Shulk

It should come as no surprise that the Monado-wielding protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles is our choice for the most memorable Xeno series protagonist as he's easily the most widely known character in the series thanks to his appearance as a playable Smash character in Super Smash Bros. 4!

Shulk is a kick-butt character who comes into possession of the Monado, the only blade in the world capable of destroying the mechon menace bent on destroying the Homs race "essentially Bionis' version of humans" He is a very intelligent and reliable person who rarely gets angry, but when he does he fights with reckless abandon.

He grows alot during the course of the story and eventually makes a world-changing decision that affects the entire universe. The scope of Shulk's importance to the fate of the Bionis and his inclusion in Smash 4 are two big factors as to why we chose him as #1 in our list!


There you have it! This is our list of most memorable protagonists from the Xeno series of games! From the emotionally unstable Fei Fong Wong from Xenogears, to the seriously Kick-butt android KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, and the emotional roller coaster of Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles, these are some seriously cool and in some cases messed up individuals who ultimately make the right choice to help their respective world's and save the day!

Did you enjoy our exclusive feature? What did you think with our choices? As always be sure to let us know in our comments section below!


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Top5 - Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Protagonists of The Xeno Series! Rukiafan7

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Great list! The winner was obvious. Razz
I actually think that Emeralda from Xenogears should have been on the list rather than Fei Fong Wong. The rest of the characters in the list I agree with. Smile
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Shulk FTW! Very Happy
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