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Promotional Splash of Color!


WiiWareWave News: New Theme And Contest Promotion Header10

We have teamed up with noowanda to giveaway five North American download tickets for Discovery for the Wii U eShop! In return our site will be decked out with a Discovery theme until the end of January. Our boss @Ichigofan has layed-out the rules for this giveaway.

You must be a member to enter.

You must be at least 13 years of age.

Void where prohibited.

The rules are easy-peasy, just tell us why you want the game in the comment section below to be entered and on Friday 12:00 PM PST five random entrants will win a ticket! It's that easy!

So remember, let us know why you want Discovery and you could be one of our lucky winners!

#Giveaway #Contest #Discovery #WiiU #eShop

 photo -2aR7jeVlapQ8T2teqnjwjJaYQo_zpscf21dd89.gif

Fighting evil by moonlight.
Winning love by daylight.
Never running from a real fight.
she is the one named sailor moon!

From the Sailor Moon opening song.
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on January 6th 2016, 5:58 pmClαππαd
I would love to win Discovery because artistic games are oh so enjoyable. Smile
on January 6th 2016, 5:59 pmClαππαd
@Amufungal WiiWareWave has a metatag system? Surprised
on January 8th 2016, 6:31 pmTowafan7
It looks like nobody entered on our website! Prinny
However one social media entrant did enter...Neutral
on January 8th 2016, 6:47 pmTowafan7
Where is everyone? Our staff has returned, but our members are still MIA. Sad
on January 9th 2016, 11:31 amStaroceancrazy
Shucks I missed the deadline. Sad
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