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An Exciting Adventure Into The Unknown!

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U Retail) Wiiu_s29

Monolithsoft created a timeless masterpiece when they developed the original Xenoblade Chronicles title for the Wii and it should come as no surprise that Xenoblade Chronicles X is just as epic as the original, however being epic doesn't mean that it's as good as the original. Thankfully, however Xenoblade Chronicles X comes very close!

You'll first have to set in-game options and create your own avatar before you get started. You'll quickly be thrusted into combat after a few cut-scenes. The basic combat is very similar to that of the original Xenoblade Chronicles, which is a very good thing! For those who don't know, Xenoblade Chronicles X uses a style of combat similar to those in popular MMO's such as Aura Kingdom, etc. Each art has a cooldown period in which it can't be used and a secondary cooldown period which allows you to boost the power of the art by waiting longer to use it again!

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U Retail) Wiiu_s30

The game also possesses an item creation system, though it's admittedly somewhat limited, but you can create some excellent weapons, armor, and Skells through the item creation system. The augmentation system from the original Xenoblade Chronicles is back which allows you to further customize your equipment and Skells by adding special effects and stat bonuses to them!

The game is absolutely colossal and will easily take 80-100 hours just to beat the main story and with thousands of map secrets and roughly a thousand missions the game will likely take completionists upwards of 300-500 hours to complete. And that's not even counting the online missions and Global Nemesis' which awards players unique items and allows them to play together with friends and random players from around the world!

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U Retail) Wiiu_s12

To put into perspective the scale of the game's world, after 130 hours we only managed to explore 31% of the game's massive world! There are some nods to the previous entry in the series such as Nopons, Telethia, and other returning races and monsters, but most of those found in the game are new to the series!

The controls in the game are really complex, however once you learn them they're easy to remember and more importantly very intuitive! The Gamepad is used as an exploration map and that feature will be used alot in the game! The game also supports Off-TV-Play, however the exploration map isn't available while using this feature, which can be somewhat annoying.

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U Retail) Wiiu_s13 

The Skells will play a very important role later in the game and are an absolute blast to use. You can fully customize your Skell with various weapons, armor, and can even give your Skell a custom paint job!

The game also utilizes a Job Class system which allows you to alter your character's arts, and skills, as well as changing what kind of weapons he/she can equip! Each job is completely unique and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U Retail) Wiiu_s24

Skills boost certain stats or boost the power or effectiveness of certain arts under various circumstances and can be extremely useful! Soul Voices are another power your characters possess and it can temporarily boost stats, heal party members, and even inflict status ailments on enemies under certain circumstances! Effective use of Soul Voices is pivotal to winning tough battles!

Lastly you'll obtain a power known as overdrive after a certain point in the game! This power boosts the speed in which arts cooldown and also allows a third cooldown level that further boosts the power or effects of an art! Overdrive uses up a massive amount of TP so use it only when necessary!

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U Retail) Wiiu_s14

Visually the game looks absolutely incredible, the monsters, and characters, as well as the world itself are so detailed that you'll think that you're playing a PS4 game! The scale is also absolutely mind-blowing as the world is actually larger than New Zealand and the Aussie island of Tazmania combined! Some initial reports claim that the world is over 500 square miles in size!

The audio, however is a mixed bag with absolutely incredible voice acting from some of the most talented individuals in the industry, while the music was something of a letdown. Don't get us wrong the music is definitely solid, but compared to the original Xenoblade Chronicles, which perhaps had the best sound-track in video game history, the music in X just doesn't compare.

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U Retail) Wiiu_s27


With flawless gameplay, excellent controls, great use of the Gamepad, a nearly unlimited amount of content, and the best visuals that we've ever seen in a Wii U title, Xenoblade Chronicles X is an absolutely amazing game that we highly recommend to everyone. The sound-track on the other hand was a bit disappointing and if you purchase the physical retail version of the game you'll absolutely want to download the data packs from the eShop to avoid agonizingly slow loading times. Still we think that Xenoblade Chronicles X is extremely close to perfection which is why we gave the game a near-perfect score!

Price: $59.99

Score: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9.9/10

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Bleach Thousand Year Blood War is upon us! W00t!
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November 30th 2015, 2:31 pmsamurairu
I didn't read much of the review, because I have had this on Pre-Order since June 2012 and don't want to see anything until I'm playing it, but thanks for adding to my hype as it's obvious from your rating and your site that you're very excited about this game.

It's too bad there's no option for Japanese audio, but I am glad they changed the previous english actors as I did not like them at all.

Keep up the hard work!
November 30th 2015, 7:17 pmAkatsuki
Nice review @Ichigofan. I agree that the music could have been better. Smile
November 30th 2015, 9:36 pmToughGamer
Great review.
November 30th 2015, 9:55 pmStaroceancrazy
So close, this game came so close to receiving a perfect score, but it's still gonna be game of the month if you guys still do that! Very Happy
Awesome review Ichigofan Exclamation
November 30th 2015, 11:32 pmOrionJZed
Apparently, one of the voice actresses in the original XBC is Jenna Coleman, who plays companion Clara Oswald in recent episodes of Doctor Who. Smile

Excellent review @Ichigofan, though truth be told, I only read the analysis at the end. As River Song always says, "Hello, sweetie!"

...uh...I mean the OTHER thing she always says, "Spoilers!" Neutral #WiiWareWhovian
December 1st 2015, 9:05 ambro2dragons
Excellent review. I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on it. Just trying to decide now if I should get the retail or download version... hmmmm.....
December 1st 2015, 9:59 amKokorOtaku
already have it ready to play on Friday in my WiiU... cant wait, a great segway into 2016 "Year of RPGs"
December 1st 2015, 8:16 pmKeAfan7
Thanks for all of the comments you guys! Wink
LordTretton 2.0
December 1st 2015, 8:26 pmLordTretton 2.0
I'll wait until this comes to PS4 because it will soon! Very Happy
December 1st 2015, 8:30 pmAussiegamer
You'll be waiting a very longtime mate. :-P
LordTretton 2.0
December 1st 2015, 8:34 pmLordTretton 2.0
@Aussiegamer by this time next year you'll see Im right! Very Happy
December 1st 2015, 8:37 pmGrumblevolcano
What is this idiot on about? No matter I just reported him.
Superb review btw @Ichigofan.
December 1st 2015, 8:50 pmKeAfan7
@Grumblevolcano Thank you for reporting the issue. We took appropriate action against the user. Wink
December 2nd 2015, 2:28 pmDigiDestined
Nice review @Ichigofan. =)
December 2nd 2015, 4:40 pmMarioman18
Great review man!
December 3rd 2015, 11:36 amMechaFreiza
Booya! Excellent review dude! Super Saiyen
December 8th 2015, 11:00 pmRagnarok
This game is great! I just wish that the music was at least half as good as it was in Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. The story is also kind of weak. The world is gorgeous and it's easy to see why the game is critically acclaimed, but I was somewhat disappointed with the game. I think an 8/10 is what I would have given the game if I were reviewing it.
December 17th 2015, 3:08 pmGekkouga-Senpai
Awesome review! Very Happy
This is my favorite Wii U game! Very Happy
January 13th 2016, 3:19 pmWilliamFrankLepleyIII
As breathtaking as the music was in Xenoblade Chronicles, I can't believe Monolithsoft didn't deliver on the music in X.
January 15th 2016, 12:45 pmBit-Trip
WilliamFrankLepleyIII wrote:As breathtaking as the music was in Xenoblade Chronicles, I can't believe Monolithsoft didn't deliver on the music in X.
@Ichigofan is right. The music is the worst aspect of X. It is still a fantastic game, but it's still a little disappointing after the beautiful music that Xenoblade Chronicles had.
January 22nd 2016, 2:14 pmNeptune
I love this game! Nice review too. Smile
January 22nd 2016, 2:41 pmKeAfan7
Thank you for all of your comments! We really appreciate it! Wink
January 22nd 2016, 2:52 pmSheldonTheGenius
This game is pure genius! Excellent review @Ichigofan.
January 22nd 2016, 3:04 pmTalesfanatic
This is my favorite Wii U game hands-down! I actually like the music in Xenoblade Chronicles X, but I guess it's not as good as the Xenoblade Chronicles soundtrack.
January 22nd 2016, 3:27 pmSuperVash
Great review! This game is unbelievable in scale. I never imagined that a game of this scope would ever release in my lifetime, but it has and I'm loving every second of it! Cool
January 22nd 2016, 3:37 pmAmufungal
What a wonderful review @Ichigofan. Smile
January 23rd 2016, 1:24 amMetroidBlaster
X doesn't hold a candle to the original Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii story-wise and its soundtrack is very weak, but the gameplay and visuals are mind-blowing! Surprised
January 23rd 2016, 1:39 amOgreTheShrek
Superbly written review @Ichigofan!
January 23rd 2016, 1:57 amWarfmasterST
@MetroidBlaster I agree with you entirely.
Nice review!

I love this game! 10/10 from me because I also love the soundtrack and is my most played Wii U game! Smile
January 29th 2016, 1:53 pmMegatron2000
GeekyGamerZack wrote:Apparently, one of the voice actresses in the original XBC is Jenna Coleman, who plays companion Clara Oswald in recent episodes of Doctor Who. Smile

Excellent review @Ichigofan, though truth be told, I only read the analysis at the end. As River Song always says, "Hello, sweetie!"

...uh...I mean the OTHER thing she always says, "Spoilers!" Neutral #WiiWareWhovian
@GeekyGamerZack She also voices some characters in XBCX. Megatron Happy

Excellent review @Ichigofan, you really wrote a fantastic article this time around! Megatron Excited/Sho
January 29th 2016, 2:05 pmOrionJZed
@Megatron2000, Leader of the Deceptipredavehicons: Awesome! Glad to see she's still doing things in the geek industry. Happy
January 29th 2016, 4:55 pmKeAfan7
Wow, the number of comments in this review is truly astounding! Thank you all for reading my review and commenting on it! Wink
February 7th 2016, 12:48 pmGolden_Toad
Excellent review! I agree that Xenoblade X isn't on par with Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii, speaking of which when is Xenoblade Chronicles going to release on the North American virtual console? Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U Retail) 1625187496
Aqua Cherry Blossom
February 7th 2016, 12:51 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Nice review lol. Smile
February 8th 2016, 11:56 amTrinity33
Great review. I agree with the review completely.
February 8th 2016, 6:06 pmKokorOtaku
hopefully I can play more of this. I'm really hoping we get some Mii costumes as accomplishments when My Nintendo launches in over a month, image a Skell costume for your Mii when on Streetpass/Miiverse Surprised
February 8th 2016, 6:36 pmKeAfan7
@Minato That would be awesome! Surprised
February 8th 2016, 9:43 pmKokorOtaku
When My Nintendo was announced it showed a picture of you playing a game then an arrow to recieve costumes and they showed 3 from Tomodachi Life, my hope is it'll go to your NNID Mii and not just the Miitomo miis, and that it'll be used with all first party games from past to future. OHHHHH THE POSSIBILITIES!
February 8th 2016, 11:16 pmKeAfan7
@Minato I'd really like a Shulk outfit! I'd really feel it. Razz
February 8th 2016, 11:25 pmZatchbell
What a review! Nice job as always rukia!
February 9th 2016, 12:01 amLove4Gaming
Xenoblade Chronicles X has so much content that one could lose herself in it. Smile
Nice review @Ichigofan!
February 9th 2016, 12:09 amPhoenixSage
Nice review! Very Happy
February 9th 2016, 12:40 pmZezHylia
This game is awesome and so is your review! Very Happy
February 9th 2016, 4:52 pmInuyasha4z2
I agree with everything you wrote @Ichigofan!
Nice review! Smile
February 10th 2016, 2:06 amUmbrellaGirlLuna
Magnificent review, a true masterpiece @Ichigofan!
February 10th 2016, 2:13 amARF_Paula
Good review!
February 19th 2016, 8:59 pmKeAfan7
DigiDestined wrote:Nice review @Ichigofan. =)
Thanks! Wink

Edit: Thank you guys for all of your comments! Surprised
March 3rd 2016, 1:33 amRomance_Lover
What an amazing review! Smile
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