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SuperSmashWave Mission Logs Empty SuperSmashWave Mission Logs

on August 21st 2015, 10:41 pm
I'm thinking of posting a new series in the News section called SuperSmashWave. The idea is that an elite team of super-powered Mii characters is assembled to investigate the world of Super Smash Bros., and possibly pinpoint a very real threat to everyone in it. The main Mii characters are based on three members of WiiWareWave, with more added on a regular basis.

I would write the adventures in two different ways: my gameplay in the Wii U version would include screenshots of the action, while my exploits in the 3DS title would be written-down; most of the adventures would take place in the Wii U version. What does everyone think of the concept? victory

WiiWareWave's newest member. So hyped for the new Nintendo Revolution! victory

I: "Well... yeah. Water/Ground-types only have a quad weakness to Grass, AND Swampert learns most staple HM moves. Why d'you ask?"
They: "Uh... well... YUR JUST A KID!"
I: "Uh... I AM still in high school, so..."
They: "Uh... MUDKIPZ SUKZ!"
I: (rolls eyes and walks away)
They: "NO, YOUR MOM IZ!"

"What?! That was a RUBBISH story! Now, the arcade Donkey Kong? THAT had the perfect story! A kidnapped maiden... a dashing hero... and a maniac carpenter who "rescued" her and locked me in a cage! The audacity of it all!" Mad
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