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Styling our turf

WiiWareWave Update: Splatoon Theme ?ddownload=3254

As you have almost certainly noticed WiiWareWave has a new theme as of today to celebrate the release of Splatoon for the Wii U. The colorful style and simple yet effective background compliment this theme! We have also added several Splatoon themed emoticons for use in our forums and blog!

Do you like what you see? Please feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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 photo -2aR7jeVlapQ8T2teqnjwjJaYQo_zpscf21dd89.gif

Fighting evil by moonlight.
Winning love by daylight.
Never running from a real fight.
she is the one named sailor moon!

From the Sailor Moon opening song.
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on May 22nd 2015, 2:03 pmTowafan7
Nice work @Amufungal! There are a few area's that could use some tweaks in-terms of the color, but overall it's amazing! Wink
on May 22nd 2015, 2:07 pmBlueRangerJack
Uh...I think some Inklings just inked all over the forums...?! Surprised
on May 22nd 2015, 8:50 pmTikiFireEmblem
I love the colors of the text editor. The purple, blue, yellow, and orange colors are so vibrant!
on May 22nd 2015, 9:22 pmClαππαd
Well done @Amufungal the theme looks lovely!
@GamerZack87 Nice emoticons. Happy
on May 22nd 2015, 11:24 pmBlueRangerJack
Thank you, @Clαππαd! Happy
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