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BREAKING NEWS: Nintendo Announces the N-Pii Mobile Device to a Shocked Auditorium Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQwEGsBKyh--mA_F_YzABT5frP9eanqkoSI6jHaea6foi1w03-Sds66unMv

Just moments ago, Nintendo revealed the next step in their NX project at a private press conference in Damasunoharu Auditorium, with over 100 analysts and media representatives in attendance. The device they revealed was the N-Pii Cellular Device, which is said to be "a fusion of a video games system and a cellular phone in one device".

Reports have come in that the phone has the same buttons as found on a typical controller, including a directional pad, A, B, X, Y, Start, Select, L and R buttons; an attachment even allows the device to be equipped with two Circle Pads for analogue control options. Nintendo has stated that they hope to create a wealth of unique entertainment opportunities for the device, including a line-up of remakes of classic Game Boy titles, such as the upcoming 2.5D-enhanced Super Mario Land N, an enhanced remake of the fan-favourite adventure with a whopping 72 additional levels. Nintendo assures that the device will not be replacing the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, but will rather act as its own entity.

Of course, the N-Pii is also useable as a mobile phone. The device straps onto the wrist of the user in much the same manner as the famous Pokégear accessory featured in Pokémon Gold and Silver. Nintendo has stated that they will be introducing a new in-house premium mobile service, which will be free for those who are signed up to the new membership programme, which is due to replace Club Nintendo in autumn of this year. The connection, rather than using a newer signal, will instead use the current 4G standard, in order to reduce the price of the N-Pii to consumers.

Speaking of pricing, Nintendo has announced that the N-Pii will cost ¥25,000, approximately $210 USD; this has been stated as being "much cheaper than [the attendees] were expecting", but that it was "typical of Nintendo to offer lower prices for the benefit of [the consumers]". The device will be available in a range of colours at launch, with stock images of green, pink, cyan, yellow, purple, orange, red, blue, black and white units being shown. One attendee stated, "They're all so nice! I wish I could get every colour!"

It seems as though initial reaction has been positive, but what's your opinion? Will you be picking up an N-Pii at launch, or would you rather wait and see how popular it becomes? Sound off in the comments below.


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On Wednesday 1st February 2013, a little series named Crystals of Silveria made its “official” début right here on WiiWareWave.

Now, ten years on, the adventures of Zed Starmute and the Crystalbound are on the verge of their TENTH ANNIVERSARY!

The series may have been quietly shelved since then (creative burnout FTL), but the original 17-episode season is complete and remastered, and available to read in its entirety here.

There’s even a one-shot OVA-styled special that continues the story, as well as serving to “tide over” fans during the interim into later, mostly-on-hiatus storylines.

Either way, it’s PARTY FESTIVAL TIME! WOO! victory
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Oh god, just make it stop...

edit - Thank heavens that this is just an April Fools gag article.
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