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Official Faqs And Guides Discussion Empty Official Faqs And Guides Discussion

on February 19th 2015, 12:17 pm
This is a forum topic for you all to critique, and comment on our official Faqs and Guides as well as a place to make suggestions for new guides and faqs! In this first thread we'll show our current faqs and guides and their completion percentage!

*Note* Our Xenoblade and Fishing Resort faqs were created with an incompatible word software program and therefore have been officially abandoned, but we'll try to create new guides using our forum software!

With our new updated forum software "thanks to our web host" it should be fairly easy to write guides especially for 3DS and Wii U titles as switching between a game and the internet browser doesn't reset the text editor as long as you return within 15 minutes! We hope that this new feature also proves useful to you, our loyal members!

New Faqs:

Alphadia Genesis Basic Faq/Guide: (Wii U eshop) : 0.05%

Incompatible Faqs That Are Still Available, But Will No Longer Be Updated:

Fishing Resort Guide: (Wii) : 0.2% : Abandoned

Xenoblade Chronicles Quests Faq: (Wii) : 0.5% : Abandoned

Official Faqs And Guides Discussion Rukiafan7

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