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Halloween Mischief!

Review: Costume Quest 2 (Wii U eshop) Wiiu_s18

Published by Midnight City and developed by Double-Fine Productions Costume Quest 2 is a casual RPG with a ton of charm, but do we recommend downloading this title? Continue reading to find out!

You must save Halloween from a deranged dentist in this charming casual RPG! The game's story is quite predictable, but is surprisingly solid with a touch of humor thrown in! The gameplay feels more like an adventure title "outside of battle" you start off with two costumes, but after collecting enough items you can make additional ones! The turn based battles are terrific, however the game's frame-rate tends to struggle during battles which is somewhat disappointing.

The game's mechanics are simplified and casual in nature, but there's still enough complexity for hardcore gamers to enjoy the game as well!

Review: Costume Quest 2 (Wii U eshop) Wiiu_s19

The game is also quite lengthy and will take players more than 15 hours to complete!

The controls are smooth and easy to learn, however the lack of controller options an Off-TV play is very disappointing.

Costume Quest 2 has excellent graphics that are vibrant and detailed! The special effects are of decent quality, and the game's world looks breathtaking! The game's soundtrack fits the game well while the sound effects are occasionally off-key, but overall the game is great in-terms of its audio-visual presentation!

Review: Costume Quest 2 (Wii U eshop) Wiiu_s20


With a solid story, excellent gameplay, and a great audio-visual presentation Costume Quest 2 is a solid RPG experience for the Wii U, however frame-rate issues and the lack of Off-TV Play really hamper the experience. Regardless we still give Costume Quest 2 for the Wii U a solid recommendation!

Price: £9.99/$14.99


★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7/10

Review: Costume Quest 2 (Wii U eshop) Rukiafan7

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Aqua Cherry Blossom
on January 20th 2015, 11:31 amAqua Cherry Blossom
This game would be gold if it weren't for its performance issues.
Nice review @Rukiafan lol. Smile
on February 6th 2015, 12:16 pmTowafan7
@Aqua Cherry Blossom I agree, and thanks! I'm surprised by the lack of interest that this review has received. Surprised
on February 6th 2015, 5:22 pmSKTTR
I liked this game, and completed it Smile

It was fun and atmospheric, and a fresh adventure/RPG mix.

Unfortunately it was just a quick and functional port, so a 7/10 seems right.
If it had run smoother (fluid framerate) and without the few glitches it currently has, turning into an overall very polished experience then it would be an 8/10.
If we go even further, with Wii U features like Off-TV Play and exclusive bonuses, or Costume Quest 1 as an unlockable then we'd be talking about a really awesome 9/10 adventure.

Double Fine could have learned from The Cave feedback. A better framerate and off-tv support were the only things people wanted. Seems they weren't listening. Or hadn't enough time, again.
I think I read in the credits that the Wii U port was developed by a different company. Probably different from The Cave team as well? So maybe that's part of the reason. Time to find out.

Anyway, I think The Cave is brilliant even in its slightly unpolished off-tv-lacking state and I don't want the 15 bucks back that I spent on Costume Quest 2. More support to Double Fine and their great adventure games and hopefully a better Wii U port next time! Smile
on February 7th 2015, 4:00 pmXenobladeYuki
A 7 seems fair enough. Oh and nice review!
on March 12th 2015, 1:01 pmToughGamer
Good review.
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