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Cube of Duty!

Preview: A First Look At Cubemen 2 For The Wii U eshop! Wiiu_134

Cubemen 2 is to tower defense games what Call of Duty is for the FPS genre! The game just oozes with quality and during just our first 25 minutes of the game we enjoyed a few single player games and an online match and were mostly pleased with our experience! The game possesses several different modes such as skirmish and defense. as well as a ton of custom made maps.

It was very difficult to find a custom match however which was somewhat disappointing, but with the official Wii U release of the game tomorrow this issue will likely improve greatly for the foreseeable future!

Preview: A First Look At Cubemen 2 For The Wii U eshop! Wiiu_135

The map maker is also very intuitive and features a ton of options, while remaining easy to use! We urge tower defense fans to support Cubemen 2 when it releases tomorrow, because it's an extremely well crafted game!

That's all for our preview of the game. Our review of Cubemen 2 goes live tomorrow so be sure to check it out and leave us a comment when it does!

Preview: A First Look At Cubemen 2 For The Wii U eshop! Rukiafan7

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on September 3rd 2014, 2:33 pmMetroidBlaster
Great preview! I'm looking forward to the review of this game!
I'm not a fan of tower defense, but I bought this game because it looks like its a very polished game and I want to see Nnooo continue to support the Wii U Smile
on September 17th 2014, 12:05 pmRoboYoshi
Sounds cool!
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