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Is this game a true masterpiece? Let's find out!

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In The Last Story you take on the role of a band of mercenaries who aspire to be knights and uncover the secrets of Lazulis Island which are quite predictable to be honest, but that doesn't detract from the emotional character driven story one bit. The story does throw a few plot twists in during the second half of the game and has a rather unique ending, in which you actually have control of your party during the several chapter ending!

Review: The Last Story (Wii Retail) Tlsgam10


The Last Story boasts a real-time combat system where you control Zael and use his comanding abilities to give your party orders and direct their attacks against the monsters! Zael can also order magic users such as Yurick to destroy bridges and other hazards to take out enemies or progress further in a dungeon. This game also has many sidequests to obtain new dyes and effects as well as an online arena to fight monsters alongside your Wii Friends or fight against you friends in death match!

Know your surroundings, sometimes a fight can't be won by normal means, so you must check your surroundings and use your head to win such battles! Overall this game has some of the best action RPG gameplay you'll find on the Wii!

Review: The Last Story (Wii Retail) Tlssto10


The graphics in The Last Story are impressive as the character models are detailed and the city is massive with alot of people walking around, the game has some nice cut-scenes, but I couldn't help noticing the framerate drops and slowdown that occurs frequently throughout the game, luckily this rarely occurs during battle so it's more of a nuisance then anything else.

The draw distance is also limited, but by using clever blurring effects Mistwalker made the game have less jaggies and other graphical glitches than Xenoblade Chronicles experiences!

Review: The Last Story (Wii Retail) Tlssou10


This game has a decent British voice acting cast like Xenoblade Chronicles, and most do a good job expressing the personalities of the characters they voice. There are a few out of place or weak voices, but overall Mistwalker did a fine job with casting in this game!

The sound effects are also of high quality, however you won't notice them much outside of cut-scenes or in town as the beautiful battle music will usually drown out the background noises. The music in towns and certain dungeons outside of battle, however were a little weak, but were not bad by any means.

Review: The Last Story (Wii Retail) Tlssto11


With an amazing character driven story, fun real-time battles, gorgeous visuals, and good soundtrack this game is a great edition to any Wii game collection, however some visual glitches and somewhat weak music tracks do impact this game's score, but make no mistake this game is still amazing!

I give The Last Story a 9/10!


★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10

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Review: The Last Story (Wii Retail) Rukiafan7

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May 4th 2013, 12:53 pmStaroceancrazy
Wow this is one of your best reviews Rukiafan Exclamation
I'm glad to see a new review after such a long time Very Happy
Aqua Cherry Blossom
May 4th 2013, 1:06 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Staroceancrazy wrote:Wow this is one of your best reviews Rukiafan Exclamation
I'm glad to see a new review after such a long time Very Happy

I agree. It's a fair review too. Smile
May 4th 2013, 1:14 pmvisicalc
Surprisingly I'd never heard of this game before but after reading the review I'd really like to get it. :-) But I'd also have to get a new Wii first. :-(
May 4th 2013, 1:21 pmSuperVash
That's a pretty sweet review dude! @visicalc I'm glad that I didn't sell mine since all of the Operation Rainfall games wound up being released after all. victory
May 4th 2013, 1:43 pmvisicalc
Believe me when I say 'I wish I hadn't had to sell it' :-)

But I had that many household bills to pay - sadly I had to sell my Wii and a lot of other things too. It's really annoying when I see some of the games that I missed out on playing at the time of their release. :-(
May 4th 2013, 3:22 pmAmufungal
Nice review Rukiafan Smile
May 4th 2013, 3:30 pmTowafan7
Thank you for the comments everyone. Wink
May 4th 2013, 3:32 pmNINTENBRO
I'm hoping to purchase a copy sooner or later, because I do want to complete my Project Rainfall collection.
May 4th 2013, 3:56 pmTails86
Very Nice Job sir. One of the top best RPGS for a reason. I thankfully was able to get all 3 of them. But if you haven't tried any of them for sure try this one. as well as Pandora's Tower.
RWBY Yellow = Yang
May 8th 2013, 1:26 pmRWBY Yellow = Yang
I love this game so I'm glad that this game scored so well Very Happy
May 10th 2013, 2:14 pmTalesfanatic
Does this game have an epic story like Xenoblade Chronicles has?
May 11th 2013, 2:44 pmTrinity33
I found this review very entertaining and informative a job well done sir. king
February 27th 2014, 11:54 amGuest
This is such a beautiful game! I love you
August 11th 2014, 2:52 pmClαππαd
Nice review boss. Smile
Warlock in love
October 6th 2014, 11:43 amWarlock in love
Awesome review!
Where can I find this game in the Netherlands?
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