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The Update May Arrive Sooner Than Expected!

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The Wii U Virtual Console has been scheduled to launch a day after the upcoming system update, which is set to arrive at some point this week.
Nintendo didn't give a specific date for the update, however it appears that it could become available on Monday as the official website has already started listing release dates for upcoming Virtual Console games.

Excitebike, which is also available on the 3DS eShop, has been given a release date of Tuesday April 23rd suggesting that the update could happen on Monday April 22nd! The system update is promised to dramatically improve the loading times of the Wii U, which is something many have been wanting to be fixed since the console's launch.

There are already a few Wii U Virtual Console titles available thanks to the trial campaign celebrating the Famicon's 30th anniversary, which allows you to pick up a classic title for just 30 cents/pence.

Kirby's Adventure is the fourth that was made available through this campaign and you can already download it right now.

What are your thoughts about the update and do you hope that it will be available tomorrow? Let us know in our comments!

Rumormill: Wii U System Update Could Arrive Tomorrow! Rukiafan7
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on April 21st 2013, 12:44 pmMarioman18
This will fix the only issues I have with the Wii U victory
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