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Personal Gaming: Fire Emblem Awakening in Lunatic  Personalgamingcopy_zpsc4dcf841

For those who can't find my latest review on Fire Emblem Awakening, click here

Personal Gaming: Fire Emblem Awakening in Lunatic  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR_2gxCqzmzk-P5ruWY97Wn2WhdAeio7hA_bthwbSGdYlb29uFf&reload=on

My experience so far (I just finish Chapter 7) playing Fire Emblem Awakening in Lunatic difficulty on Causal Mode is demystify in terms of what I was expecting from this new playthrough. I was expecting frustrations and exhausting restarts, which is true during the first four chapters (Prologue – Chapter 3). Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and now my enthusiasm for this game escaladed a lot more than when previously playing it on Normal difficulty, Classic Mode.

For starters, once I realize that my previous tactics will no longer work on a higher difficulty, I experimented and discovered new tactics that I hadn’t even attempted to try during my first playthrough of Awakening. I find Transfer, one of the options every leading Pair Up character can use, adds an increase delight on unaware strategies to perform on the battlefield. An example of using Transfer; the leading pair, the powerful Frederick, defeated all the mages in the battlefield from a previous turn and does no longer need to chain to Maribelle for her Support in increasing his Resistance stats. On his turn, Frederick can approach another Pair Up unit and Transfers Maribelle for different character with a more necessary stat boost. What’s great about Transfer is that you can still attack an enemy on that same turn if they’re near enough after performing Transfer, same also goes for when performing Trade (swapping items from another character) and Convoy (accessing stored items).

After completing Chapter 3, Wireless features are unlocked and I discovered more usefulness from this feature than I previously realize. Bonus Box are where the Hologram Cards can be recruit via Spotpass. What I found out doing instead is that I decided to purchase items using Gold (Gs) from the historical heroes. I can access more powerful and rare items earlier in the main game. Another type of currency to keep in mind is Renown, which you get from defeating Hologram Cards and players via Streetpass. Renown are carry over from a previous save file and help unlock free items from the Renown Rewards. All items from Renown Rewards can only be store to the Convoy once, resets and starting a new game.

Don’t forget about Downloadable Content in case you desperately need it such as getting substantial amounts of gold from one of the maps.

I’m surprisingly enjoying Fire Emblem Awakening a lot more in Lunatic difficult. I’m experiencing new tactics that involves more in calculable advantage and still advancing forward at the enemy. I don’t need to sacrifice on unlocking more Support conversations. If I complete this playthrough and feel like starting over, I might try Lunatic again this time in Classic Mode. I know I will lose all the early supporting characters. Fortunately, I don’t really use them on Causal Mode anyway. Sorry Lissa, you’re not the best healer in the game.

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February 15th 2013, 2:54 pmNINTENBRO
Surprised Wow! This game gets even better? Very Happy Lol!
Sounds challenging. Wink
February 16th 2013, 5:09 pmKokorOtaku
I need help I've been playing on Lunitic mode but keep dying... I'm on the prologue stil... I also played on Normal and got to chapter 3 but got board and wanted to play on Lunitic more I just get mad when I die too much and quit
@Super Otaku

Here's a tip for the Prologue on Lunatic difficulty and still keep everyone alive. Have either Chrom or your avatar Pair Up with Frederick, take Frederick and attack the middle sword equipped enemy. Press the X button to view the the highlighted danger areas and and place the rest of your unit on the clear spaces. The next two turns, focus on taking down the Mages with Frederick.

For Chapters 1 - 3, do that same tactic and make sure Frederick is not far away from the group. Also keep an eye for a unit with a weapon that is super effective against Frederick, horse rider.

Hope that all works out Smile
February 16th 2013, 6:11 pmKokorOtaku
Also do you need to get to chapter 4 on all difficulties in order to get the DLC or can it just be one and redownload for free on other difficulties? Because I wanna get there before March 6
@Super Otaku

Yes, you need to complete Chapter 4 and then you can access DLC, the Outrealm Gate. You could get the free DLC on Normal difficulty and that content will be save on your 3DS system. It will be there in "Play Map" from the Outrealm Gate on every difficulty setting.
February 17th 2013, 5:29 amKokorOtaku
Ok sweet thanks, I think I'll try that just so I can unlock that one with Roy, Marth, Ike, and Michah
February 17th 2013, 1:50 pmStaroceancrazy
How long would it take a SRPG novice to beat the base game without dlc?
February 17th 2013, 2:14 pmNINTENBRO
Staroceancrazy, that really depends upon how you choose to play the game. Say if you're playing with permadeath on and don't want to allow any of your party members to die in battle, it'll take much longer than if permadeath was turned off. I'd say you should at least get around 40-50 hours of gameplay out of your first play through, but that's just a guesstimate.
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