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The Rise of The Undead!

Review: Castlevania Rebirth (WiiWare) Castle10

The Castlevania series has been one of Konami's flagship series for over 20 years, so does this game meet the high standards that the series has set for excellent gameplay? Let's find out!

Review: Castlevania Rebirth (WiiWare) Screen10

Gameplay and Story:

Castlevania Rebirth is a re-imagining of the original Castlevania, but has completely new enemies, redesigned levels, and revamped graphics and music, so it is a completely new game!

For those of you whom are new to the series, you basically take the role of a vampire hunter who must defeat enemies and bosses in a maze of dangerous and difficult platforming levels in order to stop the revival of Dracula and save the world!

The platforming in the game can be difficult and some areas can only be reached by using a certain weapon in clever ways, and the bosses require some strategic footwork otherwise the boss may trap you and reduce your chances of beating it.

This game is decidedly retro and has a steep level of difficulty even early on in the game and there is no way to save progress in the game, so much like the early games on the NES you must beat the game in one sitting.

Review: Castlevania Rebirth (WiiWare) Your-f10

Graphics and Music:

The graphics in Castlevania Rebirth are very detailed and beautiful in a gothic and creepy way, with enemies that do have a scary feel to their design, background effects and lighting effects that are beyond anything 16-bit consoles were capable of!
Candles gently flicker, clouds look detailed, even the light from the moon in outdoors areas looks authentic!

The Music in the game is nicely remixed themes from the 8-bit and 16-bit Castlevania games, but doesn't quite live up to the music heard in Super Castlevania IV or Castlevania Rondo of Blood.

Review: Castlevania Rebirth (WiiWare) Castle11

Bottom Line:

With great gameplay, excellent graphics, nice music remixes, and a retro level of difficulty the game is a worthy re-imagining of the classic Castlevania titles, but the lack of a save feature does make the game frustrating at times. Even with the lack of a save feature this game is still highly recommended!

Price: 1000 points

Score: 8.9/10

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Review: Castlevania Rebirth (WiiWare) Rukiafan7

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October 20th 2012, 3:17 pmNINTENBRO
The title of this review should really be Rukiafan Rebirth, because this review has just breathed new life into this game. Review: Castlevania Rebirth (WiiWare) 631737971
October 20th 2012, 5:39 pmGuest
This is a very detailed and beautiful review! I love you
I may download this game for Halloween. Smile
October 20th 2012, 6:55 pmMarioman18
Another Halloween Castlevania review and a good one too victory
October 20th 2012, 7:47 pmTowafan7
Thanks for the positive feedback. Wink
October 20th 2012, 7:58 pmKokorOtaku
Should get this and rondo of blood when I get a wii u... Too many games to get...
October 20th 2012, 8:06 pmTowafan7
I just fixed some grammatical errors in the review. Wink
Aqua Cherry Blossom
October 25th 2012, 2:08 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Fair review I'd say.
December 14th 2013, 12:34 pmFM_Alchemist
Great review, Castlevania is my favorite Konami series.
December 14th 2013, 12:39 pmNINTENBRO
This was one of the last WiiWare games I've downloaded. I wonder if Konami will ever produce an HD remake for the WiiU eShop.
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