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SkywardL's top 5 best Wii titles Top5banner-1

I have to be honest; the Wii is not my favorite Nintendo system (it’s almost over), which is why I can only come up with 5 that are worthy of a 9 rated score or higher. Titles such as Xenoblade and The Last Story are not listed because I hadn't got a chance to since my Wii no longer reads dual-layer discs. From those 9 titles that I experienced though, I don't regret owning the system. Below are my top 9 Wii retail titles you should already own in your Wii collection.

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[5] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

While the motion controls from a Gamecube port are not exactly like swinging a sword, I really do like the dark tone atmosphere and story. I remember how weirdly progress the game gets, without the appearance of Tingle, and yet I’m not complaining. Midna is awesome.

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[4] Metroid Prime: Trilogy

I’m glad that my Wii had the strength left to run Metroid Prime Trilogy and witness three beautiful experiences. It’s a shame that only limited units were shipped in stores, the best Gamecube port and collaboration item.

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[3] Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

I don’t think it’s fair to chose one over the other, Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel both have their own shine. Super Mario Galaxy contains the best galaxies and challenges while Super Mario Galaxy 2 has the most variety and graphically more impressive, yet they're equally breathtaking.

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[2] Monster Hunter Tri

An epic boss rush, the higher the food chain the more intense the hunt gets. Monster Hunter Tri is the best online experience on the Wii. The beginning learning curve is painfully slow, and you will die a lot, but it’s worth the rush. However, it’s not worth purchasing now since the upgrade is coming for both 3DS and Wii U. The online service for the Wii version won’t be available for much longer.

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[1] The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword is definitely an improvement from Twilight Princess in terms of motion controls and meaningful supporting characters. While I prefer the graphics from Twilight Princess surprisingly, this feels more of a complete package with new orchestrated soundtrack, serious sword fights, and adventurous progression.

Wii U NNID: SkywardL
3DS Friendcode: 1590 - 4719 - 1381
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October 19th 2012, 4:43 pmTsubasa
Wait no Xenoblade or The Last Story? Neutral
Still the list is great! Cool
October 19th 2012, 4:45 pmTsubasa
The online mode in Monster Hunter Tri should be around until March which is when Ultimate will be released! Cool
October 19th 2012, 5:41 pmGuest
Beautiful feature SkywardL! Smile
October 19th 2012, 6:49 pmNINTENBRO
I'm not going to be purchasing a copy of Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate for 3DS, because it doesn't possess online multiplayer. Hopefully, Monster Hunter 4 will remedy all of that, and it better have voice chat too.
October 19th 2012, 6:52 pmKingreX32
nice list dude.
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