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New Wii U Theme To Celebrate The Launch of The Wii U Next Month! Wii-U-GamePad20white

Our new theme is here and it's all in celebration of the Wii U's launch on November 18th! We will be adding a custom banner as well in the next couple weeks, and we also changed some of the forum icons which should be easy to spot.

We will also hold a drawing tomorrow for those of you who comment on this thread and the winner will receive a gifted WiiWare or Wii VC game worth 500 points, but it'll only be open to U.S. Citizens over the age of 13.

Feel free to give us your comments about our new theme below!

New Wii U Theme To Celebrate The Launch of The Wii U Next Month! Rukiafan7

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GeekyGamerJack wrote:The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV... saur?
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Cool, I like the new theme too, La-Mulana was cool, but it was kinda getting dated since it came out a month ago, maybe wiiwarewave can update a new theme for every big thing happening like a Luigis mansion 2 theme when that come out
You've been entered into our drawing! I'll use my mini bingo machine with only the assigned numbers of the entrants to make things random and fair. Wink
The site looks so peaceful now Smile
Thanks for the compliments. Wink
I like this theme! I love you
The theme is mellow yet pretty. Smile
@SkywardL wrote:The site looks so peaceful now Smile

LOL dude i was thinking the same thing. I was also thinking of theme change also.
The theme is easy on the eyes.
October 17th 2012, 9:22 pmNintendoPuristForever
This is my favourite theme yet! Excellent work! Very Happy
Thanks GamerZack. Wink
October 18th 2012, 12:39 amNintendoPuristForever
No problem, Rukiafan. Wink
I noticed the new theme and like it too!
The new theme is pretty Smile
I really like the new cheerful color scheme. I'd also like one entry into the WiiU WiiWareWave sweepstakes my good sir. Please and thank you. Very Happy
The cheerful theme is a nice change from the La-Mulana theme. =)
Like the theme, but the background image is a little bland.
I think the website looks cool! Cool
Here you go giygashunter63! If you post in this thread, you'll gain a second entry in tonight's prize drawing. I hope it's not too late.
Just 8 more minutes until the drawing!
October 19th 2012, 5:53 pmNintendoPuristForever
Ooh, I wonder who will win it? Very Happy

...not me, for obvious reasons. Wink
Less than 5 minutes left to enter the drawing.
The drawing is beginning the results will be announced in a new article. Wink
My body is ready
I enjoy the new theme.
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