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Biorn the Viking
Biorn the Viking
Nintendo confirmed a few days ago that Wii digital downloads such as WiiWare and Virtual Console titles could be transferred over to the WiiU. However, a Nintendo representative said in order to carry the content over you need your Wii!

Nintendo: Keep Your Wii's If You Want To Transfer Content From Wii To WiiU Wii_01

"I can confirm that you will be able to transfer your content from your Wii to the new Wii U. Wii U owners can wirelessly transfer content such as Miis, and WiiWare and Virtual Console games to their Wii U systems. Both systems will need to be connected to the Internet and the Wii U will need an SD card to facilitate the transfer. The process is very similar to transferring content from Nintendo DS to Nintendo 3DS or from Nintendo 3DS to Nintendo 3DS XL; which has been received positively by consumers. Transferred Wii content is accessible and can be played through Wii Mode, an application on the Wii U’s main menu"

I guess this was to be expected. The only problem now is some consumers may struggle when trying to sell their Wii's or trade them in for a WiiU.

Source: Click here

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No problem with that. I still need my Wii to play GameCube games.
Damn it, Sneaker! You keep posting my thoughts before I can. Very Happy
Didn't plan on selling my wii until after I transfered anyways
I'm not selling mine because I would lose my Gamecube collection. Smile
I'm keeping my Wii for my amazing Brawl...Oh, I cannot discuss that here. But yeah, I hope people aren't dumb enough to trade Wiis in with all those VC and WiiWare games included.
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