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Biorn the Viking
Biorn the Viking
Nintendo has confirmed the list of titles which will be available on launch day of the WiiU.

WiiU Press Event: Nintendo Confirms Launch Titles Wii-U-Hardware-White-Small

-Nintendo Land
-New Super Mario Bros U
-Fifa 13
-Mass Effect 3
-Trine 2
-Rayman Legends
-Toki Tori 2
-Nano Assault Hero

"If challenge had a taste, you'd be quite delicious." - Travis Touchdown.
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September 13th 2012, 11:15 amPyrafan7
The only launch titles I'm interested in purchasing are New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman Legends, and Toki Tori 2.
September 13th 2012, 1:45 pmSkywardL
In North America, it's known as Nano Assault Neo

Shin'en Multimedia confirms via Twitter that Nano Assault EX is still coming to 3DS eShop.
ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros U will be mine at launch. And I expect to get Rayman Legends, Toki Tori 2, Trine 2 and Mass Effect 3 somewhere in the future.
September 14th 2012, 11:51 amGrumblevolcano
Will these games be available at launch in all regions?
Yusei Fudo
September 20th 2012, 11:11 amYusei Fudo
It looks like Mass Effect 3 for WiiU will be pre-order only through Best Buy and Gamestop in the United States. Neutral
September 20th 2012, 11:32 amKokorOtaku
Aww I was hoping for Bayonetta 2 and wonderful 101 at launch oh we'll NSMBU only for me then (and NintendoLand but that comes with the system)
I'll definitely get Rayman Legends as a launch title and New Super Mario Bros/Trine 2 whenever I have the money.
September 20th 2012, 3:44 pmNINTENBRO
I'm just going to try and imagine how much fun all of you guys will be having, because I won't be able to afford a WiiU anytime soon. Very Happy
September 20th 2012, 4:48 pmToughGamer
New Super Mario Bros. U will be the first game that I buy whenever I end up getting a WiiU.
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