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Today and for the past few days you will have seen some big changes with Nintendo Ninja News and my writing web site Chris Ticehurst.com. There’s been some big decisions made and that’s always been what I have been about. Looking at what needs to be done and to improve it. One of the main reasons Nintendo Ninja News has been shrunk into just a podcast show is because of the overpopulation of gaming sites, forums, and other gaming aspect sites that have crowded the internet. Most new web sites don’t last because they are based on the same aspects as other known sites and I felt Ninja News was starting to slide into that area. This doesn’t mean that Nintendo Ninja News is always just be a podcast show, the idea and nature of the podcast may expand over time but we would only expand if the membership base allows it.

The domain Chris Ticehurst.com may have only been around for the past three years but the works featured on the site has been around since 1995. It’s a very long time since I start writing and a host of web sites have been made over the years featuring my writings and thinking outside the box. What Chris Ticehurst.com can offer is many things in the one spot. The scope of the things we can do with this web site goes beyond just gaming. Here are some of things I do currently do or in the planning.

Weekly New Writing series releases – Every Sunday there’s a new chapter to read with the current series ‘The Alien of the Phoenix’

Fan Page over 100 members – A solid amount of members to engage with for discussions and contests.

Nintendo Ninja News Podcast – Every fortnight on Tuesday we will discuss about the latest about Nintendo and interact with other forum boards and web sites. The podcast will be about including sites and promotion.

Strong Forum Board – Our forum and the way we promote members will be based on what they have achieved at the web site and other areas. Good work will be rewarded. Just turning up to a forum won’t get you far.

Expanded Downloads section – Able to download stories, music, and Ninja News podcasts.

Contests – Games will be given away and for the 20th Year of writings, major prizes will be handed out eg: Gaming Consoles, special edition prizes etc.

Chris Ticehurst.com will be based on the old rules and thought patterns of past sites such as Writersmuster, Brisbane Lions United, and Nintendo Ninja News in terms of thinking outside the box and including other web sites into our fold. We also looked at other site’s in terms of what mistakes they made and what we can do to improve this one. The partnership with Wii Ware Wave has been interesting with some good promises and mistakes along the way. The forum on a simple basic runs well, it’s currently been more successful since the partnership and that has been a key achievement that I had wanted. However the way that it operates sometimes is worrying at times, quick promotions by unknown members, a confusing staff list which never is pruned or reviewed to see that the current staff is doing what they supposed to do. Even the current contest should be based on the quality merit of a member and not just a posting the biggest amount in a week type of contest. The good news is that member interaction is very good and the growth can be built on that.

What Chris Ticehurst.com would do with its own forum is have a tight running staff and review its staff every three to six months. We would also with other forums and create ideas to include everyone with the segments that we have such as the podcast and current writing series. Members can still post articles and ask questions to be answered for the podcast.

This information is to inform people of what decisions I have made and to help understand the reasons behind it. I personally think the site will have some exciting times ahead, especially when my writing birthday of 20 years comes around the corner. I’ll be talking to some members here too about certain roles. Stay tuned.


Nintendo Ninja News - www.nintendoninjanews.com
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@christicehurst if you're implying about Clannad don't. I recruited her from The Admin Zone, but wanted to wait about a week to let people get to know her, so no I didn't randomly promote her. Evil or Very Mad
July 19th 2012, 12:16 amchristicehurst
Rukiafan wrote:@christicehurst if you're implying about Clannad don't. I recruited her from The Admin Zone, but wanted to wait about a week to let people get to know her, so no I didn't randomly promote her. Evil or Very Mad

I don't mind finding people from TAZ for a startup project or finding designer. It's a great resource to find people but to recruit from the outside suggests there was no one here to do the Moderator role which is a abit of slap in the face for those who quietly hope to be seen as a good enough person to grow into a staff position.

There's currently 12 staff who can access as Admin who would easily be able to moderate the site so I'm unsure why there was a need to hire a 13th staff member.
Because most of them are busy in real life with work and working on other forums so they barely have the time to post new content. If I shifted any of them to a moderator position it would have a negative effect on our ability to provide our viewers with regular news updates and reviews.

Does this mean that the partnership is over?
Unlike Nintendo Ninja News, Chris Ticehurst forum page doesn't go directly to here.
I'm not sure, but if it is over christicehurst needs to remove anything he doesn't want on our website design that he added since I can no longer access the CSS script and refuse to be held responsible for not removing his copywritten images when I can't do anything about it.

Ultimately however that decision is his, but he needs to let us know his plans. @christicehurst the thing you need to understand is everyone except Clannad and myself have hectic work schedules, are students at a university, or even worse are looking desperately for a job. Our co-owner and second member of WiiWareWave Sneaker decided to help me out even though he is the owner of an established website and though he doesn't post much now, he was a very important staff member during the first 6-8 months and honestly WiiWareWave wouldn't have survived without him.

I can't just fire my staff for no reason, since I already knew that this was going to happen, which is why we have so many staff members to compensate for the situation.
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