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Every now and again a company, business or person needs a reality check to remind of what happens when you take the eye off the ball. We saw Serena Williams crash out the French Open only to return bigger and stronger with much more intend. For the Nintendo 3DS’s poor launch it was the wake up call that Nintendo needed. Nintendo’s launches of consoles had become weaker over the past decade. The GameCube had no Mario title, no Zelda title only a game featuring Luigi’s Mansion while it was a great game it was risky move which had have failed on Nintendo’s part. The Wii’s launch had the successful Wii Sports title however we received The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess which was original a port from the GameCube and we didn’t see what a Zelda title could do until the end of the Wii’s life cycle with Skyward Sword. For the 3DS launch the Nintendo gamer hit rock bottom, the strength of the launch titles were Pilotwings and Nintendog + Cats. They are good and enjoyable titles to have in your collection but not the killer game that you would open your new console to help kick start it.

The Rest of it - http://n4g.com/news/1030292/nintendo-3dss-poor-launch-was-a-good-thing

Members help me on clicking on, comments are welcome at their site, here, or at Ninja News.

It's my first article there and need it to make a impact there!

Nintendo Ninja News - www.nintendoninjanews.com
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