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If you see below the "The Last Story" text, you will see the date that the game will come out in the US.

I just want to inform you all, members, staff and visitors, that the date is not correct !

The reason why I haven't changed the date is because there are so many rumors about when the game is actually going to come out in the US, some say is July 10th, but some say it's August 2nd, until I can get any confirmation from XSEED or Nintendo, I'll still see any confirmation of it's release date and THEN I will finally change the correct date.

And for those of you wondering, no I can't post it as "coming soon to the US" because the person who helped me making the ad banner is kind of tricky about working on that banner, so I don't want to heavily pressure said person to do more work so...

Thank for your attention and sorry about this problem...

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on June 12th 2012, 6:15 pmMarioman18
It's listed for NA on July 10th at Gamefaqs
@Marioman18 wrote:It's listed for NA on July 10th at Gamefaqs

It's also listed as July 31, 2012 on Amazon, which is strange because that was listed as August 2nd before...

There's also a rumor about it being released in July 13th 2012, but still, I think I will place it as "July 10th 2012" due to many sources listed as such, but I don't know...
on June 13th 2012, 4:11 amgamerace
There had been an official release date given but XSeed has since postponed it to an as yet to be determined date.

Why is beyond me since it appears to be a straight port of the UK version.
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