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Top 5 most anticipated Wii U launch titles Techspec-hardware
Already an improvement from the 3DS launch

No matter what you think of Nintendo press conference(s?) this year, there are actual new experiences to look forward to from Wii U launch. Unlike the Nintendo 3DS launch, customers (including myself even if I’m not planning to get the system on day one) are more likely to get more than one retail game (even with the existence of digital retail) at launch. Here's my top 5 most anticipated Wii U launch titles.

Top 5 most anticipated Wii U launch titles 9

[Honorable Mention] New Super Mario Bros. U

I never been so visually impress with a traditional side-scrolling Mario game since I experienced Super Mario All-Stars featuring Super Mario World for the very first time.

Top 5 most anticipated Wii U launch titles 10

[Number 5] Pikmin 3 (Wii U)

This is the type of HD showpiece I’m been waiting for, an HD experience without visual noises. The nature of Pikmin in HD is jaw dropping. However, more multitasking is not really what I have in mind for the next Pikmin iteration. Please confirm online co-op.

Top 5 most anticipated Wii U launch titles 13

[Number 4] LEGO City: Undercover

The actual LEGO products are already sandbox genre. It’s a relief that TT game (with a help from Nintendo) is finally bringing a sandbox experience to the LEGO franchise. While still using the formula of switching LEGO characters to use a specific ability, here it makes more sense as you're actually switching disguises as wearing in a police uniform while vandalizing the streets would be uncharacteristic.

Top 5 most anticipated Wii U launch titles 5

[Number 3] Scribblenauts Unlimited (Wii U)

This franchise I have not yet experience. I skipped on the first two Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS was because I thought that this type of creativity will really benefit with multiplayer. Scribblenauts Unlimited finally has multiplayer and I can’t wait to finally awaken my imagination along with friends. I wonder what will happen if I write down Nonspecific Action Figure?

Top 5 most anticipated Wii U launch titles 0

[Number 2] ZombiU

The only Wii U title that visually convince that the system is officially next-gen. This is a new take on zombie survival horror with a more mortal consequence as well as trustful usage of the unique GamePad.

Top 5 most anticipated Wii U launch titles 7

[Number 1] Project P-100

A game defined as Pikmin meets Viewtiful Joe. This new I.P. captures the gameplay of massively enthrall with fast pace balletic zany heroism.

What are your most anticipated Wii U titles? Leave your welcoming thoughts at the comment section below.

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on June 8th 2012, 1:37 pmKingreX32
Nice work SkywardL. Although of the games you listed the only one Im really hyped for is ZombiU
on June 8th 2012, 2:08 pmPrinnyDood
Good choices SkywardL.
Biorn the Viking
on June 9th 2012, 6:13 amBiorn the Viking
Loved the article SkywardL! I only have two titles on my list. ZombiU and Pikmin 3.
Surprised to see P-100 at #1. It could be fantastic. Reminds me of Little King's Story.

My number #1 is Pikmin 3. I'm waiting for and anticipating another sequel since I've completed Pikmin 2 after its release on Gamecube in 2004.
This must look great in HD and play amazing with the GamePad. I hope it's rich of content, at least as big as Pikmin 2, not the weekend walkthrough Pikmin 1 was.
on June 10th 2012, 12:26 amWarfmasterST
Great list mate. Top 5 most anticipated Wii U launch titles 631737971
on June 10th 2012, 9:41 amKingreX32
I got a Trailer for P-100 on my site. If anyone hasent seen it yet.
on June 10th 2012, 5:50 pmSuperVash
I'm going to enjoy ZombiU. Cool
on June 11th 2012, 6:37 amKingreX32
same dude. I cant wait to see it in action.
on June 11th 2012, 12:04 pmgamerace
So far the only titles I'm remotely interested in (and exclusive) are:

NSMBU (although I've yet to finish NSMBWii)
Nintendo Land
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