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Two friendly old guys find a fantastic fishing spot where the fish literally jump right into thier fishing nets,however dangerous wildlife such as porcipines,sharks,and even dragons don't appreciate you being in thier territory and will try to get rid of you one way or another!


This game has 3 modes which brings a decent amount of variety to the gameplay!

Arcade you must catch as many fish as you can to fill up your fish meter in the time limit to advance to the next level!

In fishtris you must catch three or more same colored fish in a row to fill up your fish meter which is far more difficult then the arcade mode!

In challenge mode you must fulfil certain conditions while playing normally to advance to the next level.


First off this game is very hard for multiple reasons first off there is just too much going on in the levels to ever hope to get a perfect score.....and secondly the controls are terrible the nunchuk controls your character and you have to swing you wiimote for every fish, which is tiring not to mention utterly ridiculous,and seriously hurts the games overall score.

Graphics and music

The graphics in this game are colorful and vibrant,and the environments and wildlife are fairly detailed.

The music sounds like twangy bluegrass music and fits extremely well with the fishing theme!

Overall-Fish em' all has gameplay that could certainly be enjoyable,decent graphics,and the music fits perfectly with the games theme,however shoddy controls,and mindless waggle make this otherwise fun game highly irritating,and not very enjoyable,there are much better games on the service at this games 800 point price...

Score ☆☆☆☆ 4.5/10

4- Mediocre A game with so many flaws that it's only fun if you have saintly patience or are a diehard fan of the genre.
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Review: Fish 'em all (WiiWare) Attachment
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Review: Fish 'em all (WiiWare) Rukiafan7
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on May 25th 2011, 11:38 amcaptainamerica
I'm not surprised at the score......
There are so many flaws besides the waggle that make this game suck.......thank you for your accurate review Wink

I really don't understand why this game gets a 60-70% score at most sites...... Neutral
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