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West vs. East!

Staff Viewpoint: Japanese Games Relevance In The Industry. 1-59

I personally prefer Japanese games due to their creative story telling, beautiful art design, and their games must be fun approach which many western developers abandon in favor of looking realistic. Sure some of those games are fun, but the fact that the industry indicates that Japanese games aren't fresh and reuse gameplay elements yet western games release many of the same games with nothing new other than a new story and new characters. Sure Japanese games can have some cliché riddled stories and whatnot, but most of the freshest most unique games I've played this generation have been Japanese games, so is Japan really less relevant?

Staff Viewpoint: Japanese Games Relevance In The Industry. Img_13304_xenoblade-chronicles-trailer-hd

Take Xenoblade Chronicles for example. Xenoblade Chronicles has infused Adventure, JRPG, WRPG, and MMO gameplay into one very fresh and unique package and though there have been some unique western games I can't think of a single one that even comes close to being as unique as Xenoblade Chronicles. That's not saying that western games are bad, but just that Japanese games tend to have fresh gameplay whereas western games feel more stale. At least that's my opinion what's yours?

Staff Viewpoint: Japanese Games Relevance In The Industry. 147-97
Viewtiful_Joe's response:

I'd have to say that without Japanese publishers, the video game industry wouldn't be the same. The excellence provided to us every year from companies such as Capcom, Konami and, of course, Nintendo, cannot be found in any other form of entertainment in the world. Anyone can pick up and play a video game and find something great within them, which is why they're all so popular.

Though, relying on just Western developers and indy devs would be a nightmare. Games like Skyrim, Bioshock, Medal of Honor and Batman Arkham City all boost popularity among the media and public receiving praise all over the West but these games cannot hold the game industry up for too long.

People will lose attention and soon realize that there are better things in life than a dull first person RPG simulation. Relying solely on the Western developers would result in a huge gaming flop.

Staff Viewpoint: Japanese Games Relevance In The Industry. 76-84
SKTTR's response:

I´m a gamer that needs a balanced support of different games from different countries.

Most of my favourite games come from Japan, but I would be missing something if there weren´t games like Anno/Dawn of Discovery, Broken Sword, Bully: Scholarship Edition, Cursed Mountain, Dead Space Extraction, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Driver, Excite Truck, GoldenEye, Manhunt 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars, Overlord: Dark Legend, Sam & Max, Scarface: The World Is Yours, Sid Meier´s Pirates!, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, The House of the Dead Overkill or Worms: Battle Islands in my Wii collection, not to mention the Virtual Console and especially WiiWare games.

However, the list above is tiny compared to the list of good Wii games I have that were made in Japan. I just hope Nintendo can attract some good 3rd party companies from the west with the WiiU, so we don´t miss out on the really great high-end western games that are rarely available on Nintendo consoles (like GTA).

On the other hand, Nintendo consoles are getting so much exclusive quality content that you won´t have time to be sad for too long about what other consoles get.

Still, fact is, there are billions of gamers and people in general who don´t like Japanese games, billions who don´t like RPGs, billions who don´t dig anime style. But most of the Wii library is.

To expand the audience, and to make gamers happier, Nintendo has to find a way to bring more diversity to the market.

And 3rd parties have to learn to make something great as well. The flood of mediocre dance games, minigame collections, and party and sports mixes gets annoying.

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Staff Viewpoint: Japanese Games Relevance In The Industry. Rukiafan7

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Phew it took awhile, but this article is finally uploaded. Wink
A great feature as always WiiWareWave staff :-)
We appreciate your compliment Aussiegamer. Wink
Nell TU
I prefer Japanese games, but that is because I like role playing games so one could say I'm bias.
There's still a place in the industry for Japanese games, if you ask me. There's a reason Japan is one of the biggest countries for video games, in terms of everything from revenue to sheer generating games.
Biorn the Viking
Fantastic article. Great to hear the thoughts of WiiWareWave staff on the matter of Japanese gaming relevance. Couldn't agree more with all the points. Japanese developers/publishers such as Nintendo, Capcom and Konami helped shape the gaming industry for many years. Japanese games continue to sell remarkably well even with all the competition in the gaming industry. Nintendo alone revolutionised gaming and will continue to do so.
I agree as well this is a great article Smile
I get sick of this debate, but for the first time I can actually agree with an article about this debate. Very Happy
You should get some respect for your sensible unbiased opinions. Very Happy
This is the first mature Japanese vs. Western developers debate I've seen. Surprised
This was a nice read. Great feature. Cool
Nice, Great Article. Has this been tweeted yet? Or Shared on N4G. I can see this gettign a bunch of views.

This article has already accepted at the N4G site.

p.s. I totally forgot to twit this Surprised I'm on it
I hate how the media always paints this grim outlook about the future of Japanese games if the Japanese game industry ceased to exist video games would quickly follow suit because the western developers alone couldn't keep the industry alive.
I couldn't agree with this article more. Staff Viewpoint: Japanese Games Relevance In The Industry. 631737971
You guys really outdid yourselves with this article! Nice work. king
Japanese games forever! Staff Viewpoint: Japanese Games Relevance In The Industry. 1314691538
This is the most thrilling aricle I have seen posted about this debate mates.
I have to agree with Aussie this article is very intelligent and well written.

Revision/ Why is Brian's avatar missing in the article?
Aqua Cherry Blossom
June 26th 2012, 1:27 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Japanese games will always have the best gameplay imo.
The closest western games ai have are made by retro :p so it's not 100% western, I love Japanese games and I always will prefer them over western games
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