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Review: Trauma Team (Wii Retail) Empty Review: Trauma Team (Wii Retail)

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Review: Trauma Team (Wii Retail) TT2133

Six distinct doctors, a general surgeon, a diagnostician, an E.M.T., an orthopedic surgeon, an endoscope technician, and a medical examiner encounter unprecedented mysteries while on their work... and each of them can affect what will happen next...

I've got to say this, the story in this game is really amazing ! however, it might be really unrealistic to some people when comparing to real life hospital problems, but then again it's kind of appropriate for a type of game like this, but what's really unique is that the story is told in each of the doctors experiences and each character deals with a personal story, and another thing is that this game is divided in two halves when it comes to the story, the first one acts like an introduction to the characters while also learning about their personality and story, and it is very well done ! and the second half is the true meat of the game (but you must complete all of the doctors chapters of the first half first), where it's based around on one single storyline that every doctor participates and the story progresses, and because of this the game does a great job at not only telling a really interesting story that can not only keep you playing it more, but it also does a great job at doing it really unique and clever ! there were some plotholes that really didn't make any sense, but those are not really related to the main story, so I guess it gets a pass for me, but for some people, it might be somewhat bothersome for them...

Review: Trauma Team (Wii Retail) TTtraumateam21

Trauma Team (also known as HOSPITAL: 6-Ri no ishi in Japan) is a Medical Simulation game that only uses the Wii remote with Nunchuck controller, the game actually focuses on 6 types of gameplay unlike in the original Trauma Center games, it presents you with a chapter selection screen in which you can select each character's chapters on their own, and every character has it's own type of gameplay and it narrows down to this:

Surgery: Surgery is similar to the other Trauma Center games in which you operate on patients that's curing or removing their diseases or injuries, in which most of these actions require you to treat hemorrhages, cuts, removing tumors or other foreign objects from the body, etc. You must also keep the patient's vitals, represented as a health bar in the top of the screen, stable during the operation while also preventing mistakes that might even make the patient's vitals to drop and if the patient's vitals reach zero then the game is over. It's actually pretty good ! it requires you to be careful while also be quick about it and in a good and not frustrating way !

First Response: This one focuses on stabilizing new patients before they are transported to the hospital, it's kind of similar to Surgery in terms of treating the patient, but it doesn't do any surgery. You have limited tools to use, while also having some special item in a special occasion, like a needle to transfer blood to the body, scissors to cut clothing, etc. and this time you have multiple patients and you must treat them at once and sometimes more patients may be brought in over time, in which they are represented with a red, yellow and green tags that it also represents their Vitals. and you have a limit as well that determines not to lose many patients, where if a patient dies, it takes away a part of a limit counter and if too many patients die and it reaches its limit, it's game over. This mode is also pretty good ! it's like Surgery but more quicker and maybe even a little intense sometimes ! it might be a little tedious to some people having to take care a lot of patients !

Orthopedics: In this one it's pretty much you repairing bone structure, but done in a different way, the tools that are given to you is automatic, meaning that you can't switch other tools until you're done with what you have, it actually uses the functions of the Wii remote very frequently, like swinging the Wii remote like a hammer, twisting the wii remote to drive a cutter, etc. and this time there are no vitals, but rather five health points, and one mistake can take out half a heart, miss all of them and it's game over. This one is good, it requires you to be extra careful and not to mention that you can have time when doing these operations unlike the other ones ! but some people might find this one boring and repetitive.

Endoscopy: During this one you control an endoscopic tube to reach inaccessible places inside the body and perform the procedure while in there, this one controls kind of different, you use the Wii remote to thrust the wii remote while also pressing both A and B in order to be pushed further, like in a real endoscopy ! also you can control the camera with the control stick of the Nunchuck, and what's cool is that you can adjust the settings of controlling the camera, like the sensitivity and y-inverting, by pressing the 2 button, so in the endoscopy, you can use tools that are similar to the ones in surgery, be it removing tumors, treating inflammations, removing blood spills, etc. but this time it's done differently, where you must point with the camera at the disease or treatment and then get an acceptable distance from it, and also just like in other gameplay types, you have the patients vitals and if you mess up or you ran into the intestine's walls too many times, the vitals will drop and when it reaches zero then it's game over. This one... could've been better, don't get me wrong, it's actually pretty good, but the forced motion control did gave me a very tired arm ! if it had an automatic forward button (heck, there's one for going backward, so why not forward ?!) it could've been so much better...

Diagnosis: Now this one is actually very different for a Trauma Center game ! since it's pretty much like a point and click adventure type of game ! you play as a diagnostician and you must gather clues to determine the patient's ailment, by doing so you can ask them about their symptoms (in which they will talk about their problems while also talking about their life relating to that and you must identify the abnormalities that has in one message), look at them with stethoscopes to check out abnormalities in the lung, heart or stomach, check the EKG to see any abnormalities in the heartbeats, and compare CT, MRI and X-rays scans to see if there are any more abnormalities. And once you've gathered enough symptoms, you can match them on a computer to the diagnosis to fill a meter on a disease category, if the meter is full, then the appropriate diagnosis will be concluded, but in later levels they might have more stages rather than just one, and lastly there is the five point health meter (10 since they take away just one half of it), and too many mistakes like mistaking something as a disease or symptom will result you a game over. This mode is not bad, I did had enjoyment from this one, but sometimes the symptoms can be hidden in the most cheapest way possible ! but thankfully this doesn't happen too often, so it's good overall.

Forensics: The truth is this one actually plays like a detective story ! as a medical examiner, you must solve a murder case by locating clues and combining them or have them analyzed to form hypotheses and gather evidence, it's just like Diagnosis as to where it looks like a point and click adventure type of game ! by gathering clues you can perform autopsies on the victim's corpse to uncover abnormalities, like bruises and such and you can do that with their clothes as well, and you can also check out recording of interrogations of witnesses, where you must point out a certain answer from them kind of like in Diagnosis where you ask the patients their symptoms and then point out which one has any sort of abnormality, also when you reach to a certain point, you can visit the crime scene and discover clues such as looking a rare object, use fingerprint powder and luminol for hidden items and blood, etc. and during the investigation or when you are combining clues, you will have to answer a series of questions pertaining to a clue, answer correctly and you will maybe have another question or you will have another step for your clue to be a solid evidence, but fail to answer, and the game will remove half of the five health points from before ! once you have all of the solid evidences, you will be narrated on how did the murder scene occurred step by step and when you're asked for an evidence, you will have to choose a solid evidence from your notes, winning at this depends if you were paying attention to this case ! but if you fail to answer correctly too many times, you will get a game over. This one is the same as Diagnosis, good overall but it can be cheap sometimes, but I did had a lot of fun with it because of its great storytelling and mysteries !

While all of these gameplay modes are different, the have the same basic rules: while in a procedure, you are being scored on how accurately or safely the actions you were performed., and when the operation is over, you will be ranked from C to S or XS (depending on the difficulty) and there is also a limit on the number of mistakes you can make, where too many mistakes will result in a Game Over, forcing you to restart the procedure, with the exception of Diagnosis and Forensics where there is a little save feature in which it restarts you from where you saved (keep in mind this doesn't mean that you can quit the game and it will be saved...) and let's not forget that the game can get harder as it proceeds, where it goes from long and complicated, to cleverly hidden !

The game also supports two player co-op multiplayer in all of the gameplay styles except for the Diagnosis and Forensics options, where two players can perform an operation at the same time in Surgery, or when two players is assigned to each a patient and can only treat on that patient if the main patient is switched to them in First Response, or two players are responsible for each step and control switches after each step or if the current player makes a mistake in Orthopedics or when two players work together to move the camera and treat the symptoms in Endoscopy.

All in all, I found this game to be amazingly fun ! it's well paced, has a lot of variety and apart from a few flaws, it is definitely an experience you must try whether you're a fan of the games or not !


The graphics in this game have two different styles of showing itself, the first style is in the cutscenes, where the game is designed like an anime with its backgrounds, characters and more, the cutscenes look really good, if not for the lack of movements in the characters (but more on that later on...) and then there's second style, where it's when you are doing an operation and such, the graphics in this style would look outdated to some people, but to be honest I think it fits well for this game, since if the game had realistic graphics it would've been a lot gory and disgusting to a lot of people ! there are some flaws in there like the way the character designs look when they're far away, but the whole graphics in this game all look really good !

Review: Trauma Team (Wii Retail) TT1

Music and Sound

I'm very mixed with the soundtrack of this game, not that it's bad or anything like that, it's just that in some cases, mostly in the Surgery levels, the music doesn’t stick out a lot, since you'll be focusing more on the gameplay, the music is just... there, but then there's other moments where the music is there and it can be relaxing or can be catchy at times, and it can also set the mood for whatever is happening in the game.

The sounds are really cool ! while some kind of sound kind of creepy like when using the scalpel, almost all of the sounds does fit well with this game ! since it also includes the classic sounds that the Trauma Center games were known for when it comes to sounds ! like when you cure a symptom and you get a mini "ok" or "great !", using the antibiotic gel, and others, while at the same time it includes some new sounds that really fit with the Trauma Center games ! The game also has full voice acting in it, and the voice actor do mostly a great job, since when they show some emotion, few characters needed some work with it, but as it is, the voice acting was good, and sadly the game is english only, meaning that it doesn't support other languages.

The game is very greatly represented ! continuing on the individual chapters, they also have some sort of similarity with each other ! meaning that a doctors chapter can lead to another doctor's chapter ! as I've said before, the characters were very well represented, in fact, I'll name them each one and give my opinion about them:

CR-S01: He might be one of your typical cliché "quiet" characters in the game, but he did grow on me just a little, in fact, he can show emotion sometimes ! but as he is, he's still kind of typical, but he's not bad.

Maria Torres: Wow ! a Hispanic in a Japanese game ?! that's pretty cool ! (me being Mexican this surprises me !) but the thing about this character is... she can be annoying to a lot of people, due to how mean and always in a foul mood she is most of the time, she can be cool sometimes, but she is just ok for me...

Hank Freebird: He's actually a really good character ! he might be really big, but he's really kind-hearted, and has a great personality ! this guy is one of my favorites ! though he might come out as TOO kind-hearted to some people...

Tomoe Tachibana: This character... is awesome ! she has a cool and calm personality, she can teleport (somehow...), has a butler that can fight really well and also teleport (despite him being old !), has a cool father, she's in some sort of a ninja clan... I seriously had a hard time picking a flaw in this character ! she is very unique and interesting that she's definitely one of my favorites !

Gabriel Cunningham: A very great guy ! he has this lazy laid-back sarcastic personality that makes him really likeable ! but of course, he can be really serious when the opportunity is needed, so he's not out of place ! and has a sad back story to boot ! so this character is also my favorite !

Naomi Kimishima: She's kind of like CR-S01, but unlike him, she's actually pretty cool about it and also very emotional when time is needed, she also has an interesting backstory, and she has a very though attitude behind her that makes you don't want to mess with her, and she's also very smart ! she's on my list of favorites !

The game has this moving comic book-type look in the cutscenes, with a little bit of animation in them, it doesn't look right to be honest, sure it doesn't look bad, but some scenes looked like they could've been better if it was animated, but hey, that's just my opinion. And lastly, since this is a medical simulation game, obviously you will see blood and some disturbing sickness, in fact, there are some moments in his game (especially in the Forensics chapters) where it just looks downright disturbing to some people, like religion based killings, a child getting damaged and almost killed from a big explosion, and others alike (and this is rated T for teens ?!), so apart from the disturbing symptoms and sickness, some people might get disturbed to some of these symptoms and moments...

As for the replayability, when you beat the game you will unlock a doctors medal list, in which every gameplay style has this achievement style list called "medals" where when you do a certain action you will be granted a medal, and you also get an extra, where when you select it on the chapters menu in a designated character or chapter, they will show a scene where it's just an audio playing and it sounds a random moment with a character, in which almost all of them are just for humor, and finally there's the Specialist difficulty where it makes the game more harder and it has an extra rank which is the XS.

Review: Trauma Team (Wii Retail) TTphpqyqgCbAM

This game is really great ! it has a great story, good gameplay (since it could've been better in some parts), and some great characters as well ! other thing such as the music, and graphics were still fine, even though I didn't like the fact that it had little animation and some gameplay problems, this is a must have wii game in my opinion ! so if you're curious or if you're a fan of the Trauma Center games or even if you don't, go ahead and get it ! if you're a little disturbed about the thing I've said that this game has included regarding the disturbing things or if you're skeptical about this, then go ahead and rent it and see for yourself, as for me this game gets...

a 9/10

9- Awesome This game has little in the way of flaws, and is a highly enjoyable experience.

If you only have these two choices, which one will you choose ? to have a game with no story ? or to have a game with the most ridiculous, boring, cliché-filled and horrible story ever ?
Do games need to be epic ?... or fun ?...
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Aqua Cherry Blossom
on March 26th 2012, 2:04 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
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Wow this sounds fun for a medical game and even more surprising is the depth of the story you described. Surprised
I might pick this up if my local GAME actually has this lol.
on March 26th 2012, 2:50 pmBashful1996
Great review admin Smile
on March 26th 2012, 2:53 pmSkywardL
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Great details on your review Smile
Sounds like this game has a lot of content.
on March 28th 2012, 4:42 pmAmufungal
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Your reviews are always so detailed Jnes5 Smile
on March 28th 2012, 5:25 pmTowafan7
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Keep up your hard work man. Wink
on March 28th 2012, 6:10 pmLordHoppingRage
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Not my type of game, but it seems good for what it is. Cool
on May 14th 2016, 11:12 amToughGamer
Good review.
on May 15th 2016, 12:09 amFox_McCloud
Fantastico review @Jnes5! Cool
on August 12th 2018, 8:24 pmStaroceancrazy
Awesome review as always Exclamation
on August 12th 2018, 8:29 pmShanaNoShakugan
Such beautiful review. Smile
on August 20th 2018, 2:18 amDigiDestined
Nice review @Jnes5. =)
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