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Happy Paper Anniversary!

Happy 1st WiiWareWave! Wiiwar10

Celebrate WiiWareWave's 1st anniversary with us today, and share your thoughts and memories you have in the comments! We also changed our signature format, images can no longer be put into your sig and the signature size limit is now 350 characters. These changes should improve the performance of our forum, and make the forum look more clean. Wink

Happy 1st WiiWareWave! Rukiafan7

Happy 1st WiiWareWave! 19654

Happy 1st WiiWareWave! 87457210

Happy 1st WiiWareWave! Bleach10

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War is upon us! W00t!
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March 16th 2012, 4:48 pmChrono_Cross
Woohoo! Now when do we expand to other consoles? Razz
March 16th 2012, 7:20 pmSkywardL
Happy Anniversary Smile
March 16th 2012, 9:31 pmJnes5
Happy Birthday WiiWareWave !

And as for my contribution for this anniversary, from now on, the images my reviews are going to be spread out throughout my reviews and not just below the review ! Smile
March 17th 2012, 3:48 pmMarth
A bit late, but happy birthday nonetheless! I hope this site sees many more birthdays.

Oh, and the signature size revision sounds a lot better. The scrolling was starting to be a bit much.
March 17th 2012, 5:31 pmMegatron2000
Congratulations WiiWareWave staff keep up your hard work |D
March 17th 2012, 5:55 pmMs_Kinomoto
Um....happy birthday Smile
Objection Blaster
March 18th 2012, 12:22 pmObjection Blaster
Happy belated anniversary WiiWareWave. Happy 1st WiiWareWave! 631737971
Aqua Cherry Blossom
March 18th 2012, 9:06 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Three cheers for WiiWareWave! Hope you have many more anniversaries!
Ichigo Kurosaki
March 19th 2012, 12:40 pmIchigo Kurosaki
WiiWareWave is a great website, and I hope it's around for years to come!
Mario fan of the 80s
March 19th 2012, 5:46 pmMario fan of the 80s
Happy first anniversary WiiWareWave!
March 19th 2012, 8:29 pmOtaku
Way to go guys lets keep supportin WiiWareWave Very Happy
March 20th 2012, 12:05 pmStaroceancrazy
I'm glad to be a part of this awesome community Very Happy
Happy anniversary!
March 20th 2012, 12:15 pmGold_Miner
Happy anniversary.
March 20th 2012, 12:24 pmARF_Paula
Sorry for the late response but congrats on reaching this important milestone victory
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