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RUMOR: Nintendo developing 3 new franchises for the Wii U + more ! Draft_lens18026405module150690488photo_1309220291wii-u-controller-e3-2011-

It seems that Nintendo is really cooperating when it comes to building more software lineup for their Wii U console !

An inside source claims that Nintendo will be publishing/releasing three (or it could be maybe four) Wii U games of their own before the end of 2012, but there was no other details on what these games exactly are, other than that it's coming from various studios.

And also, there was also talk about games to be shown at E3 of this year, the price and more, in which they state:

"- between ten to eleven Nintendo published retail games to be shown for Wii U at E3
- third party games to be shown as well
- around 70 Wii U games are currently in development from a variety of publishers
- considering pricing Wii U lower than they want to
- big wave of 3DS and Wii U software this holiday season"

This sounds awesome when it comes to Nintendo maybe developing new IPs for their upcoming console, but it's also sad that only 70 Wii U games are being developed as opposed to say 150-200 games as another rumor was previously mentioned...

Source: GoNintendo

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I wounder what new franchises Miyamoto will dream up for us? Wink
Hopefully one of the 3 new franchises is Super Waluigi Land Wink
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@Rukiafan the new games will be amazing no doubt :->
I hope there will still be a Mario game at or near launch victory
I wonder what genre the games will be?
The games will be extra special since they are the first new IPs since Pikmin |D
It is nice to see fresh new series are going to be on WiiU RUMOR: Nintendo developing 3 new franchises for the Wii U + more ! 631737971
There goes my free time. And wallet. Surprised
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