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Super Mario Land (GameBoy) Super_Mario_Land_GBC_ScreenShot1

After completing Super Mario Land twice, I can clearly see why I've never picked this game up beforehand. Like Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Land differentiates itself from the traditional Mario experience. With its quirky enemies, unusual bosses, and overall terrible level design, Super Mario Land is difficult to recommend.

First thing you'll notice after starting up the game, is the utterly clunky controls. It feels as if I was sliding on ice the entire way through this game and ultimately felt like a step back from Super Mario Bros. The hit detection is a little off where a few instances I barely even came into contact with an enemy and it killed me. Enemy placement is another thing. Some levels nail it on the head whereas others make you want to rip your hair out.

Super Mario Land (GameBoy) Super_Mario_Land

The difficulty as a whole got quite tedious the further I progressed. From off screen enemies rushing me, to platforms I narrowly missed landing on. Specifically the last boss was a pain.

The new element Super Mario Land introduces is the sidescrolling shoot'em up levels. Whether you're in a submarine or an airplane, (only a few levels do this), you navigate through a Gradius-like level, overcoming walls and waves of enemies.

The music is also a step back from previous installments. While the soundtrack is limited, the few tunes that play, are utterly repetitive.

Super Mario Land (GameBoy) 36811266192023


With only twelve levels, no multiplayer and no replay value to be found, Super Mario Land fails to surpass its predecessors. Level design feels like a step back. The controls are out of this world clunky with unfair hit detection and repetitive music, puts Super Mario Land in a tough situation even for fans of the series.


5- Average The game either has many flaws or the game is simply meh, purchase with caution.

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on February 27th 2012, 9:44 pmMarth
Hey, someone who actually shares the same opinion as me on this one, right down to the score. This game disappointed me back in the day and disappointed even more when I purchased it on the 3DS Virtual Console. Not the worst game by any means, but there are much better platformers on the VC and many better Mario games.

Will you review the sequel? I'm curious what you think of that.
on February 27th 2012, 9:55 pmChrono_Cross
Once I get another eShop card I will be sure to write the review as soon as possible! Smile

And I really couldn't praise this game. The sliding ruins the platforming. Sad
on February 29th 2012, 12:25 pmJnes5
It's too bad that this game got an average score, but you did a good job at expressing your dislikes with it !

Since, after all, reviews are supposed to be all about opinions ! Wink
on May 27th 2016, 7:53 pmNintendoPurist
I remember playing this so much back in my youth. It was the very first Game Boy game I ever owned, and I still remember how excited I felt when, after many failed attempts, I finally defeated Tatanga and saved Princess Peach Daisy. Happy
on May 28th 2016, 4:06 pmTowafan7
Great review, my friend. Wink
Aqua Cherry Blossom
on May 30th 2016, 9:38 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Nice review lol. Smile
on June 1st 2016, 2:10 pmGekkouga-Senpai
Awesome review! Very Happy
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