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Ultimate Gran Turismo 5 Thread!  Empty Ultimate Gran Turismo 5 Thread!

February 8th 2012, 11:43 pm
I have been playing Gran Turismo basically 24/7 since I got it, Ive passed all the License Exams (S class) and completed almost all A-Spec events except for Formula GT and the endurance races (there's two 24 HOURS races!!) and several special events...

Are there anyone here that have it and would like to trade cars and share their favorite setups? I will post a couple setups that will be very helpful later...

For now, I suggest turning OFF ALL ASSISTS, except for ABS and Traction Control which I set to 1 (for extreme cases of wheelspin/ wheels locking up)
and use a MANUAL TRANSMISSION!! The reason is because you can downshift before you brake, tap the brake a bit then get back on the gas.

the best car I've found so far are the Toyota Minolta (won in "with the wind" series, B-Spec... to win that series use the Zonda R) I can do mid 38 second laps around Indianapolis!! but if youre not that far along yet, I suggest getting a good Nissan GT-R and tune it to its maximum (concept can be won in a series but I forgot which one...)

regarding B-spec... I suggest holding off on it until you at least get the Zonda or the Minolta, that way you can have the CRAPPY driver blow everyone away without much management... (Why does he always brake on the corners of Indy??? I go 220 around the corners and my thumb never leaves the X button until the race is over! )
the awesome thing about B-spec is I can run an endurance race while I sleep every night!

If anyone got any questions or need help with a car setup for a track, youve found the right place!!
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