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Written by: l.m.h

Wii Balance Board Earns Guinness World Record Nintendo-wii-balance-board-action

The Nintendo Wii Balance Board has been awarded a new Guinness World Record for “The best-selling personal weighing device”. In order to break the record, a total of 32,114,428 Wii Balance Boards were sold worldwide between its launch and November 2010. This figure comprises 22,663,321 bundled with the original Wii Fit software and 9,451,107 bundled with Wii Fit Plus software.

The Wii Balance Board contains four sensors that measure and detect shifts in weight and pressure upon it, both from side to side and front to back. In order to control the on-screen action, players can stand on the Balance Board and move their bodies according to the activity played. Each sensor has the ability to detect even minor motion, so movements like shifting the position of your hand can be detected. These elements combined enable players to carefully check their movements through each activity and monitor their progress.

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director of Marketing and PR of Nintendo of Europe commented, “The launch of Wii Fit with the Wii Balance Board revolutionised the way people got active at home, making it fun and easy to exercise in the comfort of their own living room. As the Guinness World Record shows, sales of both Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus have remained healthy since the day they first went on sale and, with Wii now having sold over 30 million units across Europe, Nintendo hopes this trend will remain strong.”

Since breaking the record, Nintendo has now sold over 22.67 million copies of Wii Fit and more than 19.31 million copies of Wii Fit Plus worldwide. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details about the Wii Balance Board and news from Nintendo.



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Wii Balance Board Earns Guinness World Record Captaincanucksigcopy
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on January 28th 2012, 3:31 pmMarth
Those are some impressive figures, but it makes sense when your target audience is massive. I guess the price wasn't a turn off.
on January 29th 2012, 10:45 amKingreX32
That balance Board is an impressive piece of technology. Some woman once found out she had parkinsons by playing Wiifit.

Check it out
on January 29th 2012, 1:42 pmMarth
Wow, I guess the balance board is more than it gets credit for in health circles.
on January 29th 2012, 4:54 pmMegatron2000
The Wii Balance Board does make exercising fun |D
on January 29th 2012, 6:20 pmKingreX32
Ive never used the thing
on January 29th 2012, 9:33 pmMarth
You should, the games are surprisingly enjoyable. Surprised
on January 30th 2012, 10:28 amKingreX32
I kinda wanted to try Shawn White Snowboarding
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