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  • 20130608
    Say it isn't so!

     photo funny-gifs-shaqs-magic_zpsf38d0d94.gif

    As you may recall there was a certain fighting game developed by the French studio Delphine Software that was so bad, that the website Shaqfu has been created for the sole purpose of desposing every single copy of the game that exists.

  • 20130606
    Huge File!

     photo ACNL_zps701079e5.jpg

    If you were planning on getting a larger SD card for your 3DS, now might be the time to do so as Nintendolife has reported that the game will require just under 0.75 GB of space to download the game or roughly 6,000-6,500 free blocks which varies slightly depending on which region you're from.

    Will you...
  • 20130604
    Say Goodbye to My Little Friend?

     photo hero_box_zpsae19d3bb.jpg

    According to an article on Kotaku.com Gamestop will no longer be carrying the Wii U basic set after June 18th. In fact Gamestop has also been instructed to send back all remaining stock.

    The 8gb basic set was introduced this past November along with a 32gb Deluxe set...
  • 20130604
    New Jobs Available!

     photo Natsume-Logo_zpsf17a4c7f.jpeg

    Natsume Inc "the masterminds responsible for Harvest Moon, Reel Fishing, etc." announced today the official opening of its Tokyo office, which will further expand the development of games for home and handheld game consoles, smartphones, and tablets worldwide!
  • 20130530
    Virtual Home For Everyone!

     photo images18_zps7193ed78.jpg

    Natsume's new IP Hometown Story for the Nintendo 3DS will be available a play booths at E3 according to Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. Hiro Maekawa had this to say during a press release:

    "We're very pleased to have a playable version of our new IP, Hometown Story,...
  • 20130530
    Looking Good!

    Dr. Eggman will be returning along with 6 all-new villains in this epic upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog title which looks a little like Super Mario Galaxy in-terms of its game mechanics. The game will feature multiplayer modes and each version of the game will have unique features.

    The Wii U version will allow players to control the color powers using touch-screen controls and by tilting the gamepad it'll also feature...
  • 20130529
    Looks Good So Far!

    We take a look at this third party Wii accessory and give our first impressions about its design and overall quality! A review is coming soon!
  • 20130529
    A Little Bit of Magic?

    In our video we talk about our first impressions of the accessory! Be sure to checkout our video review for the accessory that's going to air in the following weeks!
  • 20130524
    No Relation To Satoru Iwata

     photo gamestop-wii-u-538x640_zps9093c10a.jpg

    Apache Junction Gamestop employee Chris Iwata agreed to tell us about the current state of the Wii U and what will be happening as far as Wii consoles and games are concerned.

    So far how have sales been for the Wii U and its...
  • 20130523
    A New Mother Game On Its Way?!

     photo medium_zps5be660d7.jpg

    Earthbound for the Wii U has been listed on the UK Amazon.com website for £44.99 which has prompted rumors that the game could be a remake or a new game in the series! Remember that the SNES version on the Wii U Virtual Console is going to be released soon, so this could just be an error,...
  • 20130523
    More Wii and DS Titles included!

     photo Logo_-_Little_Orbit_zps5599c35d.jpg

    Three titles have been announced by Little Orbit games for E3 2013 this year and all of them will be on one or more Nintendo console including the Wii and DS! This is from their press release!

    Monster High: 13 Wishes:...
  • 20130523
    Was Almost The End!

     photo 650x1_zps7ee872c3.jpg

    Fire Emblem: Awakening is no doubt a highly praised game both critically and commercially, however according to the Producer of the franchise, Hitoshi Yamagami Awakening would have been the final game of the long-running series had sales not have been as good as they were!

    Luckily things...
  • 20130518
    Mario and Sonic All-Stars Racing!?

     photo Sonic_In_Mario_Kart_Wii___3___by_Drakness_The_Fox_zps06ad246d.png

    The image above is obviously a Photoshop image, but the rumor itself is very much real as major media websites such as GoNintendo, IGN, and Kotaku have all...
  • 20130517
    The Blue Blur In A Lost Land!

     photo 650x8_zps28dcccf8.jpg

    In today's Nintendo Direct we learned that a new Sonic The Hedgehog title is in the works and that it'll be exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS! The title known as Sonic: Lost World has been kept secret as the reveal only showed a small brief clip of Sonic riding Tails' plane, no real details were...
  • 20130517
    Super Heroic News!

     photo wonderful-101-wii-u-screenshot-5-640x364_zps9850a783.jpg

    Nintendo has announced the release date of the super action title The Wonderful 101 for North America and Europe and the wait won't be too long as the title will release in Europe on August 23rd,...
  • 20130516
    Goodbye Forever...?

     photo k-bigpic_zps9a718675.gif

    EA has confirmed with Kotaku and other websites that they have no games under development on the Wii U or 3DS and that they have no current plans to release more games on the consoles.

    Are you upset that games such as Madden, Fifa, or Need For Speed will not be released on a Nintendo...
  • 20130515
    You Reap What You Sow!

     photo NatsumeIncNatsume_InconTwitter_zps7e4c0b46.png

    Natsume has announced on their Twitter page that the Game Boy Color version of Harvest Moon will be released on the 3DS eshop tomorrow in North America! We'll try to review the title as soon as we can!

    Are you looking...
  • 20130514
    KingreX32's Question Has Been Answered On Twitter!

    Latest Nintendo News ZombiUSequelcopy_zps05cb9539

  • 20130513
    Three Is The Charm!

     photo Smb2_comparison_zpsb215dba9.png

    We have already reported that Super Mario Bros. 2 is headed to the Wii U Virtual Console this week, but we now know that two other titles will also be released...
  • 20130513
    Going Digital!

     photo images3_zpsf28a638d.jpg

    Kotaku Has confirmed that the latest game in the Phoenix Wright franchise, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies for the 3DS is being localized for western audiences, however the game will only be available as a digital retail title in the 3DS eshop.

    The title will be released in North...
  • 20130512
    The Future of All Life On Bionis!

     photo images2_zps8723b7d6.jpg

    We have heard some promising rumors from multiple sources including GoNintendo that Project X has been code named Xenoblade Infinity and will be released globally around holiday 2014 to early 2015! The game will feature several worlds with an almost unimaginable scale and very realistic...
  • 20130512
    Another Romp Through This Unique Mario Title!

     photo Super-Mario-Brothers-21_zps9e8bff03.jpg

    It has been confirmed that Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES will be released next week on the North American Wii U eshop for $4.99 or just $1 if you want to upgrade your Wii Virtual Console version of the game to...
  • 20130511

     photo beast-saga-2_zpsf028a676.jpg

    Takara has announce Beast Saga: The Strongest Clash in the Colosseum for Nintendo 3DS and will release in Japan on 25th July. The game is base on Japanese toy maker Takara’s Battle Beasts figure collection back from the 80s.

    This action title will feature a big selection of playable...
  • 20130511
    The WiiWareWave Crew Wishes All You Mothers Out There A Wonderful Mothers Day!

     photo MothersDay_Mario_zps448dcc9b.gif

    We hope all you mothers out there have an amazing Mothers Day! What will you be doing this weekend? Will you be getting your mother a gift and hang out with her? Let us know in our comments!

  • 20130511
    Star Power!

     photo StarworldGalaxy_zps319a901c.jpg

    We have uncovered some interesting information regarding a world that was removed from the final version of Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii! This information was collected from Mariowiki The game originally contained the famous Star World which was a large galaxy that had a long...
  • 20130510
    Written by KingreX32

    Latest Nintendo News Lobo_dlc_character_injustice_gods_among_us_zps9cb43328

    While the WiiU is many times more powerful than Wii and can do more than its predecessor ever could, there are still a lot of developers not utilising all of the consoles features. Thankfully it's not just Ubisoft, and Nintendo that plans to support its WiiU games with DLC Content.

  • 20130510
    Road Rash U Anyone?!

     photo roadredemptionalsknalfskn_zps29e6c7ed.png

    We reported late last month that Road Redemption "a Road Rash clone" was going to be headed to the Wii U if it reached its $160,000 goal. Well guess what? They did it and with 40 hours to spare! So you can look forward to a Wii U eshop...
  • 20130510
    Bad News For The Fans...

     photo rockstar-logo_zpsb38ecbc8.png

    according to our source a poster at 4chan has stated that Rockstar will not be bringing their WWE games or Grand Theft Auto to the Wii U. They also stated that Rockstar has no plans to support the latest Nintendo console.

    How do you feel about these rumors?
  • 20130509
    Cool Artwork Unveiled!

     photo 382860_zps40ef7acb.jpg

    The head of Superstition games and former WiiWareWave staff member Jason Spooner a.k.a. Cloud_Strife has released a few concept images of his upcoming WiiWare title, and while no gameplay of this RPG has been shown, at least we know that the game is still coming!

  • 20130509
    Pointing Fingers!

     photo 650x_zpsc1a5eb86.jpg

    Video game publisher Activision has reported good financial results for the first quarter of 2013, but says that this will not last due to poor Wii U sales of Black Ops 2, and the loss of many World of Warcraft subscribers.

    The company has no ill feelings towards Nintendo and has stated at Twitter...
  • 20130508
    Crash coming to Australia?

     photo 1_zps3b1f1bc5.jpg

    No I am not talking about the band from Scott Pilgrim, however I am talking about where they got their name from.

    Crash 'N The Boys is part of the beloved Kunio series which in Japan was called Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku! Harukanaru Kin Medal. A few of the Kunio games were released here in...
  • 20130507
    Wait Did He Just Compliment Nintendo?!

     photo Michael-Pachter_zpsb9fe9326.jpg

    Analyst Michael Pachter has once again talked about the Wii U on his show Pach-Attack Show this time, however he positively talked about the economic advantages of Nintendo's decision to not host a big E3 presentation.

    This is what...
  • 20130506
    Get them while you can!!!

     photo 32_zps82f146f5.jpg

    Another new month means a new batch of Club Nintendo games rewards for a few coins.

    This month features are

    Super Mario RPG for 200 Coins

    Maboshi's Arcade for 150 Coins

    3D Classics Excitebike for 150 coins
  • 20130505
    Going Bananas!

     photo 31_zpsa8191141.jpg

    GAME is currently offering a Donkey Kong shopping bag and a banana keychain for those of you in the UK. who pre-order the upcoming title Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D which will be released on May 24th in both North America and Europe! The game will be a port of the Wii title Donkey Kong Country Returns.
  • 20130504
    Save Big!

     photo 29_zps489c78b2.jpg

    Nintendo of America has announced that Marvel Pinball 3D for the 3DS will be 50% off this weekend in celebration of the theatrical release of Iron Man 3! The title is normally $7.99, but through Sunday night the game will be just $3.99.

    Here is the description of the game from the eshop:

  • 20130504

     photo 28_zpsf87420ae.jpg

    It appears as though Shadow of the Eternals which is said to be a successor to the Gamecube survival horror title Eternal Darkness could be headed to the Wii U if the game receives the $1.1 million it needs from its fans to finish development of the game.

    We should hear more about this title sometime...
  • 20130504
    Guild 03 Games In The Works?

     photo level_5_logo_zps5132be11.png

    Level 5 has already released the Guild 01 series and will be bringing the Guild 02 series games to the west very soon, but we have learned of three new Level 5 games which have recently been trademarked and those games are: Rare Drop Adventurer Note, Wonderflick, and Earth...
  • 20130504
    Looking Fancy!

     photo 25_zps5047cadb.jpg

    There's a feeling of nostalgia you get when you see a cartridge that you just can't get with a CD. They may be a thing of the past but there are tons of people out there who can still appreciate the beauty of retro games.

    One person who has a feeling of nostalgia for NES cartridges is Etsy artist Jess...
  • 20130503
    The Heavy Hitters Might Be Coming Soon!

     photo 24_zps5ab3850c.jpg

    Nintendo \said in its Wii U Direct earlier this year, that the second half of 2013 will see many big first party Wii U releases! We know about quite a few known releases that are going to be released on the system in Fall, including Pikmin 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, and Mario...
  • 20130502
    Written by KingreX32

    Latest Nintendo News Madden25reveal610_zps34bc2634

    Looks like there is yet another game to add to the ever growing list of games that are not coming to the WiiU. Madden 25 (25 due to the fact that this year is the 25th anniversary of the series) will not be coming to the WiiU this year, this marks the first time since 1991 that the franchise will not be on a Nintendo console. An official statement from EA sports stated...

    "We will not be releasing a Wii U version...
  • 20130502
    Written by KingreX32
    Latest Nintendo News Call-of-duty-ghostswiiu_zps7aaec86e

    On May 1st 2013 Activision announced a released date for the newest Call of Duty title; November 5th 2013 is when PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 owners can get their hands on the game. Unfortunately a WiiU and even a PS4 version where not included in the initial Press Release. When the folks at Eaminer.com inquired to Activision about the omission, the response was a cryptic

    "We don’t have any news for the Wii U at...
  • 20130502

     photo 19_zps8075ac4c.jpg

    Scibblenauts a beloved series that is on the DS and its latest entry on the Wii U has apparently found itself in the midst of a copyright infringement lawsuit.

    According to Eurogame.net and a few other sites both Charles Schmidt creator of the internet video Keyboard Cat and Christopher Orlando Torres, creator...
  • 20130501
    Free Roaming Will Now Be Included!

     photo 17_zps3a72a784.jpg

    Shin’en’s Manfred Linzner has said to Nintendo Everything that Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai has been delayed until Q3 2013 in order to add free roaming 3D levels. The 3DS adventure was originally due out earlier this year.

    This delay will allow Shin’en to add in free-roaming...
  • 20130501
    Checkout This Stylish Case!

     photo 15_zps360616ad.jpg

    Announced on Capcom Unity a Mega Man 3DS case will be coming soon the the Capcom Store in honor of the Blue Bomber's twenty fifth anniversary.

    The case will be available in both regular 3DS size and XL size will just snap on over your 3DS. Right now the final details are being ironed out...
  • 20130430
    The End of An Era!

     photo 14_zpsb85d1c48.jpg

    While many gamers can be found on the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate online Wii U servers at all times we feel it necessary to mention Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii as today is the last day that the Wii title's servers will be open for online multiplayer. The servers will be shutdown sometime tonight, which will...
  • 20130429
    Another Potential eshop Title!

    We have caught wind of yet another Kickstarter campaign for a title which might be coming to Nintendo's consoles!

    Rex Rocket is a 2D platformer which needs $6,000 worth of funding to get made and it has already received over $2,500 of that total with 27 days still remaining on its Kickstarter campaign.

    Developer Rob Maher has told Nintendolife in a recent article that if the...
  • 20130429
    New Feature! Save Your Money or Wait For A Sale!

     photo 12_zpsab8b73f9.jpg

    We have gotten the chance to try these Wii U visual apps and our first impressions are mixed, as these interactive panorama images are quite interesting, however they aren't really worth the $2 for each one, if they were say $0.50 they would be worth downloading, but they...
  • 20130428
    Finally Coming?

     photo 11_zps54b3431c.jpg

    Combit Studios has announced that it is currently developing a sequel to the sidescrolling fighter River City Ransom, which was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989.

    According to its website, the Canadian studio will be working with Million the developer responsible for the Game Boy Advance...
  • 20130427
    Ikaruga 2.0!

    Hiroshi Iuchi the creator of the hellish Dreamcast and GameCube top down polarity shooter Ikaruga also developed a shooter for the 3DS called Kokuga with 'shmup' specialist G.Rev.

    The game was released in Japan last September and hopes of a Western localization appeared to be slim. However there is now proof that Kokuga will make it overseas as it has been rated by Germany’s USK board where it says the text has been...
  • 20130427
    A Classic coin-op adventure headed to Wii U eshop.

    A new video has released by Capcom Unity showing some gameplay from the upcoming game Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara. This one shows the fighter character!

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