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  • 20120311
    Who Could Have Known Greek Mythology Could Be So Sweet?
    Latest Nintendo News KidIcarusUprisingChocolates

    Video game merchandise is far from rare, but Nintendo is taking this concept in an entirely new direction as they will begin to distribute Kid Icarus Uprising Chocolate treats, and they look quite tasty too!

    Update- We will now start using Meta Tags for our Reviews, and articles!

    Metatags: Nintendo , Pit , WTF , Tasty
  • 20120311
    Two Tribes aiming to kick off WiiU Shop!

    Latest Nintendo News Toki-tori-2-e1328817760145

    Two Tribes had an announcement regarding Toki Tori 2 at this year's GDC. In the announcement Colin Van Ginkel, the creative director, and co-founder of Two Twibes confirmed that Toki Tori 2 "will be on WiiU!"

    The group was concerned about Nintendo's secrecy policies of talking about unreleased consoles so the announcement was short, but luckily the managing director Martijin Reuvers was able to add...
  • 20120311
    Sorry no 3D.

    Latest Nintendo News S38586_wii_5

    The classic FMV shooter Mad Dog McCree has been announced for the eshop by Engine Software BV!
    The popular arcade game will, sadly Not be enhanced in any way, so no 3D effects will be displayed on the eshop port.
  • 20120310
    Gravity Has Been Restored At Last!

    Latest Nintendo News Vvvvvvestorebrandonnn

    A fix for the Flip Mode problem in VVVVVV has finally been made available by today's update!
    We will likely give this game a solid review score when we review this game at some point!

    For those of you who didn't purchase the game because of the bug, will this update make you decide to give this game a download?
  • 20120310
    Latest Nintendo News Tumblr_m0nkkl1nwg1qa05e6o1_500

    Two other well known Nintendo franchises might be going in 3D !

    An EB Games retailer have put out a boxart for Donkey Kong 3D up for preorder, which is a game that hasn't been announced yet, and what's more strange is that this boxart and the ability to preorder this unannounced game has been confirmed at not one, but multiple EB Games locations !

    And not only that, but Italian retailer multiplayer.com also has a boxart that's supposed to be "closer to...
  • 20120310
    Latest Nintendo News 222795-u3

    It looks like not only Nintendo is keeping up with the current HD generation with it's upcoming home console... but they want to take another step further !

    There are inside sources according to Neogaf stating that Nintendo is tweaking the upcoming Wii U console to not only be compatible with the Unreal Engine 3, but also the upcoming Unreal Engine 4, and that they are still adding more specs with every single...
  • 20120310
    Universal Love!

    Latest Nintendo News 250px-SuperMarioGalaxy

    Super Mario Galaxy has just become the ninth Wii game to reach five million sales according to a Nintendo press release that has just been released!

    This shows just how popular the current Nintendo home console is despite the fact that it was released over five and a half years ago!

    Latest Nintendo News 14083-550x-Screenshot%20Super%20Mario%20Galaxy_14%20small
  • 20120309
    Written By KingreX32

    Looks like Nintendo has Done it again.

    Latest Nintendo News AudodeskGameware

    The Big News this week is that Nintendo has closed a deal with Autodesk that will allow them to lets its licensed developers use their Autodesk Gameware Suite Technology for games on the WiiU.

    Gameware Suite what’s that? Well its software (more specifically Middleware, software that helps the other software do its job better.), and According to Autodesk it’s been used in a ton of games; games that...
  • 20120309
    Sad News For Hudson Fans.

    Latest Nintendo News Medium_Wii-Virtual2

    Games seem to be in a state of flux in Europe on the Wii Shop as games are being removed at a far faster rate then they are being added to the service.

    These are the games that will be removed on March 31st.

    R-Type (TG-16)

    Latest Nintendo News Gamespys-50-favorite-console-games-of-the-80s-20091111053911668

    Vigilante (TG-16)

  • 20120306
    This is my second favorite Mario game, and this review makes me want to download this on VC. Wink
  • 20120306
    Better Late Than Never.

    Latest Nintendo News Gg_3ds

    It's official, the long awaited arrival of Game Gear games on e-shop is almost at hand. On March 15th three Game Gear games will be released in North America. The three games are Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, Shinobi, and Dragon Crystal.

    The games will range in price from $2.99-$4.99. Hopefully our staff will have a review of at least one of these games by months end.
  • 20120306
    Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

    Europe is going to have one of their best Nintendo download weeks ever as they are receiving 8 new titles this week!

    Here is the list of titles that will be added to the European shops on Thursday!


    DEAD or ALIVE Dimensions Demo- Free

    Latest Nintendo News DOA%2B3DS%2BShot%2B2

    FUN! FUN1 MINIGOLF TOUCH!- €5/£4.50

    Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters (GB)- €3/£2.70
  • 20120306
    Austin Power!

    Latest Nintendo News 1

    The independent game studio from Austin Texas has announced a new e-shop game for Europe. Little is known about this title besides subtle hints that it may be some sort of e-shop puzzler.
  • 20120306
    Wait Exclusive?!

    Latest Nintendo News 5710405700_affecc563d

    Crush 3D has been listed at Gamestop as being an exclusive Gamestop release with a release date of March 13th, and a price that could prove to be irresistible!

    Gamestop will sell Crush 3D for a mere $19.99!
  • 20120306
    Old News We Know...

    Latest Nintendo News Hyperkin-supa-boy-portable-super-nintendo-console

    The retro manufacturer Hyperkin has come up with a new retro toy for us to buy called the SupaBoy!

    SupaBoy is a portable SNES with a 3.5 inch screen, and can play both SNES and Super Famicom cartridges! It features 2 controller ports, and a TV Output port as well.

    Latest Nintendo News Tumblr_lw3z96FX541qzwcw7

    SupaBoy is also compatible with Super Multitap, SNES Mouse, and Super...
  • 20120306
    A Big Hit!

    Latest Nintendo News Untitled-1_05

    Nintendo of America has announced that 3DS sales have reached 4.5 million in the United States alone, which is impressive considering th DS only sold 2.3 million units in the U.S. by the time it had reached the 1 year anniversary of its launch!

    Will 3DS sales continue to blossom? We will keep an eye on the sales numbers, and post follow up reports as they become available!
  • 20120306
    Written By KingreX32

    Latest Nintendo News Havok

    Havok we all know them, we have seen their logo on many games, like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Sonic: Unleashed, The Uncharted and Assassins Creed series, Motorstorm, The Killzone Series, Bioshock and Dead Rising, to name a few.

    It has been announced today that Havok has entered into a Worldwide License Agreement with Nintendo to offer its Physics and Animation Technologies to WiiU Developers Worldwide....
  • 20120306
    A Super Special Trio!

    Latest Nintendo News Skylanders-Spyros-Adventure

    Three new characters are joining the Skylanders family as the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack is released!

    Latest Nintendo News 9

    Skylander #1- Lightning Rod is an air elemental Skylander that makes use of lightning bolts to destroy all enemies!

    Latest Nintendo News 690px-image_sunburn13
  • 20120305
    A Long Time Coming.

    Latest Nintendo News Game

    We all know GAME was once one of the largest, and most respected video game specialty chains in Europe, but it has become apparent that they have been struggling since we heard about the fact that GAME would not sell The Last Story Limited Edition, or Mario Party 9.

    Latest Nintendo News Game

    According to several sources the directors at GAME are now considering...
  • 20120305
    Written By KingreX32
    Latest Nintendo News AssassinsCreed3Boxart

    Today Assassins Creed 3 was officially confirmed by Ubisoft to be in development for the WiiU (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC included). This will be the first time an Assassins Creed game will be featured on a Nintendo Home Console. The Game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal (Canada YAY!!!) and will have a new game engine called “Ubisoft-AnvilNext”

    Looks like the rumors were true and based on the Box Art, and a statement from Ubisoft the game does indeed...
  • 20120305
    Silent Debuggers, and Bloody Wolf say goodbye.

    Latest Nintendo News Silent_Debuggers_cover

    Latest Nintendo News 263976-bloody_wolf_large

    Today three Turbografx-16 games were removed from the Wii Shop, and those games were Bloody Wolf, Silent Debuggers, and Drop Off.
    These games will be removed from Japan's shop tomorrow with Europe likely following suit.
  • 20120302
    Written By KingreX32

    Latest Nintendo News Cobalt-fire3ds

    Once again Japan gets the good stuff.

    On April 19th Fire Emblem Awakening will be released in Japan, to coincide with its release an AWESOME new Cobalt Blue 3DS will be available along side it, also included with the handheld is a Nintendo Points card worth 1000 points. (Lucky them eh?) The system is Fire Emblem themed featuring a “Tattoo” (pictured Above) on the top of it and special packaging.(pictured below) The system will sell for 19,800 yen....
  • 20120302
    Written by: Jay

    Nintendo and Super Mario Kart fans may recall our coverage back in November of a event which took place at the LA Auto Show where Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aimes unveiled a pair of real-life drivable Mario Karts to celebrate the upcoming launch of the title for the portable 3DS console.

    Latest Nintendo News Nintendo-delivers-real-life-mario-kart-to-gamestop-winner-3-620x413

    One of these karts, based to detail on the model driven by Mario himself in the game, was to be given away in a contest hosted...
  • 20120301
    posted by: Josh Garibay

    Latest Nintendo News WiiUScreen

    WiiU Daily — those responsible for providing the rumored Wii U specs — have another piece of Wii U information for us. According to their report, the Wii U will be competitively priced at $299 in the US.

    They were also kind enough to divulge the price points for other territories. Europe will see it debut at €299 and those living in Japan will have to pay ¥ 20,000.

    The price speculation rumors stopped at hardware. So far there have been...
  • 20120229
    What About NA?

    Latest Nintendo News Consola-virtual

    Nintendo of Europe is getting ready to revitalise the Virtual Console service next month with a huge selection of classic titles!

    Latest Nintendo News Virtual_console_02

    The Wii Virtual Console will receive.

    Super Street Fighter II Online Edition (Sega Genesis)

  • 20120228
    written by: Rory Young

    Should the franchise be moved to the 3DS?

    Latest Nintendo News Pokemon-Black-2-and-Pokemon-White-2-on-Nintendo-3DS

    In response to an IGN Articledecrying the choice of developing Pokemon White and Black 2 for the DS, rather than the 3DS, Nintendo reaffirms their choice of providing Pokemon to as many players as possible.

    "Remember that Nintendo 3DS can also play all Nintendo DS Pokemon games. The Nintendo DS family also has a massive installed base of more than 51 million...
  • 20120228
    written by Steve Watts

    Latest Nintendo News WiiUTouch

    Nintendo's debut of the Wii U last year was enough to show off the concept of the device, but the real test comes when third parties start dreaming up applications. Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has spent some time with Nintendo's next system, and thought up ways it could benefit the fighting genre.

    "I've often heard about or seen fighting-game players playing with a strategy guide open at their feet," Harada told Nintendo Gamer...
  • 20120228
    Written by: Aaron Kaluszka

    Is it a secret Wii U feature or just a Wii idea that didn't pan out?

    Latest Nintendo News 6-1

    Nintendo is considering an environment sensor unit that could interface with the Wii, a recent patent application reveals.

    The filing reveals a number of possible applications. The sensor data can be used to predict the weather, estimate the time of year, and detect which room in which the device is located. The sensor readings can also be used to alter in-game...
  • 20120226
    Latest Nintendo News Nintendo-WiiU-2012

    But then again... this might sound fake as well...

    A source claims that a concept artist working with a developer studio that's associated with Electronic Arts, revealed that a new Dead Space game is being worked on the Wii U as well as other consoles courtesy of the Visceral games.

    And another game that EA is going to bring is surprisingly, Overstrike, a game that's being developed by Insomiac games, most known for their Resistance and Ratchet...
  • 20120225
    Latest Nintendo News EscapeVektor-Chapter-1-Winners-1078388

    Well... this may sound disappointing for those console owners...

    The developers of the game, Nnooo, stated that the escapeVektor is still alive... but it won't be continuing on Wiiware, instead, it will be continued in both the 3DS and the Playstation Vita, Nnooo stated:

    "We're moving the whole escapeVektor story across to the Nintendo 3DS & PlayStation Vita so there won't be any more chapters released on WiiWare. The 3DS/Vita versions will be digital downloads."
  • 20120225
    Welp, I never expected Nintendo and GameFreak to announce this, but here you go. Yes, this is real. I kid you not.

    Latest Nintendo News Pokemon-black-white-2

    It's coming out in June of this year for the Nintendo DS (from what I'm hearing, not 3DS). I'm unsure of whether it's supposed to be a brand new generation or just the third wheel of Black and White, but considering there's a 2, it sounds like a sequel.

    Your thoughts?
  • 20120223
    Posted by: Jorge B

    Latest Nintendo News Untitled-4

    The face and leader behind the Super Smash Bros franchise, Masahiro Sakurai, has started his research on the new games.

    Announced for both 3DS and Wii U last year, the much loved blend of Nintendo characters in the fighting ring has been put neatly to one side in favour of finishing Kid Icarus: Uprising.

    With Sakurai's team completing their efforts on the 3DS action epic, time has finally come to ponder how to build on the success of the previous...
  • 20120222
    Latest Nintendo News Tls

    Wow... I can't believe this just happened...

    In the North American version of the Nintendo Direct presentation, one of the announcements revealed was that one of the most anticipated games for the Wii, The Last Story, is now confirmed for a North American release ! courtesy of Xseed ! the same studio who brought us Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, Solatorobo: Red The Hunter, Ivy the Kiwi? and, of course,...
  • 20120222
    Well, we've focused on the North American one, so let's talk about the European one !

    Hard to say that the European one is just the Japanese one but with subtitles on it and just focusing on the European related news, but anyway let us begin.

    Video here

    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    - Euro launch on March 23rd
    - @KidIcarusUK A Twitter account for UK gamers to follow

    European Plans to be confirmed:
    - Pokemon X Nobunaga's Ambition
    - Rune Factory 4
    - Etrian Odyssey 4

    To be released in 2012:
  • 20120222
    In this morning, nintendo has released their Nintendo Direct presentation for Japan, Europe and North America, but we're only focusing for North American news right now.

    This video includes:

    Dillon's Rolling Western
    - Detailed information
    - Now available on the Nintendo eshop

    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    - Multiplayer details
    - Detailed information
  • 20120219
    Article by: Neon Kelly

    Latest Nintendo News Far_cry_3_logo

    The dev team is focusing on existing SKUs, despite the potential in Nintendo's new console.

    Hoping that Far Cry 3 might be coming to Wii U? Don't hold your breath. Ubisoft says it's concentrating on versions for the other three platforms first - though the publisher hasn't ruled out the possibility, either.

    "That all remains to be seen, to be honest,"...
  • 20120217
    Written by: Stephen Vagus

    Latest Nintendo News 2j3o8pe

    Though it was originally released back in 1996, Pokemon continues to be a favorite media franchise amongst children and some adults. The Pokemon empire started off as a pair of unassuming video games for Nintendo’s handheld gaming consoles, but quickly evolved into something much more. Today, the franchise accounts for several games across multiple platforms. One of the most popular Pokemon mediums is a card game, which Nintendo decided to add QR codes to recently as a way to give players access...
  • 20120217
    Wriiten by: Mike Flacy

    Since approximately 4.5 million new households added the Nintendo Wii to their home theater, the gaming company is rolling out support for expanded entertainment options through Hulu.

    Latest Nintendo News 111021090431462

    Announced by both Nintendo and Hulu earlier today within a press release, the gaming company is rolling out support for the Hulu Plus video streaming service on the Nintendo Wii. Consumers can visit the Wii Shop Channel to locate and download the Hulu Plus application. While...
  • 20120217
    wriitn by: Rik Henderson

    Latest Nintendo News 35669d234795ebbec0ba5a987cc673f2

    The Nintendo Wii U controller could have had an autostereoscopic 3D display, much like the company's 3DS handheld. In one of the device's patents filed by the Japanese gaming giant, it is apparent that the no-glasses technology was taken into consideration.

    "One or both the displays SD and MD may be a 3D display (eg., an autostereoscopic display) that provides stereoscopic perception of depth to a viewer," says US Patent 20120026166,...
  • 20120217
    Written by: Ty

    Latest Nintendo News Pandoras-tower

    Nintendo Europe have confirmed that Pandora’s Tower, a Japanese Role Playing Game that has been available in Japan exclusivly since last year, has been localised and will see a release on Nintendo Wii in April.

    The game will launch across “European Territories” on April 13th 2012 and features realtime combat and an epic storyline that spans over 100 hours. Pandora’s Tower introduces a unique relationship system to the genre which shapes the outcome of the...
  • 20120217
    Written by: Mark Raby

    There is apparently a growing trend for game developers to ditch Sony’s new portable platform and invest more of their efforts in Nintendo’s 3DS, which itself had been previously neglected. This is an odd turn of events from the usual market standard, where developers start with the platform that’s released first and then move onto the next big thing. The Vita hasn’t even launched in the US yet.

    Latest Nintendo News Ps-vita-nintendo-3ds-e1312198602396

    Nevertheless, Japanese...
  • 20120215
    Written By: Mike Jackson

    Skyward Sword may not be Wii's last must-have

    Latest Nintendo News H1_bg

    If you boxed up your Wii after seeing the ending to Zelda: Skyward Sword, you might want to unpack it again.

    Below is a new trailer for Square's much-anticipated JRPG, The Last Story, focusing more on gameplay than the usual story-driven trailers, and it looks pretty damn sweet.

    The Last Story is...
  • 20120215
    Written On: 15 February 2012

    Latest Nintendo News Wii_candles_2

    Cairan Davies from Ammanford is recovering in a specialist burns unit

    Firefighters who believe an eight-year-old boy was burnt after using candles to make a games console work have issued a safety warning.

    Cairan Davies of Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, is recovering in a specialist burns unit after he sustained 8% burns to his chest.

    Mid and West Wales Fire Service said it believed he was playing on the console when the incident occured.
  • 20120215
    Written by: Mike Luttrell
    Latest Nintendo News Nintendo-3ds-doomed-like-pspgo

    The nascent "eShop" platform that lets users download games and apps to their 3DS was pretty successful in 2011.

    According to analyst group Fade LLC, which tracks the digital content market, Nintendo sold $11 million in downloads from the eShop, despite the 3DS itself having a relatively rough year.

    When it comes to digital downloads in the video game industry, Nintendo is rarely at the front of the conversation....
  • 20120213
    Latest Nintendo News Ubisoft

    The games that they've announced here may surprise you...

    According to gameranx.com, ubisoft has supposedly released their game lineup for this year, and I'll just post the Nintendo related games here, but two of them haven't been announced yet, which are:

    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online (Microsoft Windows, Wii U)
    Prince of Persia (Wii, 3DS)
    Assassin's Creed 3 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Microsoft Windows)
  • 20120213
    Latest Nintendo News Tmnt

    Well... it looks like there's another game removed from the Wii shop channel, but this time, there's a reason why.

    As you may know or not, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES was removed from the virtual console in all regions, and now Konami has explained it's reason why, they stated that the game was removed due to an expired license, and it's not known if Konami is going to re-up it's license or not.

    While it is sad for anyone who wanted to pick this up... it...
  • 20120210
    Written by: Eddie Makuch

    Company reportedly tinkering with Wii U-like touch-screen controller with HD screen and "traditional" Xbox 360 buttons and control sticks for next console; price tag could be over $500.

    Latest Nintendo News Xbox_successor_rumor_report

    The next Xbox might follow Nintendo's Wii U and offer gamers a touch-screen controller, according to rumor from the latest issue of Xbox World Magazine.

    As reported by CVG, Microsoft is reportedly experimenting with tabletlike...
  • 20120209
    Latest Nintendo News 110630-exploring-wii-u-nintendo-s-next-gen-video-game-console

    WOW ! it looks like someone couldn't keep a very tiny secret !

    According to multiple resources, three well known videogame companies are developing Wii U games that haven't been announced or revealed yet !

    One of them is Junction Point ! in which are trying to implement Wii U support for the long rumored Epic Mickey 2 ! however it is not determined if it means the Wii U controller itself or maybe even the Wii...
  • 20120206
    Latest Nintendo News 429793_267789219956813_151376451598091_642333_577733714_n

    Now this is something that I wasn't expecting !

    Nintendo just posted on their facebook page four images and they want you to pick which one do you want for the collectible reverse cover for the American copies of Xenoblade Chronicles ! you can go on and pick the one you want only in their facebook page here !

    And I've got to say... the fourth one is the one that I actually liked more !

    But what do you guys think ? which...
  • 20120206
    Posted by Joshua Phillips

    Latest Nintendo News Drudge

    Conduit 3 anyone? ...anyone?

    High Voltage revealed on their official website that they are a registered developer for Wii U though they haven't shed light on what titles they have lined up for the system just yet.

    High Voltage have recently released Captain America: Super Soldier though they are most famous among Nintendo gamers for making the Conduit series.

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